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The QueueDec 2, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Come watch the sun come out tonight

Listening to Filter. Writing the Queue. Thinking about my mortality. My eyes really hurt this time, guys. But on the good news front they’re supposedly improving, and that’s in large part thanks to all of you that helped out when I first found out about the retinopathy. So I wanted to say something and thank you. It’s been a rough year but you made it survivable, and I probably couldn’t have kept my job, played any video games, or finished either of my novels without you.

It’s Friday. Let’s talk, ladies and gents and unaffiliated.


Q4TQ: Do you think we’ll ever see in-game the implications of the final portion of the Death Knight Class Hall Campaign? Or do you think Blizzard will just treat it as an isolated event and never revisit?

It’s very hard to discuss this without throwing out some spoilers, but I’m going to try.

Since the end of the DK campaign involves an attack on another class’s order hall, the canonical failure to raise an important figure into undeath, and the death and return of an important DK lore figure, I’d have to say we will probably see some fallout from it, even if I’m not entirely sure how that will play out.

I mean, they might well just focus on other stuff. They’ve done so before. But I feel like they’ll likely touch on it in small ways and let players do the rest.


Is your country of origin represented by a hero in Overwatch yet?
If yes: do you think he/she/them are fair representations or not.
If no: how would you like a hero from your country to be designed? (Looks, abilities and weapons).

I’m from the United States, so I’d have to say yes and yes again.

This is utterly unrelated to anything but here’s a picture of Alpha Flight.


If Blizzard were to make a Canadian character, they could do worse than to draw inspiration from these guys.


Thanks for the answ– wait, I didn’t ask that question at all!

How do I know this is really you?


Okay, I know there’s a hidden boss in ToT – Rai-den or something? How do I get to him?

In order to get to Ra-Den (Master Ra in Mogu) you have to defeat Lei-Shen on Heroic difficulty. Then you have to backtrack to the room where you defeated Primordius. The floor will have opened up and there will be a staircase leading down to him.


So, I have been seeing this balance between Hardcore/Casual for years…. and yet I seldom see my real playstyle addressed. Q4tQ: How many people fit into neither ‘Hardcore’ nor ‘Casual’ but rather into ‘Hardcore Soloist’? I have been playing nonstop since Vanilla, racking up 60-70 hours per week over many chars (I refuse to call them ‘alts’ as they are all characters in my personal little family- my favorite is the one I happen to play at the moment). I always do my best to fit them all up as best I can, but am really not very interested in most of the group oriented raiding and any instancing that requires begging some acne faced elitist teenager for admittance is simply not worth my time. I will do it, but reluctantly and only enough to satisfy the minimal need of whatever quests or achievements are in my goals. The ONLY time I ever stopped actively playing was back in the tail end of 2.4 when there were literally no world level non-Sunwell activities left and the soloist was not even considered in the game design.
Now, I must say that the support for world solo (group optional) activities is far better than it used to be (with the single and odious exception of professions gated by instances). Anyone else feel that they fit into this particular playstyle?

I’ve sort of turned into this as my retinopathy has progressed. My vision is improved from the worst it got, but my right eye is pretty much permanently half-blind (I can see out of it well enough to avoid a bus, but not enough to read with it or see most stuff in WoW)  and I’ve really lost a step in terms of raiding. I can tank a dungeon just fine, but that’s about it for me. (Honestly, I’ve tanked an LFR and in a raid for friends and I did fine, but I’m just not comfortable with the handicap.)

So I spend a lot more time doing WQ’s, running old content for transmog gear, and occasionally showing up and tagging world bosses. It’s not that I don’t love WoW just as much as ever, it’s simply that as I’ve had to give up raiding (I have friends on Echo Isles who are awesome and let me come along when I can, but they raid late and I’m often pretty wiped by then) I’ve found myself less inclined to do group content, especially now that Mythics require me to try and justify myself to strangers.

But I still like dungeons, so when they make all the current Mythics into Heroic 5’s in 7.2 I’ll likely run all of them. I like LFD. I like not having to say much if I don’t feel like it. So I’m not quite where you are, either. But it’s something I’ve definitely noticed myself doing a lot more this expansion.



