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The QueueJul 13, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Monday funday

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments and we may choose it for tomorrow’s edition!

Today’s another post-weekend short’un. Be sure to ask any pressing questions you might have! You need answers, we need questions.


There was some talk about new warlock pet models this patch. DId that ever happen? I see the nasty Sargerei up at the Temple of Sha’naar have those funky looking felpuppies (which I sometimes spot for a second before they are completely obliterated by everyone on the Demonhunter of Tanaan quest).

I confess that I am so disgusted with Gul’dan that I’ve completely neglected my lock this expansion.

As WarlockAman stated in yesterday’s comments, the imp, void lord, wrathguard, and doomguard models for players were updated. Warlocks didn’t get the new felhunter model (and I’m kind of happy about that — the old one looks more freaky-demony) and, frankly, I didn’t notice the imp pet was updated at first. It doesn’t look that different. Possibly because it’s too small to notice the details.


I asked this on Twitter earlier – but are we still stuck on Draenor? I was of the opinion the portals in Stormshield are gameplay not lore. Has it ever been said in lore that we can go back home?

I think they initially described Warlords of Draenor as us being stuck in this place — but I don’t think that was ever true. At least, it wasn’t true beyond the introductory quests in that first stretch of Tanaan Jungle. We get through that, and to break ground on our garrisons, Khadgar opens portals to/from our home cities. He goes to Zangarra to set up shop, and summons in an entire tower and numerous members of the Kirin Tor. At the end of the Everbloom dungeon, you go through a portal to Stormwind. The Horde/Alliance soldiers in Ashran certainly didn’t come through the Dark Portal with us — they came afterwards. Varian Wrynn and Vol’jin didn’t go through the Dark Portal with us, but they paid our garrisons a visit at the beginning of patch 6.2’s quest chain.

We’re not stuck.


Speaking of “All Tuckered Out” Why do we not have beds for our tuckered out killers in our own garrisons? Just a small bed will a pillow? Pets can sleep at our feet; But we have NO BED in our garrison :-( Sindayli is getting on up in years and needs a mattress or a Sleep Number bed lol

I don’t know about the Horde garrison, but for the Alliance, just build a Barracks! Bunks galore! For example, see header image.


Do Goblins have green skin due to fel magic exposure? Or is there another reason?

I don’t think so, though we don’t have much information about their origins to know for sure. It’s possible they’re naturally green. There are green troll that aren’t a result of fel magic. There are also blue trolls, red trolls, draenei are blue, purple, and so on. Skin color isn’t always meaningful.

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