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The Queue: Presented without context

No, really, there’s no context for this. Or if there is, I just don’t have it.

You can blame Rades.


Do you think mobs in dungeons ever get tired of hearing the same music over and over?

Liz: I know I would get tired of it. It would be like Christmas music every day of the year.

Mitch: Personally, I’d get tired of getting killed endlessly, but that’s just me. Not to mention, you can usually tone out music after long enough. Except maybe It’s a Small World


Mitch: Look, I’m still traumatized. In high school we had a fundraiser. And they put that song on repeat over the speakers until they met a certain goal. It was met very quickly… but the memory of it still haunts me.

Liz: That’s awful. :(

Mitch: It was the kind of thing you’d see in a Saw movie

Liz: I can’t actually argue that.


Why didn’t Valewalker Farodin tell the Nightfallen about the Arcondor sooner?

Liz: He’s awfully grumpy when you find him. Isn’t the whole thing supposed to be a secret?

Mitch: Well, did he actually know about the seed’s effects on the Withered? I’m pretty sure he was watching over the seed because he knew what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands… after all, it’s mentioned a couple times that the Arcan’dor is pretty unstable, and it is capable of exploding and killing tons of people around it. It wasn’t until we learned about the seed’s effects via Theryn that we even went searching for the seed. And then we sort of had to plant it or it would die entirely. I’m pretty sure that’s on the right track at least. I think he was just doing his thing and guarding the seed, without really knowing what it could do for the Withered.

Liz: It just seems like “the world is falling apart and the Legion is going to destroy us all, but I’ll just sit here and babysit this powerful magical artifact that I’m sure would not be helpful to anyone” is… well… not the most helpful thing he could have done. And, really, he was doing a pretty lousy job watching it if we could just waltz up and take it.

Mitch: Well, we had to solve a puzzle to free it. Maybe spider creatures can’t solve puzzles and he just didn’t expect non-Fal’dorei to show up.

Liz: The Legion is invading and he doesn’t expect anyone else to be interested in his magical artifact??

Mitch: Look, man, there’s something about 10,000 year old Night Elves.

Liz: Well, I also can’t argue that. Stop it with your totally inarguable factual statements already.

Mitch: Speaking of 10,000 year old Night Elves, the game really needs more Illidan and the Magical Light story!

Liz: Xe’ra, Magical Night Light of Justice. (But please no.)

Mitch: (That was the soft ball arguable statement.)

Liz: And my argument is “no.”


QFTQ: just how many quests are we going to get that says “Collect 20/50/80 thingys before you can proceed (or whatever)” I mean, come on! I’m loosing track!

Liz: Bad news. I don’t think we’re ever going to stop getting these.

Mitch: Until Blizzard stops needing time gates, never. If it’s not collecting X amount of things over a few weeks, it’s “wait until you’re exalted…” “wait until the fleet arrives…” etc.

Liz: Blizzard will never stop needing time games. And, honestly, with the way people content binge (me included)… you kind of need some gating, or else people would finish Legion in a week.

Mitch: Yeah. Remember Wrath? People beat Naxx on day 1 or something. If it can be done, people will do it as fast as possible.


Q4tQ: Do you think there will be a 7.4 or even more 7.X patches? I seriously think we’re getting swerved after Argus and going full-on anti-void once we end the “age of demons.” There’s such a strong old god undertone in most of Legion’s storylines (at least one per leveling zone), and the eye of azshara portion of the broken isles map is suspiciously large and not drawn attention to. You could say “next expansion,” but the set up is all there for “surprise, old gods” on the broken isles themselves!

Liz: I really hope so. The dev team seems to have realized that the idea of a handful of patches per expansion wasn’t working, and it sounds like they have a plan for lots of Legion content. But how anti-void can you go without getting rid of the Shadow Priests?

Mitch: Na, I think we’ll get 7.2, 7.2.X, then 7.3, 7.3.X, and maybe a 7.3.Y. Blizzard seems to (at least in appearance) finally have a schedule down with patches and BlizzCon shows that they definitely have plans for the patches that don’t suck. I don’t think we’d shift to Void stuff until 8.0 or even 9.0. I’m hoping for 8.0, but we’ll see. I do agree about the setup, though. There’s _a lot_ of Old God undertones. I don’t want to spoil much, but Star Augur Etraeus in Nighthold has several phases, and the lines he said when transitioning into the Void phase are… veeeeerry interesting.

Liz: Really? You think we’re just going to stop at 7.3.X? That would give us four more patches (assuming 7.2, 7.2.5, 7.3, 7.3.5). We’ve had two patches in a little under five months, so we’d be looking at a bit over a year of content. The gap between Warlords and Legion was … more than a year.

Mitch: Yeah, I do. I think maybe we’ll get 7.3.6 or something, like how we got those random ones like a year after 6.2 dropped.

Liz: That screams content drought and boredom to me. If they do this a patch and mini patch every five months, and we have two more major patches and two more mini patches… that’s a total of 15 months of content for Legion.

Mitch: If the content we’ve gotten so far is enough, then I imagine it’ll continue to be enough if they follow this schedule. I mean, 4 more months of 7.1.5 would give us 7.2 and an entire raid, dungeon, and isle-style progression. Two more months of that, we get a 7.2.5 that has a lot of updates. Continuing that trend, we get 7.3.5 in January of next year and then we’re in the beta for 8.0. And if they tack on a 7.3.6 or something, that’s a few extra months.

Liz: That assumes a faster expansion schedule than they’ve done in Warlords or Mists.

Mitch: Well, regardless, I think Blizzard only has content planned up through 7.3.6 or so. But I’m willing to be proven wrong. For better or worse.

Liz: I hope they have more planned, because getting an expansion out always takes longer than they seem to want. (And certainly longer than players want.) And lulls at the end of an expansion… tedious.


2 Bosses Enter: Varok Saurfang vs Samuro

Liz: I asked Jay if this was normal Samuro or Monkey King Samuro and he said it was our choice.

Mitch: Saurfang would be eating breakfast and accidentally Cleave Samuro from 100 miles away as he’s buttering his toast.

Liz: Even all-powerful Monkey Samuro?!

Mitch: Saurfang sometimes unknowingly steps on a twig  and causes an an entire forest of trees to be Cleaved.

Liz: Well, there you have it. Totally True Facts about Saurfang.

Liz: That’s all for today, folks! Mr. Matthew Rossi will be here to answer your questions tomorrow, and if you need more bickering between Mitch and I, you’ll get it on this afternoon’s livestream.

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