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The QueueAug 8, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Demon Hunter Eve

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


Anyone else notice that the quest log no longer tells you how many quests you have? Has the 25 quest limit been removed?

In Blizzard’s quest to obfuscate useful information in the Legion UI, they did indeed remove the tracker, but the limit is still 25. You can still sometimes go over the limit of 25 quests — if a quest is an unskippable, mandatory quest such as those for an ongoing event, or if a quest spans multiple characters — but for daily use, the limit is still 25.


Is Illiden helping us or is it a ruse? I am so confused.

Illidan does appear to be helping us, yes. Illidan has always been trying to help Azeroth, though. It’s just … his form of helping tends to be the equivalent of burning your house down because the carpet needs a vaccuuming. You really gotta wonder what the larger concern is in that situation, the problem or the help.

Whether or not Illidan’s “help” will play out that way in Legion … who knows.


World of Warcraft, since the very begging, has had amazing, wonderfully designed zones, Whether they set the mood, helped tell the story, gave an insight into culture and life within them, created a sense of peace or chaos, the many zones of Azeroth have always been great (but not perfect, of course). What is your favourite entire zone, and why?

Zangarmarsh. I love the blue tones. I love the ambient sounds. I love that most of the quests involve slaughtering copious wildlife or wading into a nest of naga and cutting them down left and right. Back in Burning Crusade, I’d sometimes chill out just by flying to the top of a mushroom, sitting there, and listening to the sounds around me. Something about Zangarmarsh just clicked. I’ve never had any other zone, in this game or any other one, give me such a sense of being at peace.


Do Legion dungeons have non-instanced locations the way that Mists and Warlords dungeons did (as far as we can tell without flying)?

For the most part, yes. At the very least, they all have a physical portal in the world. In the case of Black Rook Hold, there’s an exterior portion of the Hold you quest in and around, but the dungeon is the otherwise inaccessible interior of the Hold. You can’t visit Wrath of Azshara in the game world, but there’s a portal to it in the game world — which is actually described as a portal in the Azsuna quests.

So in some cases, yes. In some cases, no.


Have you ever had to mute someone in HoTS / Overwatch? If so, why?

Yes. Both. For being blatant racists or otherwise awful behavior. I’d be surprised if anybody hasn’t muted someone in any online game unless they, themselves, contribute to the horrendous behavior.


If I may ask here: when are we getting more of the Lady Superior story?

As I recall, one expects a more serial version of releases — so, quicker stories with a broader arc. Bring it on!

Again, I find it awkward to answer questions about my non-Blizzard Watch work here on a regular basis, but it’s here so … the next installment of Lady Superior is currently with my editor. She’s done her first read of it and I’ll be getting notes Soon ™. So it’s close, but don’t expect it next week or anything. The cover art is also in progress!


Is the master plow broken? I tried using it on my farm last night and all the patches remained untilled.



So whats the deal if you want to pre-order but want the Collectors edition physical copy?

Don’t pre-order unless you want to buy the expansion twice.


do we know yet how long the Broken Shore will be available as a scenario? I’m worried about leveling all my guys in time to participate!

The Broken Shore scenario isn’t going away, if I remember correctly. It’s arriving with the Invasion, but isn’t exclusive to the invasion. It’s the introductory scenario of the expansion. It wil still be there later. For those who don’t want to do it on every character, though, there is a way to skip it this time around if you’ve already done all of it before.

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