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The QueueFeb 17, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Alex Luthor

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


Anne / @Shadesogrey
My spidey sense says you might be doing the Q’morrow


With standard mode coming soon™, it seems classic cards will be the most valuable to collect since they will be available each Standard year.  Do you think Blizz will adjust some of these cards beforehand knowing they will always be available?  Do you think some changes made previously will be undone?  i.e will they change Warsong Commander back to what it was once Grim Patron is no longer available, or will they keep the change because it would still hurt Wild mode?  Will some cards read one way for Standard and another for Wild, a la WoW abilities for PvE and PvP?

I’m not anticipating any changes to the Classic set right now. Certainly, I’m not expecting them to revert any changes. The Warsong Commander’s old ability might not necessarily be overpowered when restricted to use with The League of Explorers and The Grand Tournament, but the set after that might cause those issues all over again — the problem with Warsong Commander is it limited what types of cards they could make. Reverting the change causes that problem all over again.

High-end Hearthstone players are a bit irritated the Classic set is part of Standard because some of those Classic cards are a seriously big deal. If one of the goals of the new game mode is to make sure the game remains fresh with brand new strategies, consider the Druid deck. Even now, Druid decks primarily use cards from the Classic set — because they’re pretty amazing. Druids will change very little with the new ruleset. Classic hanging around also means you’ll always be dealing with Alexstrasza, Nozdormu, and so forth. That isn’t the most exciting prospect ever. Will those change? We’ll see. I suspect if Druids are still playing the exact same decks for the next two years, we’ll see a the devs actively trying to develop new deck types specifically for Druids.


I started levelling yet another alt, this time spamming dungeons as a tank. Am I being unreasonable when I expect to be able to do some tanking rather than have a random DPS run off and solo the whole thing? If you can solo it, why not do that and get all the loot for yourself?

While it isn’t cool for a DPS player to run off and start soloing things, I feel like this is a result of the current state of those dungeons compared to character power. The fastest and easiest way to get into a dungeon is through the group finder — and the fastest, easiest way to complete those dungeons is to just rush through them. Particularly when you’re wearing heirlooms, there’s absolutely no danger in low level dungeons. Even without heirlooms, we ran into this on our leveling streams. Low level dungeons were braindead easy.

When you know your group can absolutely destroy the place if you just run forward and kill everything, waiting for the tank to pull one group at a time in a controlled manner becomes downright infuriating, even if it’s the way you’re “supposed” to do it.

I want to blame players for their misbehavior, but given the current difficulty level of leveling content right now — that is, you look at mobs and they die — I really can’t.


who the heck are these people voting for Thrall and Aggra as best couple?!?

I hadn’t looked at that poll until reading this question. Looking through the options… you know what, I vote for Thrall and Aggra, too. World of Warcraft (and Warcraft in general) hasn’t been very good at portraying romantic relationships. In most cases, they tell us these people are romantically involved, but we see very little of them interacting in that way. Jaina and Arthas, through Warcraft 3 and the Arthas novel, were done pretty well, I thought — but they’re not together anymore, so I’m not voting for them. All of the other couples, we know they’re together, but we don’t see much about their relationship in-game which seems particularly healthy. Tyrande and Malfurion’s relationship often feels like the two of them vying for control instead of love. And when it comes to Jaina and Kalec, not only do I find the mage-and-dragon pairing ridiculous, I thought he was a huge dick in War Crimes.

Out of all of those combinations, we’ve at least seen Thrall and Aggra interacting and obviously in love. For me, they win by default. I can’t even believe Grom and Golka are in the poll. Didn’t we watch Grom leave her to die because he thought she was weak? How romantic.

Hilariously, the “head canon” romances people see in World of Warcraft are usually rooted in the fact those particular characters interact more (and seem to care for each other more) than the actual couples.


Have we found the black market auction house yet in legion?

Yep! There’s a Black Market Auction House representative in both halves of the sewers: one in the half where the general public can go, and one in the half that is the rogue class hall, where only rogues can go.

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