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The QueueJun 29, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: This gnome is a great gnome

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments and we may choose it for tomorrow’s edition!

But before we get started on the Q&A today, I must say: I like this gnome in Lion’s Watch. She isn’t about gadgety tech-mabobs. She wants the bad guys dead. She deads the bad guys. She asks me to get the bad guys dead, and I also deadify them. A+ Gnome.


so what are your expectations for when the flying patch makes it in?  In particular, if it were two weeks, I need to do max every day.  If it is two months, then a couple of dailies a week would be sufficient. Do you think it will hit PTR?

Will it hit the PTR? No idea! I’d assume that it will, if only briefly. As for the timeline, Ion Hazzikostas mentioned in the Wowhead Q&A he expects the patch will take weeks, not months. That could be two weeks, that could be six weeks — anything less than a plurality of months. If I had to take a guess, I’d say you can be somewhat casual about doing your Tanaan dailies. As long as you do it semi-regularly, you’ll be fine. And if you’re a few days away from flying when the patch goes in… hey, no sweat. You haven’t had flying this whole time. If it’s less stressful to take it easy, then don’t stress.


ok, mini-rant here (sorry in advance). So not only can our ships be destroyed while on missions, we can’t even deactivate one without losing it completely?  Not cool

I was beat up about this at first, too. The whole thing struck me as way more of a bother than garrison missions. I’ve come to accept it, though — I look at it as more end-gamey now. It’s tough, it costs a lot, and there’s a lot more legwork involved. It’s for the people who’ve had their garrisons running like a well-oiled machine for months and have an enormous stockpile of garrison resources and the means to replenish them. I think there’s room for that kind of content. I don’t know whether I’d have chosen to go in that direction, but I understand what it is and I accept it. Given it’s set up that way, though — I admit, I might not go too deep into the system. It is demoralizing to the people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on it.


I have two WoW accounts, tied to different battle.net accounts. Apart from the email and the account name, the info on them is identical. The name, address, and I have authenticators on both. Do you guys think it’s worth a try to call Blizz to see if I can merge them? I mean if I need the game keys from every game box from the last 10 years, I’m pretty screwed. I’ve moved twice in that time, and who keeps game boxes!

If all of the information is the same, it can’t hurt to ask Customer Service if they can make it happen. It seems like something they should be able to do, but obviously I don’t work in Customer Service — I don’t know for a fact that they can. Still, why not ask?


Did any of you come across Felblight on your profession endeavours? I fished for half an hour waiting for a rare to spawn and skinned every mob I came across, but only have the 6 Felblight off Kazzak.

The droprate feels like it’s at a place where it feels streaky at times. I can do an hour of hardcore mining and get no Felblight, and then I’ll get four in a row. Or I’ll do that mining, get tired of it, and decide to go fishing — and get one felblight out of every Frenzy pool. Or get no Felblight from the pools, go back to mining, get a couple, and see no more for the rest of the day. The Felblight drop chance isn’t high, but it isn’t abysmal either. You get streaks.


Remember when the “Iron Horde” texture was datamined? It all seemed so auspicious at the time.

Oh, I remember. I remember how badly we got flamed for it! Oh, you guys are making a mountain out of a molehill! Just clickbait! It’s obviously just a texture for Orgrimmar! Oh, ye of little faith.


What should I replace my Salvage Yard with? The 6.2 lower frequency of crates of salvage from missions + I’m doing fewer missions these days makes the Salvage Yard not very useful.

I still have the Salvage Yard. They nerfed it, yes, but it remains one of the few small buildings with gameplay and/or rewards attached. If most players have one primary profession, that’s one out of three small buildings. Your options after that are the Salvage Yard, the Storehouse, and I guess the Jewelcrafting hut for the daily quest. For me, the Salvage Yard is the obvious choice even after the nerf. The Salvage Yard gives value to what is otherwise valueless: XP missions when your followers are all capped. That’s always been the beauty of the Salvage Yard — it masked the fact that most of the level 100 missions are worthless. With the Salvage Yard, they’re not. They’re still not useless, even if you get less salvage. It gives your followers something to do and you get something out of it.

Personally, while I have a Storehouse on a couple of alts, I don’t see the value in it. The level 3 garrison has a portal to Ashran (which has the bank, the auction house, transmog, void storage, and so on) and you can use your garrison hearthstone to pop back again. The Salvage Yard and the Jewelcrafting building will make the most out of your space (and resources).

Blizzard’s goal was the ensure the Salvage Yard wasn’t the One True Choice for small buildings. From where I stand, it still is. Most of the other small buildings are useless and the Salvage Yard adds value to garrison aspects that are otherwise valueless. Nerfing the Salvage Yard wasn’t the answer; they should be figuring out how to make the other buildings useful at all.

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