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The Queue: Giant, out of control eyebrows that are also on fire

Welcome to the Queue, where we say what we want, even when it’s weird and makes no sense. Sometimes especially when it’s weird and makes no sense.  Don’t understand today’s headline? That’s okay, because we’re all in the same boat.


As a “casual” playing WoW, I am happy to hear the gold payoff of a WoW Token has risen so dramatically. In the past, I have purchased a token, in the hopes of getting between 27,000 and 38,000 gold. The idea of getting 60k or more is just fantastic.

Note: I have never entertained the idea of buying a token to buy services from Blizzard.

Anyone else like these new payoff amounts besides me? OR, am I the jerk just buying gold instead of earning it ‘honestly’ by playing for hours and hours and using the AH?

(Actually, I’d love to play for hours and hours … but anyway).

/salute all

For Azeroth!

Mitch: Nah, you’re not a jerk. At the end of the day, the people who earn a lot of gold tend to do so by being smart about buying and selling. IMO, that’s what the recent token frenzy has been… which is why I totally took advantage of it. Watched that like a hawk and bought two when they were selling for 115k.

Liz: The two of you have financial sense. I have no financial sense and have not played the gold/token market at all. In the comments, Zel, who is clearly playing the gold/token market very seriously pointed this out:

I just crunched the numbers, if you’re buying wow tokens for game time, it’s cheaper to buy 6 tokens and turn them into Blizzard bucks and buy 180 days of time, then it is to redeem those tokens for months of wow. You wind up with about $13 left over to spend on other Blizzard things.

Liz: It’s full-on token meta-gaming! There are lots of ways to optimize your buying power here.

Mitch: I haven’t really played the token market before, to be fair. I’ve only recently dipped pretty low in gold, and when I saw the news about money and the subsequent value spike, I knew I wouldn’t have that kind of opportunity again anytime soon. Which is actually similar to my expansion-launch MO. No matter how much use I might get out of herbs/ore/valuables, I sell ’em. Pretty much guaranteed they’ll never be that high in value again.

Liz: Yeah, I fully expect prices to sink as enthusiasm goes down.

Mitch: They’ve already sunk and then re-risen.

Liz: When you buy tokens to get gold, you’re basically trading cash for the time it would take you to grind that gold. That’s not a bad deal for people who don’t enjoy the gold grind or playing the auction house. And with the current sales numbers, it’s a GREAT deal.

Mitch: Yeah. Theoretically, if you bought a ton at the 115k cap, then used that gold when they bottomed out at 61k, you’d be pretty close to having made $30 (on Blizzard stuff) for every $20 you spent. Kinda crazy, really.


Q4tq what makes a class compelling to you?

Mitch: You know, I thought this would be easy to answer, but it’s harder than expected. Why? Because the thing that ultimately makes a class “compelling” to me is offering something other classes don’t.

Liz: It’s hard to quantify fun.

Mitch: In a way, every class does that to some degree. I like my Rogue because he is basically a stealthy ninja, I like my Mage because he can do a lot of casting-while-casting things, my Warrior because he’s the only tank I feel is truly the classic sword-and-board archetype, my DK because he’s great at soloing stuff, and so on. The thing that makes me stick to my Priest, though, is a combination of, frankly, having played it all this long and the overall lore behind the class. I always enjoy a class that delves into dark magics, and the fact that Priests do so in a way that can also heal is super cool to me. It’s not just the being evil thing, either. If I liked that, I’d never have stopped playing my Warlock way back when. I have an affinity for Shadow/Dark magic in any fantasy setting. Shadow Priests fit that bill and manage to have unique gameplay, imo (especially in Legion).

Liz: I like different things about every class I play, but there’s a reason I play all of them. I like healing on my Monk more than I do on my Shaman, because Monks feel like they have better mobility. But I think Shaman have gotten a much more compelling story in Legion, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where it goes in 7.2. (But Magatha Grimtotem, are you kidding me Blizzard?) I also really love my Holydin, out of nostalgia if nothing else. It’s an alt these days but it was a main for a very long time and I have a lot of good memories from that character. And Paladin healing feels more like BC/Wrath than it has in ages, so revisiting it has huge nostalgia feels. I’ve been having fun when I’ve made time to play.

