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The QueueSep 2, 2016 11:05 am CT

The Queue: Kil’jaeden the Deceiver answers your questions

Hello, mortals.

I thought it was time we talked. I am Kil’jaeden, who those that seek to halt progress and perfection call the Deceiver. I do not resent this title. Indeed, I embrace it, because to those blinded by their own misconceptions even the truth seems deceptive and difficult to understand.

I come to bring you a chance to join something greater than yourselves.

And now, I shall eagerly answer your questions. Yes. Most eagerly.


So… Varimathras? Where’s that guy? Every other major Dreadlord from Warcraft III and early WoW is back but Ol’ Traitorpants is nowhere to be seen? With Sylvanas front and center in Legion? Smells suspicious

I understand that mortal minds are often made to be suspicious by the adversities of this cruel clockwork universe you find yourselves in, but do not be blinded by it. Varimathras is merely engaged in part of our campaign to liberate you all from the concerns that shackle you.

I understand that this freedom can seem terrifying. But I ask you — what good has defending Azeroth ever done you? Does not calamity follow calamity like a pack of faithful hounds? You defeat Ragnaros, and Neltharion’s whelp Nefarian follows in his wake. Years later, and for all your efforts, has your world remained ‘saved’?

We both know the answer is no. And why is that? Because it is inherently flawed, ruled by distant figures who set it in motion and care only that it continue. It doesn’t matter to them how broken, how flawed, how painfully it limps forward, so long as it does to an uncertain and uttely pointless fate. Pinned on a orrery you spin towards excrutiation.

Varimathras is just part of the means by which we seek to free you. You could be part of it, too.


Warrior QftQ:
Why are there only Vrykul and Earthern can ascend to Valarjar (other than our characters)? The history of Azeroth is filled with mighty warriors of other races who should be in there. A few that that come to mind immidiately are:
Anduin Lothar
Orgim Doomhammer
Grom Hellscream

Why no love for the other races?

Because your ‘Keeper Odyn’ is a construct created by distant and ultimately broken beings who seek to maintain order above all else, my friend.

Look at the ‘Halls of Valor’ he maintains. As you stated, only two races were chosen to ascend to these walls — the ones who bent their knee in service to him. He even excludes those descended from these races whose only crime is not having heard of him due to his own self-imposed isolation.

I say self-imposed because yes, the witch Helya may have cursed him, but who chose Helya to be empowered in the first place? Who have her the tools to do it? Odyn himself.

We in the Legion embrace those who embrace us. We offer the power to shatter false order imposed by others. Many great Warriors have embraced these truths and become stronger for it. Imagine an entire universe for you to conquer. It can happen, Warriors of Azeroth. Why fight for those who exclude you when you can be victorious for those who accept you?


Q4tQ: Those little chests I keep finding all over the isles…are those only lootable the first time you open them? If I theoretically camped a spot where I opened one, would it eventually respawn and be lootable again, or is it just a one time deal?

Sadly, yes, in your efforts to save the unsalvageable world of Azeroth, even the resources that world provides you in its own defense are meager and limited by an artificial scarcity. While we of the Legion provide our servants unlimited resources to pursue our goal of universal perfection (a goal you can still be a part of, my friends) you are limited in many way. These chests you speak of? You may only loot them once.


I have to point out that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT power level this expansion.

Not that it’s something I usually do, but OH MY GAWD the sheer amount of story and lore and treasures and easter eggs and pets and NPC dialog and cutscenes and and and…. AAAAAUUUUUGGGH!

Two days in, and I’m pretty damn impressed that I just dinged 105.

Scott, my mortal friend, there is no reason for you to hurry on your path to destruction. All that awaits you at your ultimate destination is a meaningless battle to defend a wounded world not worth the saving.

Still, if it is power you seek… perhaps we should talk. The Legion embraces all who embrace us.


Q4tQ: I see a lot of people going after all their class’ artifact weapons.  Is there a reason for doing this, or is it just to have it ASAP?

It is in the nature of mortals to seek ever greater power and knowledge in the face of a cold, uncaring universe.

And why should it not be? When I was a mortal, before Lord Sargeras came to Argus and removed the scales from my eyes, I too sought knowledge and power. Many potent artifacts were laid bare before my ever expanding hunger for knowledge. I sought to understand the secrets of infinity, the cosmic rules that governed creation itself. Indeed, I applaud you for seeking to do likewise.

But the truth of the universe is this — those that made it as it is are distant beings. They do not care for the infinity of lives that live and die in the shadow of their great work, and neither do they care that said work is ultimately broken. They will continue to shape what cannot truly be tamed, continue to impose order and form on a cosmos that needs to be burned clean before any such order can be meaningfully wrought. First you must destroy before you can create.

So why should you collect these Artifacts? To grow strong enough to see this great truth, as I did. To join us.


Blizzard removes class quests because not everyone can see the story/lore/cool stuff. people bitch about taking the uniqueness of their class away.

Blizzard gives every spec something unique and people complain about how not everyone can see all the lore/story/cool stuff


Forgive them for this, Krald.

It is a simple matter of the contrary desires and motivations of the multitude. It’s unavoidable, and not to be feared. Some sought this diversity while others fear it. But you… ah, yes, you see it clearly, do you not? How there is a clear, obviously superior path to take?

Tell me, Krald. Can you not see how all would be improved if you were to impose this clarity on them? Simply step in and provide the one true answer? You and I should talk, Krald.

In the end, you will either join us or you shall die. You have no other choices.

It has been amusing writing this column. I may return to do so again if I feel the need.

I leave you with this last thought. Those who ordered Azeroth fell against us.

What possible hope is there for you when Lord Sargeras seeks your world’s end? No. It would be a waste to destroy you. Join us, and see a new world come into creation. A perfected one.

Until we meet again, mortals.

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