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The QueueApr 29, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: I am the night(bane)

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments and we may choose it for tomorrow’s edition!


When the next expansion comes out, does it seem that it will, out of necessity now, include another free character boost – similar to WOD.  Also, doesn’t it seem to make sense with the concept of the current boost bringing a character to the start of the latest expansion, that all character boosts will have to go up to level 100 when the next expansion launches?

I expect this will be true. The character boost will regularly bring you up to the latest expansion. They want players to be able to jump right into the latest thing, and when the next expansion releases, level 90 won’t be the latest thing. It’s possible they won’t change it to a level 100 boost, but it’d be strange if they didn’t.

I don’t know if existing, unused boosts will become boosts to 100 … but why not? Unless boosting to 100 will cost more, you’ve paid for the boost, so it might as well boost you to the latest thing.


which expansion had the long quest lines with the most feels? I’m inclined to say TBC, though the shattered hilt and Bridenbrad questlines were pretty feelsy as well.

I’m not a big fan of Mists of Pandaria in general, but I thought the combined culmination of Valley of Four Winds and Krasarang Valley was really well-done in the hell yeah fist-pumpy sort of way. Various storyline threads throughout those two zones (which were one big zone early in development) came together to make a really cool, kickass moment. For some reason, leaving Valley of Four Winds, then coming back to it later with reinforcements made it feel so much better than getting that cinematic after Valley of Four Winds alone.


+1 for Liz ‘Queue’, I am a fan, keep them coming!

Done! You’ll see Liz weekly.


Any chance we could start having a regular BW feature to talk about the Free Hero Rotation and the Weekly Sales for Heroes of the Storm? It’d be neat-o.

We can probably make something like this happen. We have plans to build hero guides and things along those lines, and once we’ve made some headway on that, we could link to those guides with the free hero rotation.


I’m conflicted: It’s Taco Tuesday, but there is a very large pot of chicken curry in my fridge. Do I go ahead with tacos or get through some of the curry?

It isn’t Tuesday anymore, but I hope you went with the curry. You should always use your leftovers!


When choosing a follower from the inn, do you always go for a blue, or do you try and home in on a particular race/gender?

I don’t min/max my followers, though I know I should be. If I have a choice of two blues and a green follower in the inn, and the green follower looks cooler than the two blue ones, I’ll pick the green one. I’ll spend more time leveling a new follower if it means I have people in my garrison who look totally badass. I’ve gravitated toward having mostly female followers because some of them look so cool. For example, I recently picked up Lucia Nightbane. She’s in today’s header image. Human female character models are my favorite in the game (which should be obvious if you pay attention to my characters) and I absolutely adore that paladin set. She might replace Shelly Hamby as my favorite. Was she a blue follower? Nope. Just a green.


What do you think of 6.2’s Cape designs?

It’s nice that they’re putting out capes that are more than a square piece of cloth, but I’m still not a fan. Cloaks are, in my opinion, the least visually appealing thing in World of Warcraft. I turn them off every time. Without cloth physics, they’re just stiff dangly bits. Given that’s the piece of armor you’re looking at during most of your playtime, I turn them off.

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by superhero MMOs where cape physics are one of the single most important features.

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