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The QueueNov 11, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Queuetron 2200-Alpha

There are times you don’t feel much like doing something.

That’s why I’m letting this robot I found in a swamp answer today’s Queue.


QFTQ: If there any golden rule concerning what type of mob the Forsaken are? In the Stormheim entrance scenario they are humanoid, thus I get no bonus from Wake of Ashes. But then in the open world, they are listed as Undead. What’s the deal?

Player Forsaken are Humanoid for the exact reason that back in the day, counting them as Undead meant that Paladins could utterly wreck them. So in PvP in order to prevent Alliance from just walking all over any Horde group they were counted as Humanoid. (This dates back to Vanilla, when Horde didn’t have Paladins.)


As a result over the past twelve years you see some very inconsistent application of this idea — Forsaken should be Undead, of course, but sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t.


Liz’s answer about the suppression room gave me a flashback to the gauntlet in BRD. That room was a nightmare when your group was unfamiliar with the mechanic and wouldn’t listen to you explaining it.

“No, no, stop killing the dwarves, they just instantly respawn! Stop running around randomly! Kill the torch holder and use the brazier or these [email protected]#$ers will never stop respawning! Stop pulling! STOP pulling! STOP PULLING! Arrrrrrg. [email protected]#$!”

Or the Core Hounds before Magmadar, right?

“Okay, we have to AoE them all down at once, because they all have to die at the same time or they’ll get back up, and please keep AoEing them as much as possible… oh, no, now they’re all up again.”

Or that terrible room in Scholo before Kirtonos. They changed it so it’s not nearly so awful now, but back in the day that room was a nightmare if your group tried to just rush in and fight in there without killing the right mob asap.

Now that I think about it, Vanilla had quite a few encounters that just turned into a nightmare if nobody listened.



Hellfire Assault is the most boring encounter ever created in WoW, IMO. Any encounter that features waves of adds is potentially “dangerous”, but that one takes the cake.

I’m going to have to agree with RandomGuy67, back in the day Mount Hyjal’s constant waves of spawning adds were horrifyingly worse than Hellfire Assault. As a tank back then, they ran the gamut from out of control chaos to utter boredom, were ridiculously complicated in terms of how they had to be dealt with, had certain pulls where our shields would break not because we died or wiped but because we simply successfully blocked so much that the shields fell apart (Paladins got this even more than Warriors due to how their mechanics worked in BC), and there were a couple of pulls where a Warrior tank would simply walk out in front of everyone, hit Spell Reflection and glue the entire pull to herself. It was a series of ever increasing ‘ugh, what now’ trans pulls that managed to be awful, tedious and wildly variant all at once.


If I (Alliance) tap a quest target that does not have cross-faction tapping enabled and kill it as soon as it spawns when there are Horde players standing around waiting for the same spawn – does it make me a bad person?

I don’t know, man, we’re all just trying to get our quests done, right? I mean, sure, the Horde players would be upset and understandably so, but what’s the alternative? At least they can all share quest credit, they should still get done before you.


Nefarian: I want two rooms that make everybody else walk slower
Goblin Architect: … ok …
Nefarian: But it only works on people I can see and the devices can be disarmed
Goblin Architect: … what?

What gets me is this — Blackwing Lair is just a wing of the mega-city that the Black Iron Dwarves built, right? (And I mean that — it was a city comprising the whole of Blackrock Depths, the non-instances parts of Blackrock Mountain that contain all the dungeon and raid entrances to BRD, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Blackwing Descent, Upper and Lower Blackrock Spire, and parts of Blackrock Caverns. (Part of the Caverns actually extends out from under the mountain, as part of Deathwing’s construction.) That’s an enormous complex and the question becomes, what was all of it originally for?

I mean, I assume the stuff in BWL was added by Nefarian after he took the place over. I used to love clearing UBRS and then taking the tunnel behind the Rend encounter to get into BWL, but that just makes me wonder about the whole complex as it was originally designed. The Suppression room is a massive space and I can’t figure out for the life of me what any of those rooms were originally for. What was BWL? Why does it lead directly to Blackwing Descent with its massive volcanic chamber (and how does that line up with the one you enter the mountain and see, the one leading to the Molten Core) and the strange tombs of fallen kings?

I realize this is a bit of a tangent. But I’d love to see someone sit down and draw a complete map of all the dungeons and instances and how they stack on top of each other, as a way to try and figure out what the heck the Dark Iron city looked like. Because it was huge.


As far as additions to transmog (that AREN”T dyes- the obv. choice) I was thinking that changing the model’s shape but keeping the skin may be a thing- particularly for armor like boots and gloves where some of the older models are clunky at best, but don’t particularly matter much more than the skin color pallet that they provide in completing sets.
Plate tier armor in Legion is doing some interesting things too. You’ll want to see the ingame appearance tab for those, as WoWhead doesn’t show the additional pieces to the gear.


I expect the most popular new Transmogrification feature would be turning more stuff off. Seeing people rock the helmetless, shoulderless looks means I expect to see chests go next for wannabe Conan types.

After that, I honestly don’t know. Perhaps an ability to get certain looks that were included on NPC’s? Like those Blood Elves in Tempest Keep who have a red version of the Battlegear of Wrath?

Okay, thanks to this robot I found for writing the Queue this week. I’ll see you guys next week.

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