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The Queue: A Special Day

Welcome to The Queue. Happy Birthday, Julian.

Okay. Let’s get this party started. Without my wife, I never would have played World of Warcraft in the first place, so I never would have gotten the job at the old site, so I never would have met any of you guys. She’s been playing since the original Alpha and she’s still one of the best Hunters I’ve ever played alongside. Thank you to everyone who wished her well yesterday.

Plus she made me level a Shaman just so I could cast Heroism in a swamp while she tamed a wolf that only existed for a few seconds.


Q4tQ: is there a minimum ilvl requirement for LFR Emerald Nightmare?
I was thinking of taking a dip in the cesspool.

As many have already stated, it’s 825.

But I more wanted to address your cesspool comment. I’ve done LFR and I’ve used the Group Finder to run Mythics, and frankly, LFR was a better experience for me. The gear is easily superseded by World Quests and is outright inferior to Mythics, but when you have experiences where people wait for you to use your Mythic keystone and then boot you from the group (even though that means they have to four man the thing) to either just plain waste your keystone on you or whatever their reasons are, you start to look more favorably on the LFR system.

I’m not saying all Mythics are this way or that LFR is always pleasant. I’m just saying experiences may vary. If you want to get to see what the Xavius fight is like and you don’t raid otherwise LFR is a good way to do it.


I was gonna ask a complicated question about demon revival but that was complicated so lets ask this instead:

If your character could retire from the life of adventuring and settle down somewhere where would it be? I am assuming that our travels have given us pretty much enough gold to settle wherever we wanted.

For my toons:
My blood elf mage would likely retire back to the Eversong Woods, mocking would be rising magisters and magistrixes who fail with turning them into random polymorph forms a la Instructor Antheol. Maybe take over Duskwhisper Spire…

My human warrior would likely take up a job as a town guard quest giver somewhere so he could tell people, “I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took a arrow in the knee.” as I gave them a quest a retrieve the head of the whoever shot me in the knee with an arrow. [editor note: sorry, had to use the arrow in the knee as I was replaying Skyrim].

I doubt my Death Knight could ever actually retire, with the whole being dead / spawn of hell thing.

Well, the Draenei Warrior who was my main all through Warlords did retire. I switched to a Night Elf Warrior that I leveled from 1 to 100 during the Demon Invasions, so my Draenei is basically permanently retired to Draenor. It seemed like a good place to leave him. Sure, it’s not his Draenor, but he fought to save these people and for the most part save for a few variations in their history they are his people.

I pondered the psychological ramifications of it for a long time, really, but it just felt like what he’d want. I’m sure he’ll come out of retirement at some point but for now he’s happy in a Shadowmoon Valley that doesn’t have a gigantic fel volcano in it.


Q4tQ: Queuing for a specific dungeon to get through the class campaign got me thinking. Should people have the option to do the dungeon(s) we have to queue for be a solo thing, that we along with Class Hall Champions have to venture to complete dungeon and do thing?

Not all classes have champions that could fill all the necessary roles in a dungeon. For example, my Death Knight’s champions are as one might expect all Death Knights. As good as Blood is, it’s not going to get you through a dungeon without a healer yet. (Perhaps in 7.1 gear levels.)

Plus, I can’t speak for other classes, but when I did Ulduar on my Warrior with my order hall folks backing me up, they were morons. So I don’t think I want to trust them as my dungeon help.


Obligatory Q4tQ:
– What will happen with our Ancient Mana Points once 7.1 goes live?

Deep below the roots of the tree Yggdrasil the ancient serpent gnaws forever, cursed by an endless hunger. Atop its lofty branches the great eagle lord rules in its verdant reaches, so high it seems to dance within the clouds even nested.

Between the lakes that endlessly slake the tree’s thirst and the sun-kissed emerald of its crown dances the squirrel god Ratatosk, bringer of the eagle’s word to Nidhogg in the darkness. Mocker of the gnawing lord, the speaker of the sun to the darkness.

On its branches worlds hang suspended like globes glittering in the light of the night’s road, the many fires that endlessly fight the dark. And in that dark waits the hunger serpent, forever chewing, forever to gnaw on the wood of the worlds tree.

Ancient Mana will still be Ancient Mana in 7.1. I have hung nine nights on the Ash, dedicated to myself, and this wisdom I have gleaned for you. This bitter draught of the serpent’s hunger have I hoisted to my cracked lips and drank that I might tell you this.


