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Dan O'Halloran

Dan O'Halloran — Dan O'Halloran loves his video games, fantasy books, superhero TV, and daily injections of caffeine a little too much. Father of two, husband of one, player of every video game he can squeeze into his day. And a few that he can't.

Lore Watch Podcast: The mystery of Northern Lordaeron

Join us this week as we discuss the origins of hearthstones and their connection to Meeting Stones as well as the Brokers, if there is a way to wield the void without being corrupted by it (asking for a friend), and the mystery of Northern Lordaeron, the unexplored region between Ghostlands and Western Plaguelands that may get the spotlight in the upcoming Midnight expansion.

Blizzard Watch Podcast: Should WoW have romanceable characters?

Join us as we discuss the charm and challenges of implementing a Bioware/Baldur’s Gate romanceable companion feature to WoW (and how Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO pulled it off.) We also cover Diablo 4’s upcoming Season 3 that grants you a robot companion, if WoW’s patch 10.2.5 Gilneas storyline redeems Genn Greymane’s cowardice during the Third War, and which Warcraft character would be which superhero in a Warcraft/DC/Marvel mashup.

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