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WoWAug 8, 2016 7:29 pm CT

A quick Demon Invasion primer

demonic invasion

Demon Invasions occur in six zones throughout the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor: Azshara, Dun Morogh, Hillsbrad Foothills, Northern Barrens, Tanaris, and Westfall. Don’t worry: You’re free to enter opposing faction’s towns when under attack. The Horde may enter Sentinel Hill’s Westfall and the Alliance may enter Hillsbrad’s Tarren Mill, for example. When an invasion is active, it will be marked on your world map with a green portal icon. Upon traveling to the zone, you’ll be placed in a zone-wide scenario with all other players in the region.

Invasions play out in a four stages:

  • Stage 1: Kill demons in the zone’s primary town or village
  • Stage 2: Kill demonic lieutenants and their commander in that village
  • Stage 3: Spread out to tackle small objectives throughout
  • Stage 4: Return to town to defeat the invasion’s boss

Essentially, players will gather together for stages 1 and 2, spread out for stage 3, then collapse on the town again for stage 4. In stages 1 and 3, you’ll be defeating demons and completing other objectives to fill a progress bar. In stages 2 and 4, you’ll be fighting bosses. The stage 4 boss in particular can be deadly. During our time testing the event on beta realms, the stage 4 boss cut players down left and right, ultimately becoming something of a graveyard rush. Whether or not those bosses have been rebalanced since then, we’ll soon find out. These scenarios do not automatically place you in a group with others. If you want a better shot at surviving the end bosses of these invasions, we recommend grouping with some friends. Otherwise, enjoy your repair bills!


Completing an invasion awards a player with Nethershards and the occasional Small Legion Chest or Large Legion Chest with ilevel 685 and ilevel 700 equipment respectively. If you’re looking to collect all of the possible transmogrification gear from the event, you’ll want to pursue the Large Legion Chests. You can check the chest’s full contents on Wowhead.

Nethershards are traded at Illidari vendors in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and invasion zones for a variety of items, including more transmogrification options. The available items are as follows:

Nethershards are earned by completing stages 2 and 3 of an invasion as well as completing an invasion. The acquisition rate we saw on beta realms may differ from what we see on live realms, but don’t expect to purchase an Ensemble off of one invasion completion. If you’re after the iLevel 700 gear, a single invasion might provide you with enough Nethershards to buy one of those, though. If you’re looking to collect everything? You’re going to be grinding for awhile.

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