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The QueueSep 26, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Three-peat

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


I ran a small friends and family guild from the end of Wrath until mid-Mists when everyone faded out but me.  I happily soloed and pugged my way through the rest of Mists, all of Warlords, and the beginning of Legion, but now I find myself in a place where my progress through both the story and my primary profession require me to enter Mythic-only dungeons, for which there is no dedicated dungeon finder.

So my question is two-fold: 1) Is anyone else annoyed that you’re forced into Mythic dungeons to complete parts of the game that have historically been soloable, and 2) how’s the culture when using the premade group finder to complete Mythics?

Bonus question: are there any guilds on US-Zangarmarsh-H doing Mythics that could use a Frost DK (off-spec Blood) that mostly knows his business and is generally quite friendly?

I can’t help you with your bonus question, but I can tackle the rest of it. I’m not too annoyed by the Mythic requirement now that I’ve done some Mythics, because they really aren’t too bad. Legion Mythic is Warlords Heroic, except you can’t use the dungeon finder for it, and instead must turn to the group finder. I’m far more annoyed by professions which make you do PVP content for recipes. I don’t PVP. That’s just how it is. I… don’t. I don’t have the attitude or patience for it. I’m a pretty chill guy until I PVP, at which point I want to harm people, so I stay away from PVP. Seeing a profession recipe wants me to PVP means I will simply never get it. But I’m sure there are PVPers out there annoyed they need to dungeons, so eh.

As for using the premade group finder for Mythics, most of my friends and I don’t seem to have too much trouble with it, though you will occasionally get the people who will only accept you if you have 80 billion achievement points or whatever. Forget those people, try a different group, you’ll be fine.


How long will it take Alex to realize there’s a permanent portal to Dalaran in Stormwind Keep? Poor Alex, unwittingly shilling for Big Hearthstone.

Man, I’m not gonna fly all the way to the Stormwind Keep from the Auction House to use a portal. It takes like, 10 seconds. Plus you need to click, and that probably takes a whole extra second of wrist movement. The cast time on a hearthstone is way faster. Time is money, pal.


Do any other professions besides  Tailoring need to be in a specific place to craft their 815 gear? I know Leatherworking doesn’t. The only Imbued Silkweave piece I don’t currently need the Queen’s Grace Loom to make is the belt. I think that may be because I have 3 stars, but that’s hard to test when so many of the 3 star Tailoring patterns are locked behind Exalted with Nightfallen (btw, really, Blizz?).

Blacksmithing sends you out to the middle-of-nowhere atop Highmountain. It has a direct flightpath, which is nice, but it’s so isolated from everything else, I’m still reluctant to go there and do what I gotta do. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if there was some activity involved, like needing to fight something or whatever else, but flying so far out of the way to bang on a Super Special Anvil … eh.

I know Tailors need to delve into Suramar for their loom, and I almost think I’d prefer that. I’m in Suramar all the time anyway, doing World Quests and whatever else. I can knock out some other stuff while I’m in the area. I’m probably in the minority, but I honestly think I’d rather fight my way to the Super Special Anvil every time I needed it, because at least I’d be doing something and it would justify how special it is. It’d be like a little quest every time I want to make stuff. Instead, I fly to a mountain encampment full of nothing to bang on a rock.


There’s a creepy ghost wedding in Azsuna I didn’t see until now >.>

Join us!  Join us… forever…

I discovered this wedding via Heroic Leaping off of a mountain a crash-landing onto the bride and groom. They were obviously upset I interrupted their wedding, so I killed them.

My bad, y’all.

And so ends today’s Queue. By the way, since all of you seemed to enjoy the return of Grumpadin this week, don’t forget — you can purchase a Grumpy Paladin sticker or notebook! /shamelessplug

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