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The QueueApr 27, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Something new, something old

Gul'dan offers a tasty beverage

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


What would you all like to see as a totally out of nowhere expansion by Blizzard?

If it’s totally out of nowhere, it’s probably something we couldn’t predict! I’m going to use your question, though, to address something people seem to take as hypocrisy in opinions Rossi and I have sometimes — where we’ll say we’d like to see more about the Burning Legion, but at the same time saying we’d like to see expansions/stories which aren’t about the Burning Legion or the Old Gods. It isn’t that we can’t make up our minds; it’s that we’d like to see both. Yes, we like when existing narrative elements progress — but we’ve also been dealing with the same few villain archetypes for 12+ years. Legion is cool because the Burning Legion is cool. But it would also be cool if they do something absolutely fresh and isn’t about the Burning Legion, the Old Gods, the Titans, and so forth.

You don’t want to throw out the hallmarks of your universe, but eventually you need to do something new, too. You need to keep it fresh. You need to throw in a curveball now and then. While these vast, ancient powers are duking it out, what else is lurking in the background? What has filled the void during all of this destruction? It doesn’t need to be something as big in scale as an intergalactic/interdimensional invasion, but toss something in there as an intermediate plot. And then we can get back to the threats we’ve been dealing with all along.


Could a demon hunter beat a monk in a race?

How long is the race? Does it involve any obstacles? In any case, the demon hunter wins. Demon hunter mobility is nuts.


I intend to only play Hearthstone in Standard Mode, so would it be a safe bet to DE all the cards that are out of play for that mode to build new cards, or is there a chance I might get screwed on this?

The only consideration is Tavern Brawl, I think. I believe Tavern Brawl often (but not always) use the Wild set, so if you enjoy playing Tavern Brawl, you might want to keep all of your cards. If you don’t care about Tavern Brawl and will only ever play Standard, I see no reason to keep your Wild cards.


Have you ever changed mains? I find myself really struggling with what to play in Legion. After leveling way too many toons in WoD and gearing them, I really wanted to lean towards 1 toon with all roles. So, that left me with Pally, Druid, and Monk. We have lots of Druids in our raid group, so I wanted to avoid that. I dislike the new Pally rotation and healing kit in Legion (though it seems they’re working on the Holy kit) so I’m left with Monk, which has been a blast to play. But do you ever feel bad leaving behind the toon you worked so hard on in previous expansions?

Which character becomes my main is rarely an active decision on my part. For all of time, I’ve had four primary alts: Priest, Paladin, Rogue, and Warrior. The Priest was my first main and remained my main until about halfway through Wrath of the Lich King, at which point I realized I’d start spending my leisure time on the Paladin and only logged onto the Priest for raiding. Paladin became my “main.” Then around Warlords of Draenor, I realized I did that with my Rogue — I leveled the Paladin to max level first, but actually enjoyed playing my Rogue more.

I don’t feel bad about it because it happens naturally. If I’m enjoying my Rogue more than my Paladin now, then that’s fine. My Rogue is my main. That’s what I’ll play. And when I feel like playing something else, I’ll play something else. There’s never a point where I say I’m absolutely going to play this class and this character is my main. I do what’s fun.


Will hunters use a different shooting animation for pistols?

Pistols aren’t a weapon type, so no. Outlaw Rogues have a “pistol shot” ability which involves them whipping out a generic gun model to crack off a shot in battle, but there’s no equipping of a pistol involved.

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