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The QueueJul 1, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Canada Day

It’s Canada Day. I live in Canada, so for me, it’s a holiday. We’re celebrating it by watching old episodes of The Littlest Hobo. It’s like the old Bill Bixby Hulk TV show if you take out Bruce Banner and the giant green rage monster he turns into, it’s an adorable dog. That kind of sums up the difference between the US and Canada pretty well, I think.

The Queue. We answer your Blizzard questions.


Q4tQ: So if Sylvanas finally enters eternal oblivion during this next expansion era – who’d be a good choice to lead the Forsaken? The expansion announcement hinted that this is a possibility and the cinematic intro released a few weeks ago hints at life-threatening danger to Varian Wrynn and, well, unlife-threatening danger for Sylvanas.

(I’m not in the beta and neither are most readers, so let’s keep this spoiler-free assuming anyone knows anything beyond what Blizzard has said publicly, please…)

Honestly, I don’t think anyone could really take Sylvanas’ place as leader of the Forsaken — she’s as much an object of cult like worship as a leader, and while a few probably could exert influence over them as a group, the easiest way to do so would basically be to do so in her name. Using the idea of Sylvanas (The expression Dark Lady watch over you being just one example of how the Forsaken view her as an object of fanatical devotion) as a figure of veneration would allow whoever followed in her footsteps to exert control, essentially turning her into a messianic figure and Sylvanas-worship into a kind of state religion among the Forsaken.

That said, I think Nathanos Blightcaller, as her most feverishly loyal and devoted servant, is the most likely to succeed her.


QftQ: Does reputation restrictions apply to transmog items in the Legion wardrobe? For instance, if my paladin is exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive and buys one of the shields they offer, will my un-exalted shield alts be able to use it – or do they have to get the rep needed?

If an appearance is linked to a reputation, level restricted, or class restricted then it can’t be used by those who don’t meet the requirements. For example, the Shattari Defender Plate from Warlords or the shields available for purchase from the Shattered Sun vendors can’t be used by those that didn’t earn the proper reputations.


There is something about the changes they’re making to classes in Legion offending the long running players of it. My two mains have been warrior (since Cata) and hunter (since BC). After messing around with the various classes and watching hours of videos, I’m going Blood DK main and Enh Shammy as main-alt.

Meanwhile, they did pretty much nothing to change Resto druids, with the exception of some great quality of life changes (improved Tranquility) and so my wife is sticking to that.

And the classes I didn’t play before that changed, like demo lock, are much better, IMO, and I’m going to level my lock in that spec for sure.

I’m honestly confused as to what Warrior changes would get you to reroll to some other class. I’ve been playing Arms and Fury and both of them seem improved — the last Beta stream I was absolutely wrecking things with my Arms spec, and if you’re a Prot Warrior, it’s not like Blood DK’s weren’t affected by all the tanking changes that have affected Warriors.

But to a degree that’s always the danger when changing a class — the long term players are used to how the class currently is. I think one of the things about having played Warriors since Vanilla is that the class has changed so many times that I simply haven’t been able to get too comfortable in any iteration of the class. I know many players who mained Paladins before the change that introduced Holy Power who’ve never forgiven Blizzard for the change, for an example.

Honestly, as someone who plays a ton of Warriors (and is leveling a Blood DK tank on the leveling stream) I wouldn’t get too discouraged on my Warrior if I were you.


I wanted a clarification on the Class Trials for the 100 Boost. I know that there’s a pre-set spec for each class, and that the spec “be changed at a later point in time.” When exactly can you change specs if you’re on a Class Trial? Is there an opportunity before the Artifact questline? Or if I choose to boost my Hunter, am I stuck with having to start with the Beast Mastery artifact and waiting until I have an opportunity to pick up what I really want, the Survival artifact?

When I ran one on the Beta, I actually switched specs to Arms before doing the trial, so it seems that you can switch immediately. You can absolutely change specs before the Artifact quests, plus you get green ilevel 655 weapons as soon as you log in after the 7.0 patch anyway, so if you want to go Survival you’ll get a polearm immediately.


I’m thinking about making a troll druid to level, but I’m not sure what spec, any advice?

Troll Druids have amazing animal forms, so I’d go Guardian or Feral, I especially enjoy their nearly neon day glo tiger forms.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Canada Day. Anne’s up this weekend, and I’ll see you next Tuesday.

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