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The QueueSep 1, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Adventures in the Broken Isles

We’re a few days after Legion, and I don’t think any of us have entirely recovered. Will we ever recover? I’ll be back with a status report next week.

For now, let’s dig into today’s questions.


I just have to keep telling myself that WoW will still be there even if I can’t play it when I intended to.

Liz: I know a lot of folks have rushed to 110, but, really, there’s no reason you have to. The game will still be there for people who are busy with work or keeping up with sleep or anything else. Heck, I’m only just shy of 102 because I’ve been reading every scrap of quest text.

Mitch: This is going to sound incredibly hypocritical considering the source, but I agree with Liz. I power-leveled to 110 because rushing to cap _is_ a new expansion release for me. It’s what I look forward to from one release to the next. If your personal enjoyment doesn’t come from hitting 110 as fast as possible, then slow down. Read the quest text, enjoy the zones, take your time. Seriously, it’s worth it and you really don’t miss much of anything by taking your time.

Liz: The game’s about fun, not doing things because everyone else is.

Mitch: Yes, that’s exactly it.

Liz: Though if you want to play and can’t because of work or other commitments, our sympathies.


Q4TQ: Do you think Blizzard is planning a questline in a future patch that continues the story of individual artifacts? While some of them are relatively tame, I can’t imagine this is the end of the Shadow Priest artifact’s story.

Liz: I’ve been really impressed by the amount of story packed into Artifact quests. Some of the class-specific stuff is a bit odd because other things in the game don’t entirely make sense if you haven’t done them. Like apparently the Shadow Priest Artifact quest takes place in the same location as the Holy Paladin Artifact quest, so you’re dealing with the fallout but don’t actually know why. And then the whole Vault of the Wardens dungeon; Demon Hunters know the full story going in, but not necessarily the rest of the group. It really makes me want an alt of every class so I can play all of them. And you’re totally right… some of them don’t really feel like self-contained stories.

Mitch: I agree, it feels weird with some of the Artifacts. I don’t quite know what Blizz plans on doing though. With Priests, the first Artifact you do ends the same no matter which you take. In one version, you drain Void energy. In another, you cleanse it. So I think maybe some of these dangling threads will happen on a larger level than spec-specific.

Liz: It seems like a shame to cram so many great stories into things that the whole playerbase can’t enjoy. Legion: the expansion that will finally encourage you to level every alt?

Mitch: I like that they’re unique. I’d rather it require leveling each spec to see than the alternative.


Is anyone else having a hard time with the artifact quests? I tied to do the resto druid one this morning and it is unbelievably hard. Then I tried to do the frost Mage one, even harder. If this is how legion quests are going to be I’ll just unsub now and wait til they nerf the quests later on in the expansion.

Liz: I was actually talking to Joe about this earlier after struggling with the Resto Shaman quest on my leveling stream character (who’s ilvl 660). Joe thinks they’re tuned to around ilvl 680, which kind of makes sense because the initial Legion gear rewards are ilvl 685. But if you’re below 680 — basically meaning “if you didn’t do invasions” — you’re probably not going to be that high, so the Artifact quests are rough. On top of that, the healer Artifact quests seem extra rough… most focus on healing NPCs who are terrible at their roles. I was going through healing Artifact quests in beta and Resto Druid I completely gave up on. The last boss had waves of adds that no one held aggro on so I’d be trying to deal with them and while I did the party would die. Then, of course, the boss would come over and step on my face. Ow. They’ve been tuned down a bit since beta, but I think they’re still tough. But while some still feel really challenging, some are a breeze. The Holy Paladin Artifact quest, for example, I’ve done three or four times and never had a bit of trouble.

Mitch: I’m a bit curious about this, because I swore Fatboss said these scenarios scale on ilvl but I doooon’t think that’s the case. I will say, even at higher ilvls, some of them have seemed pretty unforgiving at times. Like, it’s all going fine and then BAM! you look away and are half-dead.

Liz: Maybe it’s like Proving Grounds, where you scale down to a certain ilvl but you don’t scale up if you’re below it. And I believe level boosts start at ilvl 680… so maybe that’s the magic number. Which would make it really rough for new alts. Even Baleful gear only starts at 650. Are you supposed to grind Warlords content before going to Legion? It seems a bit punishing.

Mitch: I do like the idea of having to really know your class at times, though.


Where are all the Warlock articles? The last was posted back in July, and the one before that was at the start of June.  Actually I see a few classes haven’t been written about in a while. DK, Mage, Shaman among them. Is Blizzard Watch short staffed? Need more writers?

Liz: Yep, we’re down some class columnists right now. I’m sure you’ve all seen this in your guilds: sometimes people get too busy with real life to keep up, sometimes people just burn out on the game, and sometimes it’s a combination of both. A few columnists have stepped away entirely, a couple are taking a hiatus right now, and a couple more have slowly been writing less and less. While I would have loved to go into Legion with a full complement of enthusiastic class writers, I can totally get why this would happen around now. There’s been a ton of change to classes and the class you play may not resemble the class you liked to play. I can’t blame anyone who doesn’t feel the love anymore.

We’re going to do a call-out to try to fill those roles, but have admittedly been slow to get to it. In part, it’s a budget thing — our Patreon is under the $9,000 monthly goal we’d set to budget for class columns, so cash for the columns needs to come out of advertising money. Adam posted this to Twitter a while back, and it’s still true:

And while everyone loves them, class columns don’t usually bring in much traffic (and thus advertising money). I think it’s easy to see why: WoW has 12 classes and most people aren’t interested in all of them. It’s notable that Hunter usually does well more traffic than other class columns, I think in part because there are more people who play Hunters. Class columns just aren’t applicable to all players so not everyone visiting the site reads them.

We are working on it, though. When we start actively looking for new writers, it will be posted on the site if anyone’s interested in joining the team. We’re going to be looking for a Death Knight, Druid, Mage, and Ret Paladin… maybe more. Megan, for the record, has not fallen prey to the Warlock curse, but she is taking a break.

Mitch: I don’t really have a whole lot to add here except to say money sucks and it’s a shame that niche content doesn’t help with money even if it’s in high demand for the minority that wants it. Case in point: Transmog Tuesday is, to paraphrase Liz, popular enough to get cancelled by Fox before it even has a season, despite being something y’all seem to enjoy.

Liz: On second thought I don’t actually think it’s quite that popular.


Two Bosses Enter (for real this time). Azshara (pre-Naga) vs The Guardian of Tirisfal (pick one).

Liz: I’m gonna vote Aegwynn. I’m always gonna vote Aegwynn.

Mitch: I was gonna say Azshara, hands down.

Liz: Come on, Aegwynn soloed Saregras. I mean…. sort of. She’s got this.

Mitch: Azshara is freaking strong though

Liz: Strong enough to solo Saregras?

Mitch: …sure

Liz: Come onnnnn.

Mitch: Take it up with her, man.

Liz: Have we tried?

Mitch: Well, she wasn’t too keen about us in Azsuna…

Liz: We don’t know until we ask.

Mitch: I’ll go talk to her

Mitch: Update: She killed me.

Liz: Well… worth a try?

Mitch: For science, yes.

P.s. If you enjoy our endless bickering, Mitch and I will be livestreaming our journey from level 100 to level 110 as Demon Hunters this Saturday on the Blizzard Watch Twitch stream. I am positive it will be just as entertaining as these Queues.

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