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The QueueNov 29, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: A continuous state of panic

I know you’re all tired of hearing about me being sick, but I go in for my eye injections tomorrow, so I’m basically a walking panic attack right now. Let’s get on to the questions, shall we? Let’s do.


On the subject of Kara and reading today’s queue, it makes me wonder. Are the boss mechanics the same in 110 Kara as they were in 70 Kara? Obviously, some bosses are new. But I only ever experienced 70 Kara well after it’s intended level, so never really saw the full fight or mechanics. Was Maiden the same?

From what I understand (my eye issues have worsened this month and I haven’t done a lot of dungeons as a result) the mechanics are similar, but adjusted for group size (five people instead of ten) and the complexity of modern encounters.


The elves certainly weren’t the only people who suffered during the ascendance of the Scourge, but they certainly suffered the hardest. They lost most of their leadership (Anestarian was slaughtered and Sylvannas was cut down and raised as a mockery of their race), their city was sacked, their race was nearly wiped out in genocide, and their font of power (Which they were addicted to) was corrupted and destroyed, subjecting them to horrifying withdrawals. To top it all off, what little that was left of their race was almost killed off thanks to Garithos.

So, yeah, plenty suffered, but the High Elves probably got hit the hardest.

The problem with the pain olympics is, it’s very hard to judge who wins.

The Kingdom of Lordaeron was destroyed. The city, the people. It’s impossible to determine how many survived (because Blizzard hasn’t in any way told us) but the vast majority of the people seem to have not only died at the hands of their own leadership, but to have been forcibly converted to undeath and forced to serve as mindless husks… and then many of them awakened from that state and found themselves trapped in rotting corpses. The modern-day Forsaken, existing (hard to call it living) in the plague infested sewers of their once great city, imprisoned in bodies that are slowly deteriorating and which can no longer feel as they once did.

What’s worse — suffering the pangs of withdrawl as the Blood Elves did, or becoming Forsaken? Honestly, that’s a hard call, and I don’t know who I’d say ‘wins’ that dubious distinction.

Meanwhile, down in Gilneas the people there were trapped behind a wall while the Worgen curse ran amok in their streets, which isn’t a picnic I’d go to either.

I’m really not trying to argue that the Blood Elves didn’t get a ten ton hammer of crap dropped on them. It’s just hard to really say any group got it worse when it’s all so terrible.


How long do we have before Moira and Aggra (perhaps even Alexstrasza) are put in the refrigerator?
Mothers in WoW have a strange way of dying long before their male family members do.

Moira has outlived both her father and her husband. (I guess technically Magni isn’t dead, but I don’t know what to call ‘turned into diamond by the planet’ exactly.) Alexstrasza has outlived two of her consorts. (Perhaps more, I don’t know for sure she didn’t have any others besides Tyranastraz and Korialstraz) She also outlived both of her known sons.

What I’m saying is, you didn’t pick the best examples here. Even if Moria died tomorrow, she did better than almost all of the men in her life. But I doubt highly she’s going to die any time soon, and Aggra I find absolutely unlikely unless they decide to radically scale down Thrall’s role. Alexstrasza… well, with Ysera dead she’s lost her last direct sibling (she and Ysera were clutch-mates) and of the original five aspects, only she and Nozdormu remain. Considering that we’ve been told in the past that the dragonflights can’t reproduce anymore, I’d say that of the three you listed I’d be least surprised to see Alexstrasza be killed, since it seems clear that the Aspects are almost all gone now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Alexstrasza get a happy ending. She’s been through the wringer.


So I’ve started leveling a warlock on Nesingwary. I finally understand now. They’re so much fun to play. I started a shaman at the same time that I’ve been leveling, and going through the same quests on my ‘lock that I did on my shaman makes my shaman feel weak.

Honestly my only recent experience with a Warlock is watching Alex play one on the weekly leveling stream. That being said, he seems to enjoy it and his health tends to rival and/or exceed mine on my DK, who is Blood spec, so maybe they’re ridiculously OP. I do know he always wants to do some new insanely complicated thing in a dungeon when I just want to pull the trash already.


In the quest involving finding Arcanist Kel’danath’s journal notes scattered about Ambervale in Suramar, he mentions he woke up to a Night Elf holding a dagger against his throat. Any ideas who that night elf was? He said the Night Elf asked what he was doing, Arcanist Kel’danath said “looking for a cure” and the night elf left.

Having read the discussion, I agree with most folks that it was likely Valewalker Farodin. For starters, it must be said, Farodin is not a Druid. He’s a Keeper, a member of an order that predates the Druidic teachings. He’s essentially the last vestige of how the Night Elves viewed nature when they were still a highly magical society, admixing the arcane and natural magical arts to create Arcanadors. It’s entirely possible he can stealth without changing into a cat and use a dagger, not just because he’s an NPC, but because he’s not a member of any order we’ve any experience with.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Keep a good thought in your head for me and my eyes, please. I could use it.

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