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WoWFeb 12, 2016 5:00 pm CT

Herbalists can brighten up Dalaran with Flower Pots in Legion

While diligently checking the Legerdemain Lounge for everyone’s favorite orange furball Jones on the latest Legion alpha build, I discovered a new surprise. Jones wasn’t there, but in his place was an inconspicuous Flower Pot. It was empty, but interactive, and informed me that if I were an Herbalist (instead of just a lazy, profession-less Rogue), I could plant a flower in it. Well my Rogue may not have done much in the way of picking flowers, but my Shaman was leveling Herbalism all along, so I hopped on the Shaman and headed to the inn, and promptly discovered I could plant pretty much any Legion flower I’d discovered in the pot.

So I picked the mighty Fjarnskaggl. It was delightful. However, it made me wonder — was this Flower Pot unique? Or could I, as a Legion Herbalist, perhaps flood the entire city of Dalaran with Fjarnskaggl if I wanted to (and let’s face it, I really wanted to)?


The first stop was of course Miss Aerith Primrose, because logically a Flower Vendor would have some empty Flower Pots hanging around her cart, right? Absolutely. So I put a Fjarnskaggl on it. I put a lot of Fjarnskaggl on it.


This Night Elf at the local tailoring shop didn’t realize just how much a little Fjarnskaggl could brighten up his shop. So I introduced him to the magic of this particular herb, and let him know that it’s found in the majestic hills and valleys of Stormheim.


Currently, Dalaran isn’t as segregated as it was back in the days of Wrath — both Alliance and Horde can travel freely. So I wandered into the Alliance side of things and dropped off some Fjarnskaggl as a peace offering. After all, nothing says “let’s be friends” like a lovingly tended Fjarnskaggl.


This soldier was on death’s door when I showed up. But would you look at that — after dropping off a Fjarnskaggl at his bedside, he drifted off to blissful slumber, perhaps dreaming of the unique barbed tendrils and strange golden orbs nestled carefully in the Fjarnskaggl’s…seed baskets. Yes, seed baskets. That’s uh, that’s the scientific term for them. Trust me, I’m an Herbalist.


When you plant the mighty Fjarnskaggl, (or, you know, whatever other lesser plants you choose to place in the pots), it makes a delightful custom animation. I can assure you that local Dalaran barber Kizi Copperclip was absolutely amazed by the magical display. Fjarnskaggl for everyone!


Good old Norvin Alderman really appreciated my gift of Fjarnskaggl, and let me know. “What is that thing?” he said, eager to learn more about the history and origins of the Fjarnskaggl. “Get out of my shop!” he cried, clearly wanting to enjoy the beauty of this unique plant all by himself, over a good glass or six of fine Dalaran wine.

After spreading the joy of the simple Fjarnskaggl all over the city, I made my way back to the Legerdemain Lounge and discovered something else. When you plant an herb in Dalaran, it’s not permanent — the plant will despawn over a period of time. Planting an herb will take one from your inventory — but you can plant to your heart’s content as long as you’re an Herbalist, familiar and fond of the Fjarnskaggl’s charms (or whichever other plant you happen to enjoy). It’s a unique feature new to Legion‘s Dalaran, and whether or not other professions will be able to put their talents to similar use is unknown. But really, who needs a smelly skin or a pile of rocks, when you can have a fine mountain Fjarnskaggl on display? Nobody, that’s who.

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