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DiabloFeb 5, 2016 6:00 pm CT

Diablo 3 Developer Insights: Set Dungeons

Patch 2.4.0 brought Set Dungeons to Diablo 3, and today we’ve been given some developer insights behind the process. Introduced as a way to test player skill, playstyles, and provide the ultimate challenge, Set Dungeons add a unique experience to Diablo 3. Alex Sulman, Senior Game Designer and lead on the Set Dungeon project, sheds a little light into the newest additions for players.

Many players are familiar with Diablo‘s process, and Set Dungeons were intended to add another new and interesting mode as well as celebrate completing Class Sets. In a world where farming is the norm and skill is measured in timed leaderboards and greater rift numbers, spicing the gameplay up a little is needed every now and then. Like leaderboards, Set Dungeons are timed and allow you to make progress based on your own records. However, Set Dungeons don’t have actual formalized leaderboards, so timed runs appear more informal and inviting to newcomers. These come in as a natural way to progress once you’ve completed your Class Set.


The article illustrates the design of the dungeons and the thought process behind them, highlighting different aspects like dealing with solo versus multiplayer play, and tuning the individual dungeons for each Class Set. One creative design featured making the process of discovering dungeons fun by hiding the entrance out in the world so that players could experience the adventure of going out and finding it. In this day and age, secrets don’t stay secret for long, but this allows players to keep that surprise and make it a personal accomplishment. It’s quite fascinating to see the thoughts behind the scenes, since we don’t often get such a detailed look into the game. Check out the full article for more fascinating details from behind the scenes.

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