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The QueueAug 19, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: I refuse to answer questions that are about Karazhan

You want a Queue that’s excited about Karazhan? Yesterday’s Queue is for you. But I’m afraid I’m just not all that excited about it.

Look, I ran that raid over and over and over again for the entirety of TBC. I ran it when it was the guild-killer. I ran it when they introduced Badges to raids and it was the most efficient way to gear up your newest raid members. I ran it when people wanted the mount. I ran it and I ran it and now? Now I just don’t care.

Sorry. I know y’all love Karazhan. I don’t want to take that away from you. It’s a very pretty raid from an art and music perspective.


Q4TQ: Could Reinhardt’s shield protect him from a nuclear detonation? Or will the fact he’s only able to block in one direction means the pain and death could go around the shield and kill him?

At Ground Zero? He would be killed instantly. He’d likely be killed just by the force before the heat killed him, which it absolutely would. Even a Hiroshima or Nagasaki scale weapon with a yield measured in Kilotons would do it. A more modern fusion bomb with a yield in the Megatons? Forget it.

I don’t care how powerful that shield is. The very fact that it has directionality means the heat alone would kill him. At  Ground Zero the heat is so intense that anything flammable will ignite.

And that’s ignoring the Electromagnetic Pulse that’s going to fry all of his equipment, including the hammer that generates the shield in the first place. Reinhardt’s dead if they drop a nuke on him. End of story. You want someone to survive a nuke, you call a Kryptonian or Godzilla.


Q4tQ: Anyone else get the suspicion Archmage Modera will be working with the Legion All Along as a traitor?

1. She votes after Jaina, conveniently making it 4-2 and driving Jaina away (even getting the last lines of “pleading” with Jaina to stay).  Jaina not being around will weaken the Kirin Tor as a whole.

2. We OF COURSE give the book to her after Khadgar has his spring cleaning.

3. Horde-side, all the Council of Six — even the ones who vote “Aye” — are neutral.  Except her, she’s as friendly as Khadgar.

4. She wistfully talks about visiting Kara one of these days perhaps.

5.  There’s all the talk of people “not being right in the head” after the move if you click on some of the Dalaran NPCs.

6. Legion demons have shapeshifted before in canon.  And normal humanoids have willingly signed on as well.

I’m calling it now.  Modera is a traitor.  #FreeJaina

On the one hand, you have a lot of points in your argument and I don’t want to discourage such work. But on the other hand, it is possible for people of good conscience to disagree without either of them being traitors, fools, or even wrong.

Modera isn’t Jaina. She hadn’t had the same experiences or come to the same conclusions. As was pointed out, Modera works with both Alliance and Horde on Draenor, so her being friendly is likely a consequence of her being used there — essentially she was switched to friendly so you could get quests from her if you were Horde and they didn’t switch her back — rather than any particular evil agenda. From a lore perspective, it’s possible for Modera to not even necessarily like the Horde but make the decision that it’s necessary to work with them now, despite Jaina’s arguments to the contrary.

Neither woman needs to be wrong, insane or evil for this to happen. Neither of them needs to end up working with or for the Legion. It’s certainly possible that Modera simply believed that even if Jaina took her leave that the benefit of having so many added mages to the Kirin Tor’s ranks was worth the risk, and not at all a sinister plan of any kind.

But you did make a good argument and I do agree that anyone could end up being replaced or subverted. That’s the awful part about fighting the Legion. Yes, they have brute force, powerful magic, fearsome weapons, terrifying machines — and they’re also capable of seductive whispers and compelling arguments, and even outright deception and manipulation. They bring a lot of different aspects to combat. You need to be shrewd as well as powerful to even stand a chance.


I really wish Blizzard would make it so that the invasion mobs would give full exp regardless of how many people are fighting them. Getting half exp from an elite I was just about to kill because someone else managed to hit it at the last second doesn’t make me feel like banding together to fight the Legion, it makes me feel like joining the Legion to destroy the rest of Azeroth, then fighting them once no one else is around to tag them.

Okay, I may be exaggerating a little. Just a little, though.

I feel like the penalty for someone else tagging a mob is very severe. I saw people actually begging high level characters not to help them, which seems odd to me. Shouldn’t someone else coming along to help be encouraged, not disappointing? I don’t want to feel like I’m making people unhappy when I hit Blood Boil and draw a bunch of demons onto me, I want to feel like I’m helping.

As it stands it feels like the best time to level during the invasions is like two in the morning.


Do you think there will ever be a full-scale war between the Legion and the Old Gods/Void Lords that threaten the stability of the universe?

