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Anna Bell

Anna Bell @liopleurodonic — Anna Bell -- and yes that is her real name -- has 2 small kids, a degree in English literature, and has been playing video games as long as she can remember. In addition to Blizzard's game she's also into Farm Simulator esports, and romanced Alistair in Dragon Age.

The Queue: Bangin

We’ve been in quarantine for nearly five months now, and it’s at the point where I have to talk myself out of cutting my own bangs on nearly a daily basis. I told myself I would wait until the salons were safe to visit, and I know if I do it myself I’m going to really mess them up, but honestly, if I cut them they would’ve grown out already. Twice.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions to distract us long enough to steal the shears while we answer.

The Queue: Escapism

The issue I’m finding with escapism in times of crisis is that, for me, it tends to make the tough things tougher to start when I actually get around to doing them. But for now, I’m a faerie princess floating around a mystical blue landscape. It’s cool, I don’t have to order school supplies for de facto homeschool until after I stop glittering, which will be never. Ah, Ardenweald.

This is The Queue, where you ask me questions and I definitely don’t put off answering them until the very last minute.

The Queue: It’s too hot

I tend to intentionally consume content that revolves around being cold — or even just definitely not hot — during the summer months. I read a lot of gothic horror, and I play games that revolve around not freezing to death. Unsurprisingly, summer’s when I usually find time to grind Wintersaber rep and the like, too. Coincidence, I’m sure.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we answer — after chugging some maple syrup, eh.

The Queue: I cannot stop laughing.

Since my daughter started school, I moved from using a year-to-year day planner to a school year planner, so it rolls over at the end of June instead of in January. As such, I need to get a new one, and I’m just floored by how simultaneously optimistic and useless that seems. Day planner. Right.

This is The Queue, and I’ve penciled you in to ask questions we’ll answer.

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