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The QueueFeb 23, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: You had to ask edition

We warned you last week, but you just had to ask about Wrathion.

So hopefully you enjoy epic rants about fictional characters, because that’s what’s about to happen.


What are Mitch’s (and Liz’s) thoughts on Wrathion?

Mitch: Ugh. UGH! You actually went ahead and did it, huh?  Okay, so, background info for anyone who somehow didn’t know this: In the beta, Wrathion was in Highmountain. Instead of Ebonhorn, he was the one in disguise. At some point, he was removed. This was annoying, but I figured he’d be back at some point. That didn’t happen. Okay, fine, whatever. But then I found out he was removed because Blizzard essentially just didn’t have time to write his story in full or some crap. That’s where Mitch draws a line in the sand. Specifically, a line that says, “If you’ve cross this, that means you’re enraged.” And lo, Mitch crossed it.


Wrathion literally had an entire expansion’s legendary chain dedicated to him. AN ENTIRE EXPANSION BUILDING AROUND THE FACT THAT THE LEGION WAS COMING AND WRATHION WANTED TO PREPARE AZEROTH FOR IT.  So what do we get? Freaking Draenor. “Okay, fine,” Past Mitch said. It’s not the event we’ve been building toward for the entire preceding expansion, but it also seems to be building toward this. “And oh! Wrathion was apparently in Admiral Taylor’s garrison doing stuff! And there he is again, outside Khadgar’s tower! I can’t wait to figure out what all these breadcrumbs lead to!”

They lead to lies and disappointment, you naive child of hope.

So now, we’re here. The big expansion Wrathion had been talking about. And he’s nowhere. Because they didn’t have time to write a proper story. Here’s what Blizzard essentially did: Start an amazing story without finishing it, but moving on like it’s no big deal. Oh, what’s that? Harry’s big fight with Voldemort was cancelled because JK didn’t have time to write the ending? Your favorite TV show cancelled without a proper ending? This answer ended without

Liz: I spent all of Warlords expecting Wrathion to pop up and expand on his Pandaria storyline. But no. Wrathion breadcrumbs… the Sombra ARG of WoW?


Liz: Maybe we’ll get a timer eventually!

Mitch: “We’re going to Argus! Wrathion has a surprise waiting for you there. You have to wait to see it though ;)” THE SURPRISE IS NOTHING. HAVE A GOOD LIFE, KIDS, THE END.


Liz: Geez, Mitch.



Do you have a leveling playlist, or do you stick to in-game music?

Mitch: My first time playing through an expansion, I have full game sound on. Most of the times after that, I just put whatever background noise on fits the mood. Sometimes, that actually includes old WoW expansions’ soundtracks. Other times, it’s Netflix, iTunes, or Discord chat.

Liz: Netflix. Netflix or Podcasts. I did a lot of Suramar while listening to Within the Wires which … fit in kind of a weird way. But you definitely have to listen to the in-game soundtrack at list once.

Mitch: I don’t actually listen to as many podcasts as I’d like. >.< Time and all that.

Liz: I intend to listen to more podcasts than I actually listen to. But tedious WoW grinds are perfect podcast time!

Mitch: Yeah, for sure. That’s usually when I catch up on TV.. don’t have to think too much when you’re killing Ultraxion for the bajillionth time.

Liz: Podcasts let you keep your eyes on the screen, which does help for some things. Suramar patrols…


Mitch: Gear also helps with that. ;P


How do you quit the guild you have been with for 12 years when you are the only one in it now? All those memories lost.

Mitch: If you have the ability to do so, park an alt in that guild. I’ve taken almost all of my toons out of my original guild (or at least the final version of it), but the first toon I ever made (but rarely play) is still there. I don’t have the heart to take him out of it.

Liz: THE MEMORIES ARE IN YOU. I mean. Ahem. The memories are all there. The times may be gone, but there’s no reason not to look back on them happily. I’ve been through some guild breakups and it’s always hard. You want to hang on to those good times. But walking away from an abandoned guild can be a really good move. It’s likely you’ll have more fun playing if you find a group that’s active and interested in the same things you are. I’ve always felt it’s the people you play with that really make the game fun.


How should someone who played one character and spec since Legion Launch gear up a fresh 100 so that they can help their raid team?

Mitch: Let me start by saying, if you’ve been tied to one toon/spec this whole time, don’t change purely to help your raid team — change because you find the new character fun and genuinely want to do it. If any part of you doesn’t fully want to change toons, it won’t be as fun of an experience and could burn you out. That all in mind, prioritize WQs that reward gear,  always do world bosses, run Heroics until you can queue for LFR, run LFR and use bonus rolls where you need it most, and then run Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons if you have a group. Mythic+ dungeons, provided you have a group willing to run and/or don’t mind PUGing, are the best route to gearing for a raid. Everything else is ideally to get you to that point.

Liz: If you keep up with World Quests LFR becomes irrelevant pretty quickly. And if you’re swapping because of raid requirements, I’d hope people would lend a hand on Heroics and Mythics.

Mitch: I mostly meant the new LFR wings for tier gear. You can get your 4-piece at this point.

Liz: Oh, yeah! Nighthold LFR is still relevant. But Emerald Nightmare and Trail of Valor? Just for quests, really.

Mitch: And yeah, if your team isn’t helping with Mythics, then your team is a bad team and you shouldn’t switch for them to begin with.

Liz: As much as it pains me to say it, Mitch is right about the switching stuff. Don’t switch classes if it’s not something that’s fun for you and definitely don’t switch classes for a group of folks who expect you to gear up from nothing all on your own.

Mitch: Heck yeah I’m right!

Liz: Did Jay ask us a question and I totally missed it?

Mitch: I was wondering that too, but I don’t think so.

Liz: Well, that’s all for Thursday’s Queue, then — with apologies for anyone who might have been looking forward to another goofy edition of Two Bosses Enter in which Sylvanas always wins.

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