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WoWApr 29, 2015 5:00 pm CT

Patch 6.2: An overview of legendary pets

legendary pets

Coming in 6.2, all around Tanaan Jungle there are fifteen new Legendary Pets to challenge on a daily basis. These fights are for very skilled pet battlers. The prize at stake is four new pets, plus an achievement (also, glory).

The very first challenge you’ll face is finding them all. Some are relatively easy to find. Others are in caves or far-flung locales with not much else going for them. There are a few so far-flung that once I grab the achievement and finish up any guides, I am never visiting that spot again.

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This map should help you find these pets, but make sure to read on, because several of them are underground or have odd paths to get to them. As always, this is a preview from the PTR, the purpose of which is to iterate on design, so all the information in this post is subject to change.

All fifteen of these legendary pet battles have three things in common. They all come with randomized buddies drawn from the pet table in their area, making team building a bit more difficult. I know several times I’ve built an Aquatic-heavy team to take down the elemental Direflame only to have a couple of wild Flying pets to contend with, at which point I crash and burn. Like normal wild pets, these extra pets range in quality from poor to rare, further complicating matters.

Secondly, all these new legendary pets have an ability called Fel Corruption which AOEs your entire pet team while giving big buffs to the ho-hum wilds in their back row. They will always use this ability as their first priority when it’s off cooldown, and the buff persists for 9 turns, making it a major source of frustration for the entire fight. Initially I circumvented this completely by using a speedy Giant Bone Spider to force swap the legendary pet to the back row before it could act. A stats tweak has made all the legendary pets faster than any non-flying player pet, rendering this strategy useless, so you’re just going to have to power through it.

Lastly, these fights are quite tough. The randomness and extra buff on those second two pets makes for a variable challenge which is difficult to plan for. Those extra pets also make some standard single-pet strategies (i.e. Howl Bomb) far less effective. The rewards are decent, with a few new pets up for grabs and a smattering of pet charms, but be warned that these battles are going to be frustrating even for the most experienced of PVE tamers.

bleakclaw cursed spirit felsworn sentry pet battles tanaan


Moves: Fel Corruption, Lift-Off, Savage Talon

Bleakclaw is on part of an island near the water in the westernmost part of the Arakkoa-centric Ruins of Kra’nak. It’s not too difficult to just run off any aggressive mobs in the water, provided you don’t get dazed off your mount (this will be a common theme for most). Lift-Off plus that deadly AOE means you’ll need lots of longevity on your team.

Cursed Spirit

Moves: Fel Corruption, Ghostly Bite, Death Coil

The Cursed Spirit haunts the area near a cave in the eastern part of the Bleeding Hollow Hunting Grounds. This is one had a bit of team shuffling, because it seemed like every time I’d use a rabbit to get in those big Critter hits, the 2 additional wild pets would be Beasts and tear my rabbits to shreds. I had a better time using off-family Beasts with Critter moves.

Felsworn Sentry

Moves: Fel Corruption, Fel Immolate, Repair

This Mechanical pet is on a balcony, deep in the Ruins of Kra’nak. This area is populated by some elites and groups of regular mobs, so you may want to take a buddy. Adding insult to injury, this is one of the tougher fights, as Repair will undo all your hard work while the Felsworn Sentry slowly AOEs your team. There are a few way around this: either use a stun or other interrupt to stop Repair, or use a heal-reducing ability like Darkflame. Currently, these Legendary pets do not have the scripting that most other tamers do, where they swap to the back by default when they’re stunned for a turn, so this is a low-risk option. Make sure you keep an eye on those cooldowns, though.

defiled earth dark gazer direflame pet battles tanaan

Defiled Earth

Moves: Fel Corruption, Stone Rush, Quake

This little rock isn’t hard to get to, but it’s in a weird spot. It’s hanging out in the staging area you escape to from the mine where you meet Yrel in the Tanaan opener, right before you flood the forge. Defiled Earth is full of AOEing power, so a pet with Sandstorm is a good idea.

Dark Gazer

Moves: Fel Corruption, Interrupting Gaze, Focused Gaze

Dark Gazer is in an area with a lot of elites, but due to the area’s tactical importance to the Fel Horde and proximity to the Kazzak world boss you’ll likely be passing it regularly. This little eyeball has a lot of strong offense, and it hurts worse as you go. Burst is the name of the game.


