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Overwatch 2Mar 6, 2016 6:00 pm CT

Escort strategy for Overwatch maps Dorado and Gibraltar

Veteran FPS players ought to be familiar with the Escort game mode. One team has to escort something to a predetermined location while the other team ensures that they can’t. Overwatch currently features two exclusive Escort maps — Dorado and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Many of the other maps that have an escort component are known as hybrid maps because they involve capturing a location then escorting a payload.

Payloads don’t move by themselves though! Players need to be close to them in order for them to start moving. The more players that are near the payload, the faster it moves. In Overwatch, the fastest move speed involves three or more players, so you’ll want to have three near it while the rest of your team is spread out and clearing the way for the payload to advance. Attacking teams have a set time limit to reach each checkpoint but when you do, a set amount of time is added to the clock.

For defenders, if you happen to wipe out the opposing team, you can stand near the payload and gradually push it backwards forcing the attacking team to do more work to make up any lost ground. However, the movement speed is significantly slower compared to when attackers are pushing.

Of the relatively few tournaments that have been held, payload  and hybrid maps are generally favored for tournament play using a stopwatch format. In a nutshell, stopwatch rules means that victory is awarded to the attacking team that completed the objective the fastest or the team that pushed the furthest objective.

General Escort tips

  • Keep an eye on the clock but don’t forget about overtime opportunities.
  • Players on both teams will want to stay near the payload to push it during match lulls with no opponents nearby.
  • While having all players move together on the escort is a good idea, you’re just asking for a well-time Rocket Barrage or other AOE attacks.
  • Know where the payload is at all times which is denoted by it’s white outline.
  • Objects (like Symmetra’s turrets or Widowmaker traps) can be placed on top of payloads as they’re moving.
  • Push together as a team instead of running in one by one and getting picked off.
  • Eliminate the supports first.



Set as a city in Mexico, Dorado overlooks a beautiful bay with ziggurats glowing all around the bay. There is a festival in town dedicated to celebrating the end of the Omnic Crisis. Players on offence are charged with escorting a truck throughout the winding streets of Dorado and into a secret facility. Defenders will have to hold the line and prevent the truck from reaching the base. There are three checkpoints for the payload to pass through.

First payload point

  • Offense: There’s the main route under the archway which the truck has to pass through but don’t forget to flank through the buildings and stairwells on either side.
  • Use the buildings as cover and expect lots of close quarters engagements due to all the stalls and other objects.
  • Narrow streets are both a blessing and a curse so consider heroes with splash attacks.
  • Defense: There’s a few roofs where you can station a Widowmaker or another sniper.
  • Knockback effects work well near the attacking team’s spawn as you might be able to catch a player and knock them off the ledge and into the beach below.
  • Mei’s Ice Wall can completely seal off the arch way and temporarily stall the team.


Second payload point

  • No one expects anyone to travel through the courtyard in front of the giant mansion.
  • Don’t forget to look up as there’s multiple ledges that can be used by both sides to contest the payload.
  • Junkrat is a good choice as you can simply bounce projectiles off walls around corners and deal incidental damage.


Third payload point

  • This final push involves being inside a base so watch the corners.
  • Health packs are close to the escort path so pay attention!
  • Keep an eye on the timer.
  • Don’t die.


Dorado Health Pack locations

[envira-gallery id=”34977″]

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Welcome to one of the Overwatch bases! Located in a strategic area on the Rock of Gibraltar, this outpost monitored activities in the Mediterranean. Although it was shut down for some time, Winston intended to reactivate the communication network. Attackers want to escort the payload bomb to the shuttle to prevent the launch of the satellite. Defense wants to buy enough time for the rocket to launch the satellite into orbit. Unlike Dorado, there are four total checkpoints.

First payload point

  • Attackers will want to send a player or two left to try and circle around the building that’s overlooking the payload.
  • Defenders should plan for the above strategy accordingly by loading up with traps or turrets.
  • There’s a whole lot of ocean on that side of the map and it’d be a huge shame if someone went over accidentally.
  • A turret or two with a direct line of sight to the payload will slow down the attacking team especially if they’re set up on the far wall.
  • Sending Tracer or another hero to harass the defending team as they emerge from their spawn can buy some time for attackers to keep pushing the payload up.


Second payload point

  • This is typically one of the toughest points to breach as it’s fairly easy for defenders to hold this part of the map.
  • Junkrat or Zarya can lob grenades down the ramp towards the payload.


Third payload point

  • Whoever can control the high ground will have an advantage.
  • Definitely group up and push together as a team because if you can wipe the defense, you’ll be able to reach this checkpoint easily.
  • Can be difficult to flank because of how tight this part of the map is and it can be easy for players to support each other.
  • Zarya and Mei’s ultimates are useful here due to limited spaces around the payload and can catch unsuspecting players together.


Fourth payload point

  • Defenders often find themselves playing back by the final checkpoint while sending one or two players up to harass.
  • The attacking team might be able to find an opportunity to park a Widowmaker on one of the ledges overlooking the last checkpoint.
  • Symmetra on offense can place a few turrets on the payload itself to help with a push especially if it can be protected with Reinhardt or a Winston shield.
  • Speaking of Reinhardt, if you ever seen an opening to charge anyone from the opposing team off the cliff, you take that chance.


Watchpoint: Gibraltar Health Pack locations

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Recommended characters

  • D.Va: Self-destructing her mech on top of the payload can force the attacking team out of position. If they stay near the payload, they risk dying. If they retreat to avoid the self-destruct, they payload won’t move resulting in precious seconds for the defenders.
  • McCree: Like D.Va, McCree’s Deadeye can cause the other team to scatter off the payload or die in the process. As a close range hero, he is best suited in picking off players that are near the payload.
  • Mei: Ice Wall can restrict access through certain choke points and cost the attacking team time. A well placed Blizzard can also slow down attackers from reaching and moving with the payload or enable follow up attacks from the rest of the team.
  • Widowmaker: At least one sniper is recommended. Infra-Sight used at the right moments can provide your team with crucial information on where the opposition is. Use it to pick off anyone that’s by themselves or to see if anyone’s attempting to flank the payload.
  • Hanzo: I’ve won many games on defense with a well-timed last minute Dragonstrike that wiped or chased off attackers from the payload leading to the timer ticking down to zero or ending overtime entirely. Sonic Arrows can be played in key side paths to alert your team if anyone’s trying to sneak around.
  • Reinhardt: I mean, it doesn’t happen often, but if you can land a charge directly on top of the opposition and follow it up with an Earthshatter, you’ll be in great position. Aside from that, his Barrier Field provides traditional protection for your team as they’re moving alongside the payload. Try parking a Bastion on top of the payload with a Reinhardt just in front of him.
  • Symmetra: Her ultimate is a huge asset on these maps as she can teleport defenders near where the payload would be. Her value slightly diminishes as the payload gets closer to each checkpoint so be prepared to switch often depending on where the payload is.

That’s a quick primer to Escort maps! It was mentioned earlier, but this bears repeating: Always keep an eye on the clock. And finally, don’t be afraid to change up your characters as different heroes can prove to be key picks at certain parts of the map.

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