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The QueueAug 22, 2016 10:56 am CT

The Queue: Kor’vas Fan Club

Harbingers: Illidan

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


So how come the graveyard in Hillsbrad is so far from Tarren Mill? I mean, it’s an undead area. It’s not like a graveyard just outside TM “doesn’t fit the decor”…

In some of these towns, which graveyard you use when you rez is dependent on your faction. If you’re Alliance in Tarren Mill, it kicks you to the graveyard down at Southshore, presumably because the graveyard is actually inside the walls of Tarren Mill. In the Crossroads, both Horde and Alliance use the same graveyard because it’s outside the town walls. In Westfall, the Alliance uses a graveyard within the walls of Sentinel Hill, but the Horde gets kicked to a graveyard further out, I believe.

So if the closest graveyard is actually within the town, the opposite faction will be thrown further away. If the closest graveyard is outside of the town, both factions use the same one.


I still have an unused 90 boost from buying WoD – will that disappear come Legion or does it stay? I’ve never decided who to use it on!

It won’t disappear. It’ll stay there until you use it.


Here is my question: the Horde (or the Alliance) have spent years trying to destroy various faction towns, and trying to kill the Alliance leaders etc. So why should I be upset when Guldan kills whatshisface, or when Wrynn dies? Personally, when I am doing the scenario, I usually /cheer at that point. Or an Alliance player finds out Voljin was killed, for that matter. And why would anyone go to help save an enemy town? I’ve spent the past 11 years raiding Westfall and places like it, trying to raze it to the ground.

This is exactly how I feel about many of the “greater good” or “greater threat” scenarios in World of Warcraft’s narrative. If you actually look at deaths and losses, the faction war has resulted in more destruction than any external threat. You can see that plainly in some of the invasion zones: The Alliance flies over the slimy ruins of Southshore to help defend Tarren Mill. The Forsaken did that. Tarren Mill did that. Why would the Alliance help them? Because the Burning Legion is the larger threat? I dunno, man. The Forsaken have put a far greater hurt on the Alliance than the Legion ever has. The Legion has repeatedly failed. The Forsaken have repeatedly succeeded. Sylvanas is a way larger threat.

I, as a player, know this is all game mechanics. I, as a player, know the Broken Shore cinematics were different for each faction. My character only knows what my character knows. If there’s a war, the Forsaken are winning. They’re an enormous threat and, from what my character knows, the Forsaken betrayed the Alliance at the Broken Shore and caused what happened there. Why would my character ever defend Tarren Mill? She wouldn’t. It doesn’t matter who’s attacking it. The Forsaken can burn. Blizzard has kept the stakes high in the faction war, but the stakes low in every other conflict in the narrative. But the XP is sweet, so I’m gonna do it anyway.

I feel it’s also worth noting, if you pay attention in Hillsbrad, the Legion is actually harvesting samples of the Forsaken Blight in Southshore. Note the Blight is different from the Plague the Legion used to create the Scourge. The Blight is 100% Forsaken-made and produced. In the novels, it’s rather explicit Sylvanas ordered its creation. The Forsaken have created something so gross, so nasty, so cruelly effective, the Legion wants in on it. That should be terrifying!


Leveling through invasions I noticed if I open a chest it gives me ilvl 600 gear (level 97) but if I hold the chests until 100 and then open them will it be 700 gear?

The chest contents will scale to your level upon opening them. If you save all of your chests for level 100, you’ll be kitted out in ilevel 700 gear instantly. However, I’ve still been using a few of them here and there while powerleveling. My level 80 Shaman wasn’t being particularly helpful in killing demons while still wearing level 40 gear. I popped open enough to make myself effective again, then went back to hoarding them.


Okay, this is a little odd. My druid hit 58 and was automatically granted flying mount skill because flight form, but needs to hit 60 to buy Azeroth flying. My mage is 58 and can’t access flight at all until 60. Not sure if intended or not, but it strikes me as a bit strange that druids get it two levels earlier.

I could be wrong, but I seem to recall Druids always getting flight two levels before everyone else. At the very least, back in Burning Crusade, they got their first flight form quest at level 68, then a quest to improve it to epic at 70. I didn’t play a Druid at the time, and this is many years ago, so I could be incorrect, but that’s how I remember it. Two levels early was their perk for having a unique flight form. When spells like flightform became learned automatically, and flight became something you could acquire at level 60, Druids kept the two-levels-early perk and got flight at level 58.


For the last few days (about a week or two), I’ve had a weird issue when I log in.  The game will suddenly “stall” and the framerate drop to nothing for 2-3 seconds, then go back to normal, but after 2-3 minutes of that (five at most), it clears up and doesn’t do it again.  Doesn’t matter where I am when I log in, it does it.  Anyone else having a weird issue like that?

This is a common post-patch problem and one I’ve been experiencing myself. The game will be running fine, then lock up for a few seconds. It’ll run fine awhile longer, than lock up a couple more times. After a few lockups, it’ll stop doing it until the next time I relog.


Do you like big breakfasts or are you the type of person who doesn’t like to eat anything for breakfast in the morning most of the time?

If I eat too soon after waking up, it makes me sick. My breakfast is usually just coffee, and I’ll wait until around 10 or 11 to eat my first meal of the day. Though that’s technically lunch (because I don’t believe in brunch), it’s usually breakfast food like eggs.


Trade Prince Gallwix, in Hearthstone and in loading screens is a big fat goblin. Why is his model a normal goblin, and does blizz have any plans in changing him to look like a race leader and not just a run of the mill gobby?

Gallywix is indeed supposed to be a hefty fellow, but he hasn’t done enough notable in WoW to justify getting a custom character model. Gallywix tends to just stand around in quests or cinematics. He’s never had a leading role, and only when a character has a leading role do they get a custom model. Look at Genn Greymane: He didn’t have a custom model for a long time. Only now that he’s heavily involved in Legion have they given him a model which isn’t the stock human model. The Azshara invasion is the only time Gallywix has actually been up and around doing anything and that’s going away in a week.

If you listen to Gallywix’s dialogue in Azshara, he does still make standard “fat jokes.” He complains about the Legion making him miss a meal.


I noticed the portal and tents placed on a flat part of the cliffs above Stormwind.  Am I correct in guessing they are tied in to the Broken Isles?  Or is it a “New Dalaran” portal?

That camp was added in Warlords of Draenor, actually. It’s the platform where you fight the last boss in Everbloom. Don’t feel bad for not knowing that, though — I didn’t realize it even after I’d run Everbloom a thousand times. I thought it had something to do with the Darkmoon Faire. It looks Darkmoony to me.

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