Moves: Fel Corruption, Scorched Earth, Deep Burn

Direflame is in a less treacherous area down the path from Dark Gazer. This area is also swarming with Fel Flames, so if you haven’t got one yet you’ll have plenty of opportunity to tame one. You’ll want to use a pet with a weather effect on a short cooldown to avoid taking double damage from Deep Burn. Cleansing Rain works really well, and helps to heal up from the AOE too.

netherfist dreadwalker skrillix pet battles tanaan


Moves: Fel Corruption, Haymaker, Crush

Netherfist is a humanoid at the back of the Fel Forge, past a whole bunch of mobs with grapples that like to then daze you off your mount. Fun. Netherfist is a real pain to find a solid strategy on, because Haymaker is a 50% accuracy ability. It’s like flipping a coin: heads you move on with your bag of fel scooby snacks, tails, you’re here forever.


Moves: Fel Corruption, Sticky Grenade, Haywire

Dreadwalker is directly outside the entrance to Hellfire Citadel, making it among the easiest to find and battle. Unless you’re on a PVP realm, in which case godspeed. Haywire can be interrupted and has a 3-turn cooldown, so this may be a straightforward way to deal with this encounter.


Moves: Fel Corruption, Dodge, Punch

A cave with lots of hostiles, over a small bridge accessed by running past the Dark Gazer’s area is where Skrillix makes his home. He’s also a pretty annoying little dude to fight with his Dodge. Using some Undead power does help considerably here, both because of the family interaction and the prevalence of DOTs in Undead movesets. Time your moves well, and have some non-Undead backup, just in case the rest of the team is heavy on critters.


Corrupted Thundertail

Moves: Fel Corruption, Devour, Tail Slap

This little guy was one of the first I found. He’s down a hill from the Alliance outpost by a huge rare riverbeast in Thundertail Wallow. Devour is a Beast ability while Tail Slap is an Aquatic one, so it’s difficult to choose a good hard counter. I move my pets manually to the back row when they’re about to die. They’ll die to Fel Corruption, but not to Devour, so at least I won’t have an uphill battle.


Moves: Fel Corruption, Acid Rain, Frog Kiss

On the ring road surrounding Hellfire Citadel is where this froggy makes his home. In testing him, nearly every time I left a battle I’d have to kill a raptor or snake or something. Price of living in a swamp, I guess. Acid Rain is an additional AOE, so you’re going to want pets with heals, because they’re going to come out from that back row hurting.


Moves: Fel Corruption, Confusing Sting, Barbed Stinger

The Felfly is deep within the elite Saberon camps of Fang’rila. I found it easier to access if I took the long way around via the shore. Those cats hurt. Felfly’s moves are very heavy on DOTs so having a per-hit shield, preferably Sandstorm to blunt some of the damage from that AOE too, helps a lot here.


Vile Blood of Draenor

Moves: Fel Corruption, Creeping Ooze, Ooze Touch

This blob of gross is on the ring road around Hellfire Citadel in a mostly safe location, except for a few wandering patrols. I made heavy use of my Infinite Whelpling in this battle, because of its ability that has a chance to sleep, plus its partially reflexive heal.

Tainted Maulclaw

Moves: Fel Corruption, Shell Shield, Infected Claw

The Tainted Maulclaw is sunning itself on the southern beach, in one of the few areas of Tanaan that isn’t tinted acid green. The combination of Shell Shield blunting the attacks we make plus the off-family Infected Claw is a frustrating combination. Hard-hitting, bursty birds are the way to go here, but make sure you’re choosing offense that doesn’t rely on multiple tiny hits. Alpha Strike is just going to be absorbed by that shield.

Chaos Pup

Moves: Fel Corruption, Howl, Bite

This cutie is very deep inside a mine at the very back of the Temple of Sha’naar. There’s nowhere to run off aggro at just about any point after you enter the path to the Temple, so getting there is slow going, and the area is packed with mobs. Luckily, the Mechanical pets you’ll use to beat him don’t have a lot of natural enemies in this area. Adding insult to literal injury, the Chaos Pup uses Howl, the go-to mechanic when a tamer wants to utterly destroy an opposing pet. You’ll want to try & dodge or block Howl entirely, because if you just send your pet to the back it may get annihilated by that Fel Corruption.

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