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The Queue: BlizzCon Hype Bomb

Guys, for this Queue, I’m gonna say have at it, go nuts talking about BlizzCon. Whatever you want. Have fun, speculate, whatever. I’m writing the Sunday one anyway, so no worries. It’s the Queue, BlizzCon is happening, let’s roll.


I am interested to see how this dungeon tune up thing goes with respect to alts. Tuning up the difficulty to keep them current may make it harder to get into as a freshly leveled 110. Of course by that stage the world quest rewards may well be buffed so that it doesn’t matter, but that change is going to be something i am wondering how they will properly manage.

Also, having thought about it some more, i am not sold on the invasions and their zone wide effects. What happens if i am on a World Quest at the time, and especially one that is close to expiring normally, am i screwed out of those because the invasion chooses to hit at that point?

On Dungeons – Frankly, world quest gear constantly ramps up, I’m getting 860 gear from some of them at this point, so I don’t think people will ever be forced into dungeons. You’ll be free to run WQ’s until you can handle the elevated Normals, then try Heroics once you’re geared enough. I think it’s a good idea and so far Legion definitely feels like an expansion where they know how to manage expectations and tune content okay. I mean, we’ll have to wait and see but I have faith in them.

On Invasions – I expect there will be a countdown to tell you when an Invasion is coming so that you can plan out your World Quests. Remember, they said the Invasion objectives will use the WQ system, so you’ll basically still be doing WQ’s, just different ones, and current World Quests can expire. (I had one expire while I was doing it, if I’m remembering correctly.) In essence, instead of the normal WQ’s spawning an Legion Invasion set will spawn in their place.


If they are doing the Queue tomorrow and Sunday, I feel bad for the writer. There are 1100+ comments, and maybe three legit questions.

It’s fine, folks are excited. We like it when you guys are excited. We’re all fans here, right? I’ll just pick out whatever I feel like talking about.


Ok so… If we’re going to Argus in Legion, presumably aboard the Exodar, that means the Draenei have suddenly become much better at fixing their ship.

The ship has been fixed since back in Cata, Velen just didn’t want to leave since he foresaw the fight was going to be here. It suffered some damage during the Light’s Heart scenario, but Velen ordered it to be made travel ready at that time, and it’s probably a lot easier to fix it up from that than it was to fix it after it crashed into the Isles.


Breaking new Karazhan into two queueable dungeons.
Making Heroic, queueable Arcway and Court of Stars.

Not really a question, but like I said before, I want to talk about this.

This is a very good idea for players like me who schedule some time for raiding but otherwise play at odd hours. This gives me five extra dungeons I’ll get to run in 7.2 and I’m very excited. I mean, I do run Mythics sometimes, but not often, and I don’t use the Group Finder. This is a very neat and efficient way to address the problems of players who just don’t want to do Mythics for various reasons.


Q4TQ-was the tomb always a fallen temple of e, or was that retcon?

It’s new information but it’s not a retcon because it doesn’t contradict any established lore or impose a new interpretation on established canon. Before, the Tomb of Sargeras simply was an ancient Night Elven ruin that Aegwynn raised to place the corpse of Sargeras inside. Now, we know specifically what it was a ruin of and what the building was used for before Aegwynn used it to hold the Avatar. That doesn’t change or contradict anything in the canon, and thus, it’s not a retcon.

A retcon would be “The Eredar were corrupted by Sargeras” which changes the original story of Sargeras being corrupted by the Eredar.


*looks at Queue comments, MMO-Champion front page and /r/warcraftlore livechat on Reddit*
So, why wasn’t any of this 7.1.5 and 7.2 content mentioned in the opening ceremony? Seems as, if not more, substantial than some of the Diablo and Heroes stuff mentioned in the opening ceremony.

My assumption is that quite frankly they knew they didn’t need to.

Blizzard isn’t the World of Warcraft company it was back when the first BlizzCon came to be. Overwatch is huge now, zooming to 20 million players in a few months. They had news for Hearthstone and Diablo‘s anniversary was important to them, if not for purely fiscal reasons, then as one of their absolutely biggest franchises over the years. They knew we’d wait and watch the Legion panel and by not spoiling anything during the opening ceremonies every note they dropped during the Legion panel hit like a falcon punch.

By the end, after Ion had basically rattled off a list of 7.1.5 and 7.2 features that kept up the pressure like watching a boxer utterly dominate an opponent, he could slip in that Oh, bee tee dubs, 7.3 is Argus and peace on out like he’d laid the whole audience out, and that’s exactly what they did. Really, it was a bit of a masterclass in how to answer every single question and doubt your player base might  have while still holding a lot of cards close to the vest. I mean, think about it — we still have no idea how we’re going to get that new Artifac Appearance, still don’t know what the class changes will be like, still don’t really know much at all about the new Brawler’s Guild or micro holidays.

They told us a lot and managed to not tell us that much at the same time. Why blow it with a reveal during the Opening Ceremonies when you don’t have to?

Okay, that’s your Saturday Queue. I’ll see y’all tomorrow for our Post-BlizzCon Queue. Have fun and be good, all.

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