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Dan O'Halloran

Dan O'Halloran — Dan O'Halloran loves his video games, fantasy books, superhero TV, and daily injections of caffeine a little too much. Father of two, husband of one, player of every video game he can squeeze into his day. And a few that he can't.

Blizzard Watch Podcast: Is it possible that there is too much content to enjoy?

Join us as we discuss how there is just so much going on right now including WoW patch 10.1.7, the upcoming WoW patch 10.2, Wrath Classic patch 3.4.3 on the PTR, the on-going Secrets of Azeroth event, the upcoming Eastern Kingdoms Cup Dragonriding races, Diablo 3 Season 29 in just a few weeks, and word that Diablo 4 will be getting annual expansions.

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