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Dan O'Halloran

Dan O'Halloran @danoh — Dan O'Halloran loves his video games, fantasy books, superhero TV, and daily injections of caffeine a little too much. Father of two, husband of one, player of every video game he can squeeze into his day. And a few that he can't.

Tavern Watch Podcast: WotC’s Greg Tito on Radiant Citadel, diversity, and the new D&D movie

In this month's episode, we sit down with Wizards of the Coast’s Greg Tito to talk about adding diverse voices to D&D in the new Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel book, the speedy pace of new D&D book releases, bringing D&D Beyond's digital toolset in-house, and how the upcoming D&D movie, Honor Amongst Thieves, seems to capture a true D&D experience.

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