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The QueueOct 12, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: One of the Withered is running away

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


I’ve recently learned that the spec I play on my main is not the optimal spec currently in Legion so I’ve decided to switch for dungeons and raids and keep my preferred for solo’ing.

Now I’ve already discovered that I have to start from scratch on AP for the other artifact weapon which really sucks but is what it is.

So my question is this, now that I’m already lvl 110 and my avg ilvl is 840 the only quests I can find that award Artifact Relics are ones that require running Mythic dungeons. I’m not able to do this right now as I have an issue with my gaming pc where it shuts itself off at random times and I don’t think it’s fair to a group that I dc in the middle of a boss fight so my dear readers is there anywhere else I can get artifcat relics for this other artifact weapon?

It seems to be the biggest thing holding me back currently and I can’t find an answer.

You can run Normal/Heroic dungeons for relics (they drop as loot) or you can get them from World Quests now and then. Honestly, which spec you play really doesn’t matter in Normal or Heroic dungeons. Not one bit. Play whatever you want, or play whichever spec is better geared while you hunt down relics for your other artifact. It’s really not a big deal.


Is it just me or does Black Rook Hold not look like night elvish architecture at all?

It doesn’t look particularly Night Elven, but it’s our first time seeing an honest-to-goodness Night Elven fortress. Black Rook Hold is military through and through — it’s for a lean, mean, military machine. We’ve seen Night Elven settlements with a military presence and various outposts or mixed-purpose structures, but this is Ravencrest’s stronghold. Ravencrest himself is a military man, so it’s entirely possible he didn’t give a damn about Elven architecture at all and just wanted something sturdy and defensible.

The interior is mostly darkness and ravens, and that’s probably where the man’s personal flair comes in. It’s his namesake. This is not a guy who’s named after the moon or a flower or a tree. He’s Ravencrest. He’s gonna go gothic.


Is there a way to “fish up”/train your max fishing skill to 800 starting out at skill 1? I have a long haul on the banks of the Thondroril tonight and I don’t want to have to go back to a trainer at 75.

First, you want to do a little bit of fishing on Draenor. Warlords of Draenor Draenor, that is. Within a few catches, you should get the Draenor Fishing book which will raise your fishing cap to 700 immediately. After that, you can fish straight to 800 in the Broken Isles, pausing only when you need to raise your fishing cap from 700 to 800.


If a WQ has a reward that says it’s Mythic quality.. does that mean you have to do that dungeon on Mythic? I assumed so, but I don’t want to gimp myself unnecessarily

The only time you need to do a World Quest on Mythic is if it takes place in the Arcway or Court of Stars. Every other dungeon World Quest can be completed on Heroic — or even Normal difficulty. The Mythic label on rewards simply means the reward is Mythic quality.


I am a casual player so I apologize if this is a really old question. I just dinged 110 on my main (yaa!) but I still only have 2 followers. I know I haven’t started whatever is in Suramar yet (still finishing Stormheim) but it seems strange to have reached max level and be unable to do much of anything with missions (6 days out of 7 I just get “no missions are currently available” – am I supposed to do something to go out and find followers? I had assumed I would be getting a stream of them after the big introduction to missions back around level 102 or so.

Your followers all come from you class campaign, which are quests given to you in your class hall. That’s the only way to get followers in this expansion. Once you’ve finished your class campaign — which you can do pretty much right when you hit 110 — you’ll have collected all of the followers you can have.


In the Ruins of Falanaar Withered training scenario, you can get your withered to carry out chests that contain rewards that you can then collect at the end of the scenario, but what does the score counter do? Is it just for bragging right, or does it affect rewards/rep gain?

The higher your score, the better your loot in the chest at the very end. You’ll get more reputation and so forth if you do better. Personally, I worried about the chests inside the “dungeon” first — securing all of those makes it much, much easier to get a high score later. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to struggle unnecessarily along the way. I feel like setting little milestones/checkpoints for yourself is a good way to progress through Withered Training anyway — you might as well make it chests or bosses.

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