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The QueueDec 1, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: All I want for Christmas is a Finja

Seriously, who wouldn’t want their own Finja? In Hearthstone, in WoW, in real life… it would be so useful! So here’s to hoping.


Q4tQ: Do you plan on getting any Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs tomorrow? Any cards you really want?

Liz: I started realizing that I was logging on to do my Hearthstone dailies out of obligation rather than fun and I’ve gone from a casual player to a very intermittent player. I’ll probably hit up the quests to get Gadgetzan packs, but I’m not sure it’ll hold my interest too long. But I do really want a Finja.

Mitch: It’s not that I have anything against Hearthstone, but the only expansion to really draw me in was the Old Gods one, and I think the reasons for that are pretty obvious. It’s a fun game to play, but I just don’t really have the time or money to spend on it…. which is my way of saying “no” to both your questions :P

Liz: Mitch still doesn’t understand the amazingness of a Finja.

Mitch: What the eff is a Finja?


Mitch: Why is it called a Finja then?

Liz: It has fins and it’s a ninja. Just look at this picture of the majestic Finja. Look at it.

Mitch: o. m. g. It’s too beautiful for this world.


QftQ: Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to in the upcoming patches?


Mitch: If you mean the patches within Legion, then Argus is what I’m most interested in. I want to see how expansive Blizzard intends to make it and what the heck it’ll actually look like. If you mean in general, then I really just like going to new places and seeing the new scenery Blizzard comes up with every expansion. It’s one of the reasons I half-joke about what comes next immediately after an expansion announcement — not because I’m ready to rush through the existing stuff, but because I’m excited to keep expanding the virtual world.

Liz: Okay, and micro-holidays.

Mitch: I’m more curious than excited when it comes to micro-holidays.

Liz: I’ve decided they’re going to be amazing which just means I’ll be crazy disappointed if they aren’t.


Do you think WoW in-game libraries should have more clickable/readable books to disseminate lore to the masses? (I.e. those who can’t afford all the IRL companion books.) While WoW has been good about adding readable books in-game, many of the recent additions, once you’ve read them once, you can’t read them again, or you have to wait forever for them to respawn to read them again.

Liz: Sometimes it feels weird how much game lore is outside the game, huge story pieces like Tides of War and War Crimes are told totally off-stage and never really explained in game. War Crimes is basically required reading to understand Warlords of Draenor (and even cap off Mists of Pandaria). That said, I’m not sure how many people read in-game books. (Show of hands, y’all?) Maybe something like scenarios that play out scenes, like the Theramore scenario or Lorewalker Cho’s storytelling in Mists, or even small things like Khadgar’s brief reference to the Last Guardian when you went to Karazhan with him in the pre-Legion quest chain.

Mitch: To be fair, I usually tell myself “I want to read this later, don’t forget to look it up” and then I forget to look it up. So the interest is there, it just doesn’t happen. You know what would be flippin’ amazing? A personal library. Like the armor racks in the class halls or the wardrobe or a better version of literally anything in the garrison! You read a particular book? It goes into your collection and your virtual shelf fills up.

Liz: Or a system where books you picked up can be accessed through a menu from anywhere. You’ll find that in a lot of RPGs.

Mitch: Yeah, that would be rad to the max.


Q4tQ: How are you finding the various class fantasies in Legion so far? It’s been a varied bag so far.

Mitch: I have played through the entirety of one class campaign, and I liked it quite a bit. Especially the part with the famous Shadow Priest. If you mean gameplay-wise, again, I haven’t played that many classes to really answer with authority, buuuut…. I think they’re hit and miss, yeah. Generally, I think more hits than misses, but the Survival Hunter changes seem like something that could have been cool but didn’t live up to their potential, for example.

Liz: Definitely hit and miss. I find classes I totally wasn’t into before are now my favorites — like I love Balance Druids (who can literally call down the moon to smash their enemies) and Holy Paladins (who have gone all-out battle cleric). But the Windwalker Monk that was my main? It’s the one I’m least interested in. It’s fun to play, but I find the lore behind the Artifact weapon (and the fact that you never see it) kind of disappointing. The fantasy is just “punch things a lot” and which feels kind of dull. I’ve seen a lot of people switching mains this expansion.

Mitch: To follow up on your Monk thing, I’ve been Assassination for who knows how long on my Rogue and this is the expansion where that changed. It just didn’t feel like it used to and seemed more about monitoring bleeds than anything else. Which isn’t bad, but when your main is a Shadow Priest, you’re not necessarily playing a Rogue to also watch DOTs. Thankfully, Outlaw is something I’m having a blast with!

Liz: Heh! And my Rogue alt switched from Combat to Subtlety for the first time. So ymmv.


People often hope for a Character Services sale from Blizzard. Am I correct in thinking there’s only ever been one before?

Liz: They’ve done more than once… just not for ages. I have some characters I’d like to transfer but I’m waiting and hoping.


Q4tQ: given the number of ‘casuals’ vs. ‘ raiders’, why are there no sites out there that give tips and builds on how to play a class in the casual way? All of the ‘best’ builds I see are based around raiding, something I don’t have time for. Why not a site or sections built around questing/dungeoneering only? Or can someone point me to one?

Liz: I’m fairly casual… or at least not hardcore… and I tend to go to the standard sites but not necessarily take them that seriously. It gives an okay template to start on and then I tweak it based on what feels fun or what makes sense for what I’m doing.

Mitch:  It’s a bit of a catch-22, really. How much do you think the casual playerbase at large is likely to go to an entire site dedicated strictly to casual players? If you’re a casual player, you don’t really _need_ a whole site — a TL;DR like Icy Veins has will suffice. If you’re not a casual player, then you don’t want a TL;DR site, you want something that really dissects the class. Basically, the nature of casual players is what’s keeping them from having a dedicated site, I’d say.

Liz: That’s interesting, because our casual-focused content here does better (usually) than more serious end-game content. I think it’s because other people do such a good job of covering that stuff.

Mitch: Hm, then I don’t know for sure. I think maybe we approach classes more casually, but as far as actual builds go, there’s not a whole lot that would make one more casual than another, outside of always opting for passives. Like, if you’re looking up a specific build, it’s probably because the situation requires it. Otherwise, any talent will work fine for casual play.

Liz: As to the casual/hardcore talent difference, I think, is a lot about what talents are better for soloing or groups, or you get top-tier players who will eek out 1% more DPS with a particular talent… if you’re more casual you don’t care. Play what’s fun.

Mitch: Exactly! I don’t look up much for my alts because I just want to play what I find most enjoyable. I have no idea if my Rogue’s talents are good. I know I got crap for speccing my Mage horribly. But I don’t care, because my Priest is my main and the one I want to min/max. Doing that on more than one toon is exhausting


2 Wolves Enter: King Varian ‘Logosh’ Wrynn vs Genn ‘The Worgen’ Greymane

Liz: Those two are total bros. They would just clap each other on the back and go out for a beer.

Mitch: I pretty much agree here. If they ever had a reason to fight, it would be one telling the other to snap out of whatever curse/hex he was under and holding back until that worked or he was knocked unconscious.

Liz: Bros!

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