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WoWOct 18, 2015 4:00 pm CT

What’s new in Hallow’s End 2015

Hallow’s End has returned and with it all new rewards. Most of them are centered around your garrison, but there are a few that will serve you well for years to come like the new toy the Coin of Many Faces. It will change your character’s appearance randomly into one of hundreds of humanoid NPCs. Valar marGHOULis, indeed.

Starting with your garrison, daily visitors  by the fountain/fire pit will offer four daily quests to you:

Each of these daily quests rewards one Spooky Supply except for Mutiny on the Boneship which will give you two. All four quests send you to the same area, just west of Socrethar’s Rise in Shadowmoon Valley. Once completed, the Spooky Supply currency can then be spent at the new Events Coordinator vendor in your garrison, Izzy Hollyfizzle. She sells five different garrison decoration sets for five Spooky Supplies each:

Creepy Crawlers: This will spawn spectral rats, maggots, and spiders around your garrison. You also have a chance of stumbling across one of the three new holiday battle pets:

If you find one and defeat it, stay where you are and a new one will respawn instantly.

A giant spectral spider rare mob also has a chance to spawn in your garrison: Arachnis. Killing it has a chance for you to loot a new toy, Sack of Spectral Spiders. Throw the sack on the ground to spawn the ghostly critters. Arachnis can be found by the training dummies in the Alliance garrison and between the Herb Garden and Mine in the Horde garrison.

Ghoulish Guises: This will turn your garrison guides into either Leper Gnomes, Ninjas, Pirates, or Skeletons, similar to wand disguises.

Hallow’s Glow: This is a decoration package for your garrison which consists of jack-o-lanterns, candles, and a giant burning wickerman.

Seer’s Invitation: This decoration summons Spiritseer Ikalyi who appears near the stairwell to your town hall and puts on a show with special effects, emotes, and dire warnings.

Witch’s Brew: This summons a Pandaren Brew Witch in your garrison who gives you a Mysterious Brew. Drink this brew to apply an Alemental costume to yourself or anyone in your party.


Have extra Spooky Supplies after getting all five garrison decorations? You can use them to buy Tricky Treats, the currency for the usual Hallow’s End vendor items.

Another treat to be found in your garrison is the Pepe Tiny Scarecrow costume. During Hallow’s End, you can find Pepe in your garrison graveyard wearing an adorable witch’s hat. Click on him to get receive the costume. This will also complete the A Frightening Friend achievement.

Finally, there are new items to buy with your Tricky Treats at the usual Hallow’s End vendors just outside your capital city:

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