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The QueueApr 22, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Rossi’s Rosin-Soaked Shoulderplates answer your questions

Hi! Matt couldn’t be here today, and so I decided to fill in for him. I’ve never actually met Matt, despite our sharing a name — somehow, no matter how many times he’s killed Ordos, I’ve never been there. He’s never even seen me drop on an alt who doesn’t wear plate. But anyway, I’m here to answer your questions. Let’s do the Queue, everyone.


QftQ: This has probably been asked before but I can’t find a answer when I search on-line.

Exactly how many level boosts do you get if you pre-order Legion? One only? Or, one with the pre-order and one at launch? Thanks!

You only get one character boost when you buy Legion, whether or not you pre-order it. You just get to use it now if you pre-order instead of when it comes out.

Do you know I had Haste back when it was terrible for Warriors? I did! That’s probably why I drop for every Paladin and Death Knight you’ve ever met but not for him.


Q4tQ: If world quests are a level cap activity, what is there, apart from dungeons, for friends of disparate levels (from 100-110) to share in together in a mutually beneficial fashion, taking advantage of the level-agnostic nature of legion’s PVE content? Being the guy that will almost certainly beat my closest friends to the level cap, what is there for me to do with them as they level?

Simply following them on their questing and getting artifact power and potential legendary drops seems most likely, (and that’s a good option) are there others I’m overlooking? We really enjoyed the overworld, once-per-character “bonus objectives” in WoD, is there more of that in alpha or planned?

I’m just a simple pair of shoulderplates, but if I understand your question, I think you’ll be able to do just about everything with your friends. You won’t be able to get quest credit twice, but otherwise the sky’s the limit.

There have been bonus objectives as I’ve leveled through various zones, yes, and there are chests and other items you can find with various treasures inside, as well as rare spawns that aren’t world quest objectives. But in general, if you’ve already quested through a zone, and your friends haven’t, they will get more out of the zone than you simply because they can do the quests.

But you’ll still be able to group with them and everything will scale to your level from your perspective while remaining at the level it was at from theirs. All the things you listed that you could do, you can do.

And remember you can always go back to the Timeless Isle and kill Ordos. As long as you’re not after me, go ahead and bring Matt — I promise you everything but me will drop.


Q4tQ:  Regarding languages in WoW, I find it interesting that the various denizens of Azeroth and Draenor/Outland have their own, unique languages, yet it seems that basically everybody also speaks ‘common.’  Throughout the various books and games there are countless situations of Humans talking to Orcs, Orcs to Night Elves, Night Elves to Demons… you get the idea.  Is there any indication in lore as to how and why everybody knows this common language?  I’m thinking that maybe ‘common’ is a language passed down by the titans.

Look, I’m just a set of plate shoulders that doesn’t want to drop for the guy I’m named after. This is a bit over the head of whoever I’m on currently. Probably a Blood Elf Pally. But anyway, it’s 90% for story convenience — it would be a gigantic pain if they had to jump through hoops to show various characters getting their translations on to talk to each other – and 10% the intensely, casually magical setting.

Warcraft‘s Azeroth is a world where an entire city of magicians can rebuild their home after a demon lord destroys it with a sandcastle and turn it into a mobile weapons platform for waging war against blue dragons, the Scourge and even the Legion itself. The idea that all these Mages, Druids, Shamans, Priests, Warlocks and so on can come up with various ways to cross the language barrier isn’t that much of a stretch.


QftQ: Do we know a good ilevel to start Legion at?

I saw on this site ( can’t remember who posted the article) that said you want to shoot for 680. That doesn’t sound right, does it? If you only had one character that didn’t quite make it to max level, and had no other characters to feed you tokens or gold, your ilevel at 100 would be around 585/615. 680 would mean still doing your Garrison to open Tannan to get baleful gear at least to 650. LFR probably won’t be an option because new content, and queuing for it goes away.

Is 680 ilevel really what you want to shoot for? Seems like a pain for a fresh 100 character. If your ilevel is sitting at 615 and the broken isles are tuned for 680, you might be in for some hurt..

As a pair of shoulders, I talk to the other gear, and I’m assured that premade level 100’s on the Legion alpha start in ilevel 680 gear and they do absoulutely fine. The Alliance starting experience is set to award several pieces of 700 gear including a free weapon for just showing up, so I wouldn’t worry too much at all about getting geared up for the expansion.


So, having once seen that the title “Arch Druid,” which had been the WotLK title for realm-first level 80 druid, was being awarded in Legion to druids who finish their class campaign, I was about to say that those titles were making a comeback and that Mitch should rejoice… but I did my research and I’ve learned that the priests are not getting “Prophet,” but rather “High Priest/Priestess.”

There’s still hope, though! These have already had one pass of changes that changed some more of them to their lost WotLK counterparts, and it’s still the alpha so further changes are possible. Mitch, contact whoever you know at Blizzard and get the priest title changed! You can finally realize your prophetic dreams!

Unless you count ‘Rosin-Soaked’ as a title (and you shouldn’t, it’s absolutely true, they dunked me in a barrel of the stuff and left me in it overnight, I’m quite tacky in the original sense of the word) I dont actually use a title, myself. I know that Rossi loves his ‘Death’s Demise’ and ‘Grand Crusader’ titles and uses them a lot.

I’d like it if ‘Rosin-Soaked’ was added to the game as a title now that I think about it. Y0u could all name your characters ‘Rossi’ and walk past him in Dalaran, driving him slowly mad.

Well, madder.


On the subject of Overwatch heroes in Heroes of the Storm…

We’ve seen (in the Tracer vid) that Blizzard has already modeled Widowmaker for use in HotS. My question is, will she appear in the game as a Nova skin, or as a separate hero?

On the one hand, Widowmaker and Nova share a LOT of the same functionality (ranged sniper assassins); on the other hand, I think relegating a major Overwatch character to a skin-only would be a real bummer.

Skins would certainly be EASIER (Mercy/Morales skin, Soldier76/Raynor skin, Reinhardt/Thrall skin), but it feels cheap, and there seems little reason to limit the number of characters in Heroes (other than sheer volume of choices)


Guys, I’m pauldrons. I don’t know from Heroes of the Storm, or maybe Heart of the Swarm, whichever you’re talking about. I texted Rossi, who immediately responded with profanity and a promise to eventually find me and put me in his void storage, but he had this to say on the subject.

“I don’t know if we’ve heard anything specific about Nova getting a Widowmaker skin, or Widowmaker being added to HoTS, but we have a bunch of archers in the game who are significantly different in terms of how they play, so I feel like Heroes could survive having two snipers. Model Widowmaker’s abilities in Heroes on her Overwatch suite, playing up her emotionless killer side, and we’ve got a lot of room for a character as different from Nova as Sylvanas is from Valla or Tyrande.

I’d personally rather see the Overwatch crew make their way to Heroes as their own options, rather than just as skins.”

So that’s Matt’s response.

That’s it for me. I have to get back on this Orc Death Knight… or Tauren Paladin… whatever, I don’t have eyes. If Matt shows up, tell him I’m sorry I missed him. For the seven thousandth time.

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