I hate hearing about people having bad experiences with the group finder… I am lucky enough to have a guild to run dungeons with most of the time, but on occasion we have to pick up a person or two from the group finder. When I put into the description that we taking it easy and are not in a hurry, I’ve yet to have someone join and be a jerk. I really wish more people started groups in the group finder like that because I would join them from time to time. This coming from an iLvl 861 tank that sometimes just wants to take it easy.

I can only speak for myself, so I’ll just say this.

There are good players, reasonable players, using the Group Finder. I know people are out there just looking to do the content and not at all trying to be jerks about it. I’ve talked to lots of them.

But my problems are as follows:

First, I play late. Save for when my guild raids (which I’m missing this week due to eye stuff) I’m usually playing WoW from 1 to 4 am my time. There’s a disproportionate amount of people awake at that time who are, to put it delicately, utter and complete jerks. I understand that this is a risk we insomniacs have to bear, but it doesn’t make trusting to the kindness of strangers any easier.

Secondly, I’m really not big on talking to strangers and this makes people think I’m unfriendly. I’m not, but it takes me longer than one dungeon run to get comfortable and start relaxing around people.

Thirdly, I play more conservatively than people who came up in Wrath or Cata or even more recent expansions. I learned to tank in vanilla, when we used CC and did corner pulls and tried not to chain pull for fear of healer mana issues. These habits are ingrained in me, and often I get extremely flustered and annoyed when DPS decide to pull an entire trash pack while I’m working on a current pull, as an example. I hate to be rushed.

Finally, I’m not big on starting groups and then having to be the guy explaining things to everyone all the time. I like tanking, but I hate the ‘you’re the leader now’ mindset of it, and forming my own group finder groups exacerbates that. People complain about the silent, grim efficiency mode of many LFD runs, but that’s the dream for me. Get in, kill stuff, get loot, get out. I like to chat with my friends and run group content with them, don’t get me wrong, but with strangers my social anxiety kicks up and I just want it to be over as fast and quietly as possible.

Essentially you’re saying ‘I wish more people would do the thing that makes you want to stop playing’ which is great, but it’s not helpful for people like me who don’t want that kind of focus on themselves. I personally wish more people would form those kinds of groups, but it can’t be me.


So, I discovered something kinda odd last night, and I thought I would share. So, a couple of guildies were helping me run timewalking dungeons last night so that I could get my weekly quest done. We ran the first dungeon just fine, and at the end, my tank friend queues us for another dungeon. Apparently no one noticed that he hit Random Legion Heroic, not Random Timewalking, because we zoned into Violet Hold. Not wanting the deserter debuff, we decide to go ahead and run the dungeon, but it’s cool, because I had 2 quests in there so at least I get those done.
So anyway, we start killing things and I notice that my damage is just miserable. I’m on my BM hunter, and there is a MM hunter in the group doing twice damage I am. Then we kill the first boss, and my pet levels to 71.
Umm, what?
Apparently, if you go straight from a timewalking dungeon to a heroic dungeon, your pets don’t get boosted back to max level. Dismissing your pet and resummoning it resets its level. (Also, my dps went up about 75% after that, so I didn’t fees like such a scrub compared to the other hunter.)

I don’t have an answer or commentary on this, I included it because I wanted to ask y’all for more feedback on it. Has anyone else noticed this? How often does it happen? Does the inverse happen as well? It’s the kind of thing I’d definitely like to know more about.


Any DKs take Koltira out in the world?

So far in the few WoW sessions I’ve played and had him out on the Broken Isles he only shows up maybe 50% of the time?
He’s supposed to be a full-time bodyguard, not a CD button nor passive buff type.

I stopped taking Koltira out because as a Blood DK I wanted to actually tank stuff, not have my bodyguard do it for me. But I didn’t notice him not showing up. If anything I more cursed him being there in the first place.

Anyone else noticed this?


Q4tQ: What is the plural of “Shaman?” Is it “Shamans?” “Shaman?” “Shama?” “Shamanses?” “Shamallamadingdongs?”

The world needs an answer.

According to the Wiktionary, the plural of Shaman is shamans.

I don’t like this answer, but I checked numerous other dictionaries and I didn’t come up with much of a consensus. It’s a word imported into German from Russian, which imported it from Evenki, which itself may ultimately have imported it from Pali, which itself borrowed it from Sanskrit. And then we brought it into English and stuck an S on the end of it when we pluralize it.

Most WoW players and WoW itself seem to just use shaman as the plural of shaman.

Okay. That’s the Queue for today. I’ll be out for the next few days because of eye stuff, so be good. I’d hype my books but you all know the score by now. Just make sure to ask Liz and Mitch a lot of questions.

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