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Overwatch 2May 20, 2016 11:30 am CT

Read the latest Overwatch comic Pharah: Mission Statement

Pharah is the latest hero to be featured in this introductory run of Overwatch digital comics. Much like the other Overwatch comics released thus far, the comic is truly introductory: if you know nothing about Pharah, Mission Statement will bring you up to speed. Mission Statement also provides a bleaker glimpse of Omnic relations after the Omnic Crisis; not all is well, and remnants of the crisis remain.

The comic includes multiple mentions of Pharah’s mom, which is likely inevitable: While Pharah herself isn’t (and was never) a member of the Overwatch organization, her mom was one of its original members. The upcoming Overwatch graphic novel, release date currently unknown, will feature Pharah’s mother alongside Soldier: 76, Reinhardt, and Gabriel Reyes (now known as Reaper), among others during the heyday of Overwatch.

If you missed any of the Overwatch comics, check them out here:

  • McCree in Train Hopper. McCree hops a train. Some other people hop a train, too. Pretty self-explanatory stuff, here.
  • Reinhardt in Dragon Slayer. This old dog still has teeth. For biting dragons, I guess.
  • Junkrat and Roadhog in Going Legit. If by “legit” you mean the opposite thing, then yes.
  • Symmetra in A Better World through hard light and also explosions.
  • Pharah in Mission Statement, where she shows just what kind of leader she can be.
  • Torbjörn in Destroyer, diving into what he was doing during the Omnic Crisis. (Spoiler alert: It involved a giant mecha.)
  • Ana Amari in Legacy, which fills us in on how this new hero fit in to team Overwatch.

Not enough to slake your thirst for more Overwatch? Check out our Know Your Lore guide to Overwatch’s story.

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