From a certain perspective, that is exactly what is happening.

Sargeras created the Legion because he believes that creation itself is inherently flawed and doomed to corruption by the Void Lords and their Old God weapons. He can’t get at the Void Lords directly, so he’s destroying the village to save it. That’s the entire Legion offensive in a nutshell — it’s Sargeras burning down the playing field because he can’t actually attack the opponent directly. If Sargeras could figure out a way to go after the Void Lords and kill them on their home turf, he’d do it.

So yes, that is exactly what’s happening. Sargeras refuses to believe that there’s any other way to beat the Void Lords. It’s this or nothing. When the other Titans said “No, there’s this new Titan being born and it’s going to be more powerful than any other Titan ever” Sargeras refused to believe that because it would mean it would be more powerful than him, and thus when he murdered that corrupted Titan world-soul to prevent its corruption he wasn’t doing the only thing he could possibly have done, he was simply acting rashly, and he can’t accept that. He can’t accept that he might be wrong.

But he is. If and when Azeroth fully manifests she will likely exceed all the previous Titans combined. We must rebuild the final Titan.


I am going for mount 250 before Legion launches.  I am running ZG 14 times per day for the raptor mount.

Will I get it before the launch?

I hope so, that sounds tedious as heck. Good luck.


Q for Rossi: After the vote in Dalaran and Jaina storming out, the playerbase seems annoyed at her. The way she behaved there was completely unlike everything we’ve ever admired about Jaina in the past. I understand the scarring from multiple betrayals, but most of that was Garrosh’s doing (and Aethas being a spineless coward). There are plenty of voices within the Horde that do not want war with the Alliance. And the Legion has just invaded.

So I have to ask: what the hell is going on with Jaina? What do you think are the writers’ plans for her? Is it all a plot device for somehing bigger? Is there any chance we could get the Jaina who was intelligent and reasonable back?!

Huh. Being asked a question by Red. I only note this because my last name, Rossi, means Red. So Red is calling me Red.

Anyway, on to your question.

Trying to pin all of Jaina’s problems with the Horde on Garrosh ignores the fact that if the Horde had refused to follow him (and the Darkspear Rebellion shows that they eventually did, thus they always could have) then Theramore wouldn’t have been destroyed. Jaina extended herself significantly for peace with the Horde. She allowed her father to die. She hosted Baine Bloodhoof and aided him financially against Magatha Grimtotem. She hosted a peace summit, one that Garrosh even attended.

And her reward for her efforts was the annihilation of her city. Her apprentice not merely killed, but ruined. People she knew and liked obliterated. Rhonin’s death – the death of the leader of the Kirin Tor – directly attributable to Garrosh, yes, but also to a Blood Elf traitor who chose to follow him. The Horde didn’t find Garrosh an unacceptable leader until he started to turn on them, why should Jaina forgive them for what they did when they thought it was acceptable? I wouldn’t find that particularly realistic.

The event with the Divine Bell is a case in point. Yes, Garrosh was behind it, but Aethas and the Blood Elves were the ones who actually used Dalaran as a way to smuggle a weapon just as destructive as the mana bomb to the Horde. They used Dalaran as a staging ground for an eventual attack on the Alliance. You can’t just wave that away and say “But that was Garrosh” because from her perspective, is Sylvanas any better? Sylvanas, who used the Plague on Gilneas? What will Horde mages do when Sylvanas orders them to sneak Plague through Dalaran and hit Stormwind with it? Are they going to refuse? They didn’t before, why would they now?

Jaina has absolutely no reason to believe that Sylvanas’ withdrawl at the Broken Shore wasn’t a deliberate stab in the back. I know we saw the situation, but she was busy trying not to die herself, and she’d got plenty of reason to suspect Horde motives. Between stuff the Horde has done to her personally and things they’ve done in general — Horde forces attacked Alliance troops who were fighting the Scourge from behind in Icecrown, for just one example — Jaina simply doesn’t see how you can trust the Horde. And if you can’t trust an ally, how can you actually ally with them?

That doesn’t have to mean ‘Let’s go to war with them right now’ although I admit that she was sounding pretty darned bellicose in the Stormwind Throne Room.

As for what’s in store for her, I don’t know, but I hope when she comes back it’s suitably grand. Perhaps she grabs the Focusing Iris and takes out a whole lot of demons with it.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Friday. I’m sorry I’m a bit meh on Karazhan. A lot of people like it, and I hope it’s good for their sake.

A personal note — my wife and I have had some really bad news lately and a lot of you in the community have been super awesome about it. I thank you all very much.

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