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Anna Bell

Anna Bell @liopleurodonic — Anna Bell -- and yes that is her real name -- has 2 small kids, a degree in English literature, and has been playing video games as long as she can remember. In addition to Blizzard's game she's also into Farm Simulator esports, and romanced Alistair in Dragon Age.

The Queue: Missed opportunities

There are several things I’m disappointed never made it into WoW. Among those, felt the keenest, is the fact that we’ll never have a Corgis Unleashed expansion after all.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we’re going to talk about how we were totally going have quivers before we answer.

Seriously, remember those?

The Queue: Back on my…


Surprising no one, I went back to No Man’s Sky for the Frontiers update. I like it in theory, especially the builds menus, but in practice I really wish I could become the Overseer for more than one Settlement at a time. I get that it’s probably a tech limitation more than a gameplay philosophy restriction, but I’d much rather have Preston Garvey constantly hassling me to go open new ones than have to resign my successful settlement on a garbage planet in order to manage a new one on a different garbage planet.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions, and we hopefully give the right answer, because if not the Sentinels will probably attack again.

The Queue: Some Catching Up To Do

Am I the only one who was reminded of all the stuff I didn’t quite get around to in previous expansions when they announced Legion Timewalking? I feel like every year or so I find myself back in this heckhouse, trying to muscle my way through all these old achievements. Maybe I’ll get to it later.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we’ll definitely get around to answering. Eventually.

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