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The QueueJan 26, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Solo questing

Quests are great, but when you reach the end of your Loremaster achievement you’re just left with running dungeons or, when you don’t have a group handy, soloing your way through World Quests. And since I’m writing the Queue late today, it’s just me — so we’ll have a peaceful day of questions and answers, won’t we?


Personally I don’t consider the game complete without flying. I have no problem with the dev’s wanting you to see the content from the ground first but at max level I feel like i should be able to get where I’m going quickly. I therefore made the decision to suspend my account at the start of each expac until flying is accessible, to be honest its quite nice to have a break as well. With 7.2 coming in around a month when do you think I should re-activate my account so I can have the first stages of the achievement done in time for the 7.2 release?

I agree with the commenters who are saying that we won’t be seeing 7.2 that soon. It’s only just on the PTR, and it’s very incomplete. So far, Blizzard seems to be testing bits and pieces rather than the whole of the patch. I’d guess we have at least a couple of months to go.

And I’d also say now’s the time to get back, because finishing the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievement will take some time. You’ll need revered with every Legion faction and the last achievement for Loremaster of Legion, Good Suramaritan, takes time, with a few reputation gates. Then there’s a second part to the achievement coming in 7.2 which will require exalted with a new Legion faction. Whenever you get started, set aside some grinding time.


I’m too lazy to check elsewhere; have they nailed down what’s needed for Pathfinder Part 2 and flying?

We don’t have the details from the PTR, but we did get a suggestion way back at BlizzCon. On top of the Broken Isles Pathfinder Part One achievement, players will need to explore the Broken Shore, complete Broken Isles Legion invasions, earn exalted status with the new Armies of Legionfall faction, and complete the Legionfall campaign.

This isn’t on the 7.2 PTR yet, so we don’t have a good look at exactly what all of this means, time-wise. However, exalted with anything takes some time, so get ready to set some hours aside.


Q4TQ: What’s a good race for Shadow Priest, especially from a transmogging perspective?

My default race choice for anything is Gnome. But even I have to admit that Gnomes are a terrible transmog option. Their tiny torsos squish details and make armor hard to see. Ugh. Taller races — and those without hunched-over models — tend to look best for transmog. I’d say Draenei or Elf. Mitch would say Undead if he were here, but he’s not. So definitely not Undead.


Q4tQ: Which author alive or dead would you most love to see write a trilogy of Warcraft books, and what would those books be about?

Chuck Wendig writing about Jaina. I don’t feel like Jaina’s gotten a fair shake in recent lore, and I want to see her being a badass kicking the Legion in the face. Well, probably not kicking, since she’s a Mage, but you get the idea.


Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage vs “Archdruid” illidan Stormrage


So, yeah, this is actually a conflict that can play out in Heroes of the Storm, in which I have to say Illidan’s wooden glaives do not look sturdy enough to do … anything with. Honestly, I think they would do the fighting and bickering thing while Maiev and Tyrande sit on the sidelines and ponder whether to intervene. Possibly with a glass of wine.

No one wins, because no one ever wins when Illidan is involved, but probably Illidan loses, because Illidan always loses when Illidan is involved.

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