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The QueueNov 24, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: I hate turkey

Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean I have to actually eat turkey, does it? Because let me tell you a secret: I hate turkey. I have disliked it since I was a small child, and my Grandma has a very funny story she likes to tell about how sulky I would get when Mom sent me to school with turkey sandwiches. (Grandma, please, I’m 35 now and totally a grown up about these things. Mostly.)

I think I am somewhat more polite about my dislike of turkey these days, in that I usually take a slice with a smile and then cut it up and move it around my plate so no one notices that I am not eating it. That’s my plan today, too.

(Hopefully no one from my family reads my writing. They probably don’t, right?)

But while it’s a holiday here in the States, Queue questions don’t take the day off: let’s get to it.


What would each race on Azeroth have as their main course on Pilgrim’s Bounty (in place of turkey)?

Liz: I hope it’s Savory Deviate Delight for everyone. Though obviously, Fel Eggs and Ham for the Demon Hunters.

Mitch: Sorry, Steve, I’m not sure I have an answer for _each_ race, though I do think maybe Horde and Alliance would have different meals. Honestly, I think Alliance would be a pretty standard course. Night Elves would probably throw in their own fortified wine, though.

Liz: Mmm, wine.

Mitch: And Draenei would go for something made from, like, flayers or something. As for Horde, they’d all just bring their own meat that they hunted and cooked poorly and then dive in. Blood Elves would bring their own meat, and it would be pristine and not too filling. Pandas, meanwhile, would cook everything you see on the farm and more (regardless of faction).


Will we see holiday themed micro holidays? Or just the standard holidays like normal?

Liz: Micro-holidays seem to be designed to spice up those long, holiday-less stretches of the year, but many of the big holidays themselves are old enough that they could use some spicing up of their own. Patch 7.1.5 doesn’t show any sign of doing something like that, so I suspect our immediate future is big holidays as usual.

Mitch: What holidays doesn’t WoW do that could be turned into micro-holidays? St. Patrick’s Day comes to mind, but are there many more? The micro-holidays we are getting aren’t actually based around real-life holidays (at least most aren’t). For example, the opening of AQ has no real-life equivalent. Unless you’ve been celebrating that for the past decade on your own, which, congrats on being ahead of the curve.

Liz: Hmmm, I was thinking this question was about adding to existing holidays.

Mitch: Ooh, like a micro-holiday within a major holiday?

Liz: But maybe I’m misreading it. So far we haven’t gotten any that seem related to real world holidays, though that gives lots of options for creativity.

Mitch: Yeah, the micro-holidays seem almost exclusively non-RL holidays. I do agree, though, the major holidays could use some spicing up.


Any word if the Mythic requirement for Karazhan attunment will go away?

Liz: Well, Blizzard does have a tendency to reduce requirements over time. While the Mythic requirement doesn’t feel impossible, many random Mythic groups are… well… not necessarily very forgiving. If you don’t have a guild group or circle of friends to run these with, well, it can be painful. And involve a lot of vote kicks if you’re not judged up to par.

Mitch: Honestly, you don’t want that removed until the average gear level has gone up. Kara is not easy for a coordinated group, nor is it a short dungeon. I know several premade groups that took a few hours to clear it. Removing the barrier would be more frustrating for the playerbase at large than anything else.

Mitch: That said, I’m sure it’ll go away by the end of the expansion. See: Arcway and Court of Stars. Oh! I just remembered, it’s also becoming queue-able as two separate parts in 7.2, and it’ll be as a heroic. So, if you want the experience, you’ll get something in 7.2 at the latest.


How do I get not-crap out of Nomi? A good guide will work, or I heard there’s an addon if it’s simple?

Liz: Maybe you’re looking for NomiCakes? But you should probably still expect plenty of burned food for your trouble.


Mitch: The best way to not get crap out of Nomi is to put in a bunch of work orders, let them all finish, loot, and then not pay close attention to the burnt junk. 24 full work orders of different ingredients is bound to have a recipe or two, so it doesn’t seem all that bad looting a grey item and a few recipes all at the same time. Really, not giving a crap about things in general makes it less annoying when they don’t go your way.

Liz: That is… actually my exact strategy, Mitch. We are in total agreement.

Mitch: It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!


Faction Divide:  Defining, or Past its Prime?

Liz: Past its prime. The game continually pushes this fight when it makes less and less narrative sense. We get the Horde being aggressive and the Alliance doing almost nothing about it. Whenever someone goes outside the lines and wants to fight back against the Horde (i.e. Jaina) they’re painted as villains, and peacemakers within the Horde (i.e. Baine) seem to be mostly ignored. It makes for a story with few surprises, where we continue to tread water to maintain the Alliance vs. Horde status quo. Why? I have friends on both sides of the faction divide and wish I could have fun with all of them without maintaining multiple mains.

Mitch: I’m in the minority in that I like having factions. If I could make changes, though, I would in a few key areas. Namely, pull an Ashran and let people join groups of the opposite faction as long as there’s some sort of disguise in effect so it doesn’t look like Forsaken running with Gilnean. Secondly, don’t shoehorn it into the narrative when it doesn’t fit. Broken Shore miscommunication? Good! I liked that dramatic irony. Neither side communicating what happened afterwards and just waging war? Not so good. Wouldn’t Sylvanas say something to Genn once he started blaming her for Varian’s death? Similarly, solving the “Horde and Alliance need Dalaran back” by having the one dissenter be Jaina wasn’t handled well, imo, but could be improved if she comes back with some actual reinforcements. Like, there was clearly a conflicting narrative and Blizz sort of brushed it aside by having Jaina leave.

Liz: Having factions isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just handled really oddly — it’s more there because Blizz feels it’s a gameplay necessity than because of the actual story. Like… say you’re a Tauren who has the peaceful belief that you should all work together instead of this endless warfare. Why couldn’t you work with Alliance members that share similar views? Having this sharp good and evil divide between the factions cuts into the opportunity to tell new, interesting stories. Though you do see more cross-faction narrative in novels like War Crimes, where throwing the factions together did make for some interesting stories.

Mitch: Yeah, it’s… there are places where it works well, and places where it just makes no sense. Unfortunately, the latter is far more present than the former.


Which Murky battlepet is Best Murky battlepet?

Liz: Murkalot. Just look at his tiny flail!

Mitch: Man, I love my Murkimus the Gladiator pet. I think I got that thing back when it was first offered in (holy crap has it been this long??) 2009, and it was so much fun to play on the arena realms. Not only do I have good memories of earning him, I really just plain enjoy the model. It’s a murloc with dinky weapons. It’s not over the top or anything, but it’s still a unique take on murlocs. I love muh little Murkimus. <3

Liz: Well Mitch. The only way to resolve this Murky disagreement is …. Two Bosses Enter: Murkalot vs. Murkimus.

Mitch: Murkalot might tear through poor Murkimus. Murkalot is basically the evolved form of Murkimus, come to think of it. More armor, better weapon, better shield,
but still a MH/OH melee fighter.

Liz: Come to think of it, I don’t want the Murkys to fight. Maybe they can just kick back on a nice beach somewhere, sip piña coladas and discuss shield tactics.

Mitch: P.s., since I never officially said anything: Last’s week’s theme was “shameless self-promotion.” Several people got the idea (linking to one of my own articles in every answer) but I don’t know if anyone tied it to the shameless title or not. Kudos to those that did.

Liz: That’s it for today, Blizzard Watchers. To the Americans in the audience, have a great Thanksgiving, and to everyone else, have a great Thursday. Mitch and I will see you again next week, while Rossi will be here to answer your questions tomorrow.

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