Mitch: Yeah, that’s my Warlock for me. I almost always stick to one class for 90% of an expansion and dabble in alts the other 10%.

Liz: In Legion it feels especially tough to play everything. Or I probably would.


How long until we see Cosmetic Skins/Costumes for WoW characters in the cash shoppe?

Mitch: Uhhh… 3.5 years ago?

Liz: But Blizzard hasn’t really followed up on it. And in the meanwhile, we’ve seen all of these amazing skins in Heroes and Overwatch.

Mitch: There are so few cosmetic-only rewards in game that it would really flip my tables if they opted for them in the store. I loved having an entirely cosmetic reward for CMs in Mists and Warlords. I’ve said since then I want more sets like that. There have been a few (hello, Trial of Valor), but I would really love to see more, from more sources.

Liz: It seems like the kinds of full-on skins we see in other Blizzard games are more likely to be toys than cosmetic items in WoW. And we don’t have any toys in the store. (At least not yet.)

Mitch:  I really do love the crazy stuff we get in those games, but they use a totally different model.

Liz: Dang, those helms still cost $15 each.

Mitch: Right?! Month of game time ooooor… a helm.

Liz: Sorry, I am never playing $15 for these. It helps that I don’t like the way any of them look.

Mitch: That looks like giant, out of control eyebrows that are also on fire.

Liz: Might be thematically appropriate for an engineer?

Mitch: Are you saying engineers have out of control eyebrows?

Liz: I’m saying engineers have a tendency to catch fire.

Mitch: Well, that’s true.


Do you think with the change in leadership in the Horde, the Tauren’s relationship with the Forsaken has changed?

Mitch: Yes, I think Baine has a bit more respect for Sylvanas now. The look he gave her in the cinematic was a sort of “I never thought she would be the one to lead/inspire us” (which is more or less what Terran said, so I dare you to fight me on that interpretation). I’m not saying the Tauren would ever condone what the Forsaken are doing, but I think Baine at least trusts Sylvanas to lead the Horde in a way he didn’t before.

Liz: Sylvanas was really the least likely choice to call for a retreat and save who they could. With that act, she saved the remainder of the Horde’s army so they could fight another day, but I’m not sure that’s enough to tip over into trusting her. Respect is probably a good word for it. Baine’s expression during that scene is very telling. But the Forsaken have a … complicated relationship with the other races, to say the least.

Mitch: Yeahhhh…. But I still think the Tauren trust Sylvanas enough to let her lead the Horde more so than before. Yeah, she LITERALLY saved Jesus Thrall. In the arms of an angel.

Liz: I still don’t know what the heck the spirits were telling Vol’jin when they encouraged him to pick Sylvanas and Baine was right there.

Mitch: Yeah, but my initial interpretation was that Baine was afraid of the choice. I remember saying as much on a stream once, which is when Terran clarified it was more surprised respect than fear.


2 Bosses Enter: Li-Ming vs Aegwynn

Liz: Aegwynn because Aegwynn, obviously.

Mitch: Yeah, I…dammit, I agree with that.

Liz: That’s because it’s the only right answer. Guardian of Tirisfal for 500 years. Solo’d Sargeras. (I mean, okay, her encounter with Sargeras is complicated, but still.)

Mitch: Yeah, Li Ming is squishy.

Liz: Glass cannon. Needs a teammate to get between her and things that might hit her.

Mitch: I’d rather they team up and just destroy things together.

Liz: I’d be okay with that.

Mitch: So, Two Bosses Enter… and they both leave together, destroying whatever they feel like?

Liz: Newly minted Mage besties. Going off to find Jaina.

Mitch: I love it. Canon accepted. Glass canon.

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