Please do not let it be another GREEN Zone. I fear that we will get enough Green from the Tomb of Sargeras/Broken Shore in Patch 7.2.

I hope Argus is more then a tiny TImeless Isle / Tanaan zone. That would totally suck.

We know we’re going to Argus in 7.l3, and that’s all we know about it, so it’s natural to speculate on what, exactly, we’ll be getting. Will the next expansion be set there? What does Argus actually look like, with all the demons of the Burning Legion infesting the once beautiful world for millennia? I kind of hope Argus is a riot of colors — the searing orange-reds of the Molten Core, the riotous greens of Tanaan Jungle, alien purple and even searing cerulean blue, floating craft seething with crackling energies we barely comprehend. Like an evil bag of Skittles.

Taste the rainbow of fruit pain, as it were.

But whatever Argus is we’re likely only going to see a small fraction of the whole. We may not even get to see a whole zone — for all we know there’s simply going to be a raid or dungeon that takes us there for one boss fight. I hope not, but we simply don’t know yet.


I kinda like the IDEA of micro-holidays, but I am terrified of their implementation. Every time something “new” gets introduced, there is pain and heartbreak

“Click on the town guard for a thing” — hundreds of players clicking on guard, accidentally clicking on each other, random PvP…

“Go to this place and collect these things” — thousands of players descend on place, not enough nodes, cross-realm bugs, horrible PvP…

…etc, etc.

Did you always have that space in your name or is that a consequence of the new comment system? This was bugging me all morning.

Anyway, yeah, I can see what you’re talking about with this one. I can only hope that they take that into account when they design them. I mean, I’m likely going to ignore like 99% of the things, but still, sending folks to go play with baby Hippogryphs is less fun if players start murdering each other in front of them.

Well, for me at least. I’m sure some folks are into that.


Why is Karazhan pronounced like the h isn’t even there? Until I actually heard it pronounced (cinematic?), I’ve said kara zh-an like French “je”.

There’s a town in Rhode Island named East Greenwich. (There’s no West Greenwich or Greenwich, just East Greenwich.) That town’s name is pronounced “Grenich” when spoken aloud. Why? Because pronunciation drifts over years of speech. (I believe the original English settlers of Rhode Island contributed to this as well — Greenwich in England is also pronounced in this way and East Greenwich is named for it.) My point is, it’s possible that the town was once pronounced in the way you speculated, but then over time people just stopped pronouncing the Z.

Or it’s Blizzard being Blizzard but hey, I got to talk about Rhode Island a little, so I’m happy either way.


Are all of the playable races in WoW mammals? Can forsaken, being undead, still be considered mammals (they were before death, but are they still warm blooded?)? Are alien races, like Draenai, that developed and evolved outside the same planetary conditions, still have enough similarities to be in the same classification?

I would argue that not all humanoids are mammals, as Arrakoa are so much more bird like, and seem to have feathers in place of fur.

Keeping in mind you’re talking about a video game where at least three playable races were once made of stone or metal… sure. They’re all mammals. They all have mammalian secondary characteristics (hair, nipples) as far as I can tell. (If you strip all the male PC races down to their underwear, anyway — you can’t see Tauren or Pandaren nipples, but they have plenty of hair.) Undead are dead mammals, but they’re still mammals.

Now, we could nitpick the Draenei and Orcs on this one. As you pointed out they’re both alien races. But we know the Titans tend to seed planets and there’s definite signs of Titan seeding on Draenor (the Ogres in particular talk about them) so I’d suspect that most of the universe of Warcraft has the same basic plan on every planet the Titans shaped. Draenor has plenty of mammals on it.

Now, this just makes me want playable Saurok even more, but there you go. They’re all mammals.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Friday. I’ll be sitting around thinking about stuff for the rest of the day, but I’ll try and come in and read your comments. Try and be good to each other — you’re an amazing community and it’s been a rough year, let’s all be excellent to each other as Preston and Logan would have us be.

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