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The QueueMar 23, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: A ranger revelation

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


If an expansion/ next installment does come for the Diablo Series, what routes would you want to see explored in terms of story?

For me, besides Leah’s fate, I’d like to see Lilith and Inarius come into play. Considering they are the two who are responsible for the birth of the nephalem, I’d be curious as to how they would try to fix/exploit the situation that humans are currently in.

Personally, Leah’s fate is the number one thing I want to see, particularly because they teased it on-stage at BlizzCons past. Whether they were serious about that teasing or just trying to rile people up, who knows, but I am genuinely interested in seeing it.

Reaper of Souls ends in an ominous fashion, Tyrael ruminating on just how powerful your player character has become. The way he sees it, your Nephalem is, without question, the single most powerful being in Sanctuary and potentially across Heaven and Hell. You not only have the power of angels and demons, but you also have power over life and death itself thanks to Malthael. I think it would be awesome if the Nephalem themselves became the driving force of an expansion: you have the power to save Leah and nothing will stop you from accomplishing that task. You’ll move heaven and hell to make it happen and you alone have the power to do something like that.

Diablo 3 in particular is so focused on that power fantasy — your character is genuinely the most powerful thing in existence — and providing an expansion where your character drives the story through action rather than reacting to someone like Diablo or Malthael would be awesome.


Is there a way to turn a game off from the battle.net launcher? I have no interest in Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch, and don’t want those updates jumping ahead of WoW or Hearthstone. The only thing I can seem to do is pause it and let the others go.

This was already answered for you in the comments, but I’ll pull it up here for visibility, anyway. In your Battle.net Settings, you can go to the Game Install/Update section, scroll down to Game Updates, and if you choose the Game Specific Settings, you can pick and choose how you’d like each individual game to update. If you leave it on Apply Latest Updates, it’ll update all of your games the same way.

All of that said, I’m pretty sure games don’t update if they aren’t installed. Heroes of the Storm gets updated if you have it installed because they assume you want to play it, and to play it, you’ll need the latest version. However, if you don’t have it installed and it’s still downloading patches… that’s weird. What would it be patching if it isn’t installed?


If I already have, on my launcher, “in development: PTR: Warlords of Draenor”  will that prevent me from getting an alpha/beta invite?   I thought I read something about that but didn’t know if I was remembering right or if it was just a forum scare tactic.

When the Legion alpha first launched, there was some weirdness where if you had multiple PTR accounts — some people had sometimes three or four of them on their account for some reason — the Alpha test wouldn’t show up for you even if you were supposed to have access. That was quickly fixed and isn’t an issue anymore. You’re fine.


Hearthstone – ok, you use Finley to change your hero power, but then later you use Justicar Trueheart, whose battlecry is “Replace your starting hero power with a better one”.

Does Trueheart give you an improved Finley-chosen hero power, or does it give you, as the battlecry suggests, a better version of your original hero power?

You get an improved version of the hero power you currently have. So if you’re a Warrior and switch to the Mage hero power via Finley, you get an improved version of the Mage hero power. However, if you’ve replaced your hero power with something that doesn’t come from a class — for example, getting DIE, INSECT! from becoming Ragnaros — Justicar Trueheart won’t do anything.


I know not everyone takes a break from WoW, but I think a majority of us do, from time to time.  Even if we don’t actually suspend our subscriptions it’s healthy to take a bit of time away.  So how long do breaks normally last for you?  I’ve taken close to whole years off in the past (Classic & BC most notably), but recently I’ve found that shorter breaks are all I really need.  A couple of weeks here, 3-4 days there.  So what about the rest of you?

My cycle always seems to be I play intensely for the first year or so of an expansion, burnout hits me like a punch in the face, and then I take a good 3+ months away from the game. Then I come back at some point after that, playing super casually — maybe an hour or less when I log in — and then a new expansion hits and I dive into the deep end again. Now and then I talk about how I barely played in the Timeless Isle when it first launched back in Mists. That’s the reason for it: I took my long break just as that patch released. I didn’t do any Timeless Isle content until months later, when most people were already done with it.  I enjoyed the Timeless Isle quite a bit! But it’s possible my enjoyment is because the population on the Isle was reasonable rather than overcrowded.

And as we end today’s edition of The Queue, I want to bring up something completely off-topic, because I can. Did you know Rose McIver of iZombie and Eka Darville of Jessica Jones were both Power Rangers? At the same time? It’s true. And that’s amazing.

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