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Hearthstone > NewsJul 29, 2015 11:10 am CT

Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl may or may not be Showdown in Blackrock


Update: Too Many Portals has been confirmed as this week’s intended Tavern Brawl. A fix is in progress.

Update #2: Patch 2.8 is rolling out for PC and Android and will hit iOS later this afternoon. The patch will fix the current Tavern Brawl and the Amazon bug.

Confusion abounds in today’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl as it launches in Europe. Though the Battle.net launcher initially advertised the Brawl as a brand new Too Many Portals brawl, players logged in to discover a repeat of Showdown in Blackrock, the face-off between Ragnaros and Nefarian, is actually the brawl in progress. Blizzard’s European Customer Service team says they’re investigating — but the German Hearthstone Twitter feed announced Showdown in Blackrock (Showdown im Schwarzfels) right off the bat. The situation becomes even more confused, however, because players accessing Hearthstone via the Amazon app store on Android can, indeed, play Too Many Portals.

Hearthstone is currently experiencing an unfortunate bug where, if you recently accessed the game via the Amazon app store, you’re locked out of the game on PC and iOS. PC and iOS are seeing Showdown in Blackrock, whereas Amazon users are seeing — and able to play — Too Many Portals. Too Many Portals is a brawl in which you pick a class, get a small  selection of class cards, and the rest of your deck is composed of Unstable Portals. This Tavern Brawl confusion may be a result of Amazon receiving a patch to the game prior to other platforms; that patch may have been intended to hit PC and iOS during the usual Tuesday maintenance, but for one reason or another, the patch was delayed.

We’re keeping an eye on the sitution, but unless an emergency patch hits PC and iOS in the next few hours, we’re likely stuck with the rerun of Showdown in Blackrock — unless you use the Amazon store, in which case you get to play Too Many Portals with a much diminished pool of players.

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