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The QueueJun 24, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Ten years ago…

On June 24, 2006 I and my then-fiancee Julian were married in a friend’s backyard just outside of Seattle. It was a blazingly sunny day, to the point where there’s a running joke between us that the sun was a guest. In the decade since that day, many things have happened, some good, some bad, but I can honestly say that it was the best decision I ever made. I love her and I have been fortunate to have her in my life and with any luck I’ll get to say that again in 2026.

Blizzard games have been a big part of our lives together — we spent time in Azeroth when we couldn’t be together before we were married, I proposed to her during a Molten Core run, we’ve raided and moved servers and played WoW and Diablo 3 together.

This is the Queue. Not going to try and be funny or clever today. Just going to answer some questions so I can go to bed (It’s 1 am as I write this) and see my wife.


What is the trick (or process) to make your addons work in the PTR/Beta? Surely some will not work, but I’d hope for Recount or Vuhdo.

As of right now it’s the same as on live — you just import them to your AddOns folder. It usually comes down to ‘has Blizzard turned on the functionality yet’ and in this case the answer is yes, you can run AddOns in the Legion beta. Some obviously don’t work with this version of WoW yet, but that always happens.


Q4TQ: There’s a famous scene taking place in the Old Hillsbrad Foothills* Southshore Inn that’s a noblegarden egg inserted by the devs (I won’t spoil it in case you’ve never seen it). My question is: was that scene actually concurrent to Thrall’s escape, or is it just the Caverns of Time getting it’s weft warped?

There’s no reason it couldn’t have been happening more or less around the same time as Thrall’s escape. The figures in question (I’ll mention that both the elder and younger Abbendis were there) absolutely could have been there.

I’m sorry I can’t be more definitive. It’s a case of a cool bit of lore that doesn’t necessarily need to line up that perfectly in the real timeline to work for the dungeon.


Q4TQ, especially for Rossi because it involves warriors and he knows one or two things about them. But any help will be appreciated.
One of my mains it’s been a Blood DK for years, but i’m getting bored by DK playstyle and I’m in full tanking burnout. I’m thinking about leveling a warrior as a substitute. A Fury warrior, so there’s little comparison between the old choice and the new.

To make long story short: any advice I have to keep in mind for this switch? Survivability is my main concern.

Thanks a lot, queueans!

My advice is slightly different if you’re leveling in Legion vs. right now. First up is advice for live servers:

Are you starting from scratch or boosting? If you’re not boosting, then as you level up, heirlooms make a huge difference. If you have them, you really don’t have much to worry about — just make sure you get Victory Rush off whenever it lights up and you should survive most pulls just fine. If you don’t have heirlooms and are just going for it, keep your gear current. Especially your weapons. Two good weapons will make the difference between survival and defeat in any trash/leveling pull.

Die By The Sword is your friend. Also, Rallying Cry. Do not be afraid to use either of these. I’d take Enraged Regeneration over Second Wind for a leveling Fury Warrior if you’re concerned about surviving. Also, the Bloodthirst heal is very small on live, don’t count on it to save you if you’re low on health.

In Legion, Fury loses Victory Rush but Bloodthirst gets a bigger heal. You also lose Die by the Sword. You’ll def. still want Enraged Regeneration and you’ll need to hit Bloodthirst every time it’s up when your health starts dropping.

But Fury has Titan’s Grip, so you’ll have a bit more health than you otherwise would. It’s a strong leveling spec once you get comfortable with going for broke and murdering things as fast as you can. Think of Fury as similar to Sonya in Heroes of the Storm and you’ll do okay.


QftQ: Do we have any idea how critical the traditional secondary stats will be in Legion? Do we know if secondary stat attunements will still be a thing? It seems like developers are trying to make all stats helpful in some way for all classes, so does that mean I could make a crit-heavy Arcane Mage build if I wanted to?

I would love stat flexibility to further customize playstyle for each spec…

After reading the Profession Q&A I don’t get the sense that stats are going to be that flexible — the answer about crafting items and how you won’t be able to change their stats in Legion (and the emphasis on using the items you didn’t like to generate Obliterum) seems to say to me that there will still be stats you want, and stats you don’t want.

I wouldn’t go building a crit set just yet is what I’m saying.


Why is it that every single time I start a dungeon or scenario on the beta they decide to restart the servers?

1 — It’s Beta, they’re always restarting the servers, so they’re bound to catch you a few times.

2 — You’re more aware of what happens to you than you are to other people. You notice when you’re in a dungeon or scenario when it happens.

3 — The cameras they installed in your house are working.

One of these might not actually be a true statement. I leave it up to your imagination to decide which.


In Legion, do the minor glyphs on spells carry over or change when you change specs? Example, if a shammy turns his ghost wolf into ghost raptor while in enhancement spec, is he still a raptor when switching to resto?

As of today’s Beta stream, no, they are applied to each spec separately. So if you want a spectral raptor for each of your Shaman specs, you’re buying it three times.


Why are so many of the male character models in WoW hunched when their distaff counterparts either are not hunched or far less so?

Back in the day, during the Vanilla WoW alpha, the female Tauren looked a lot more like the male Tauren. Same with female Trolls. And what happened was, nobody wanted to play them. So they changed the models to make them less similar to their hunched over/humped (Tauren dudes have that weird curved back, I love Tauren but it’s there) than their male counterparts.

Now, why do Orcs and Trolls gotta be hunched at all? I guess it’s to symbolize their primal ferocity or something. I dunno. I actually think it works for Trolls — it’s cool when they stand straight and you realize woah, these guys are tall — but for Orcs, I’d just as soon they stood upright.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Happy anniversary to us. Thank you all for indulging me. In lieu of anniversary gifts there’s a book link over on the side you could go buy (if you already have it, leave a nice positive review and tell a friend). Otherwise, just be safe and as happy as you can.

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