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The Queue: Pretend I’m in Witcher cosplay

Never actually played that game, mind you. But I watch a lot of Man at Arms and they made the Witcher swords on that show, so I went out and got Destiny since it was going for cheap. I had Witchfury in my collection, but not Destiny, because I never could get that sword to drop. Back in Vanilla, Destiny was one of the swords that you saw on people who were DPS Warriors or Paladins before they’d get into MC or start PvPing heavily for the weapons. I went from the Barbarous Blade to the Arcanite Champion (sword spec ruled back then) and finally picked up my Sulfuras, but I never had Destiny. (I also never got Ashkandi back then, either… it took me six years.)

Yes, this has been ‘Matt natters on about transmog again’ and hopefully you’re used to that by now. I don’t have a PS4 and I can’t get one (or a Switch, for that matter) so you’re stuck with me talking about WoW for a while.


Most WoW crossbows looks bad, i think i found at last one looks cool, Death Lotus Crossbows.

I am afraid I cannot agree with you. I like my crossbow mogs extremely simple. The House Wrynn Crossbow is more to my liking, when I use a crossbow at all (my Hunter mostly goes for bows, being a Nelf and all.) I get that this is a subjective thing and if you like that crossbow, more power to you, I just never got the ornate crossbow fever. (I know, I know, I like Ashkandi which is one of the most ludicrous sword models in existence, I have no leg to stand on here, it’s just what I like.)

Another crossbow model I like is this one, which I think came from the Mists revamp of Scarlet Monastery. It’s a little more elaborate without being too much for me. This one is a bit much, but it’s Ashkandi as a crossbow, so I like it just for that.

I’m going to stop now before I go through every expansion and list crossbows I like from each of them.


Q4tQ: If you could have full control over a very short part of a Chronicle volume (so one of those little text boxes in the top or bottom of a page) and dedicate it to whatever Warcraft subject you wanted, what would you put in it?
A detailed description of gnomish politics? The exact origins of the magnataur? A summary of the reign of Pharaoh Tebhotep of Uldum? The intricacies of imp anatomy? Fleshing out race-specific holidays like the Wanderer’s Festival with more background and details? Keep in mind that these text boxes are usually only about a paragraph or so large, so there’s typically not a whole lot that you can fit in them.

The complete life history of Anduin Lothar. Where was he born? To what parents? Did he have siblings? Was Taria Wrynn one of them? (Yes, at least if I had anything to say about it.) Was he married? Did he have children? If so, did his wife or children survive him? Where are they now? (And if I had my druthers, at least one of his children would still be alive, out in the world somewhere, and would pop up at some point.)

Lothar is my favorite Human character in Warcraft‘s vast and tangled lore. I want those details nailed down. And if I was given control of it, I’d definitely put more of the Lothar family in the game world. Stormwind could use them.


I should probably try to progress Illidan’s quest line, but I just can’t get over this ridiculous 80 MacGuffin quest. I’m not even halfway. I don’t want to bother with heroic dungeons that just give me a scrap of AP or one or two enchanting mats for my half-hour of time. I’m not often around when others are for Mythics, and I’m already annoyed I have a bag full of Mythic quest items (I had to abandon the quests so my log wasn’t filled up) and I can’t even do those in the only version of Mythic anyone wants to run, Mythic+ (because if you’re going to do the harder stuff anyway, why not go for potentially better loot?). I might get the 80 done in about 3-4 months, but I’ll be well behind on the story line by then. Or I might have stopped caring about it, like I did with WoD’s legendary that was just “keep on grinding instances you have no interest in” (though that would have gone better if I was in a raid group at the time).

If the stuff dropped from emissary chests or raids, that’d be great. But it’s just a way to try to get you to do content that by now is ultimately pointless. At that point I’d rather wreck old raids for money and transmog.

I agree with you.

What? I do. They should make those bits drop from Emissary chests. I run maybe one Mythic every few days, I’m never going to finish this quest and it’s annoying.


I don’t know how you can presume to like KJ over Sargeras when we have had pretty much zero interaction with Sargeras himself.

Easily. (Note — I am not saying I share the opinion. I don’t want Sargeras to destroy me.)

The very fact that Sargeras is a distant, unknown, godlike threat means that by definition he’s been given less of a personality thus far. We haven’t seen him. Aside from reading The Last Guardian we just don’t know much about what makes Sargeras tick, we haven’t seen him in a game, we haven’t interacted with him. Kil’jaeden on the other hand is up in our business. He’s the one who pointed Illidan at the Lich King. He’s the one that made the Lich King. He’s the reason the Horde even exists. He’s the one who tricked Ner’zhul, empowered Gul’dan, set up the whole events of the rise of the Horde and sent Mannoroth to Draenor.

Kil’jaeden and Archimonde are the tag team who did most of the stuff we think of when we think of the Legion. Warcraft III is pretty much the story of the havoc these two Eredar wreak on Azeroth. We’ve seen KJ in the Sunwell, and the entire invasion in Legion is due to KJ pulling the strings behind Alt-Gul’dan to get things to fall his way. You can like KJ over Sargeras simply because KJ does things. Sargeras has yet to do anything directly since he took over Medivh, which as a player can seem pretty distant. Sure, the events of Warcraft Orcs & Humans absolutely wouldn’t have happened without it, but it’s not something we’ve seen in a long time.

Again, I’m not saying I feel this way. I don’t. I think Sargeras is the more interesting character. But I get why people would feel otherwise.


Seriously, y’all talked about Kindle and Kindle Apps and ads a lot.

Go buy my books.

Seriously, you talk about Kindles this much, and I’m not supposed to hype my books? You utter teases. Seriously I’m twitching here. Here’s a picture of my dog excited to illustrate how worked up y’all got me.

Just imagine me running at you like that going “book book buy my book oh my God booooooooooook” because that’s what it’s like.

Also buy Chronicle Volume 2 while you’re at it. The book looks amazing and there’s a Kindle edition.


Q4tQ: if Warrior Artifact weapons had a voice (and a soul by extension), who would occupy each Artifact?

Also, any reason why Ashkandi isn’t a skin for Strom’kar when Saurfang’s Axe is?

Also also, are there any notable Warrior weapons that should be skins for the various Artifacts, like Shalamayne (joined and separate) for Arms and Fury respectively, etc?

Well, the easy answers are Thoradin for Strom’kar, arguing fragments of Odyn and Helya for the Warswords, and Deathwing for the Scale of the Earth Warder (perhaps a pre-Old God version of Neltharion if you don’t like the idea of Deathwing yelling at you all the time).

I don’t feel like we need an Ashkandi skin for the weapon. I mog mine to Ashkandi all the flipping time and frankly, every time Blizzard tries to update the Ashkandi model they ruin it. You’ll notice that the skin we get for Strom’kar doesn’t look anything like any axe Saurfang has ever actually used — it’s not the axe he used in Vanilla, which was an Arcanite Reaper, and it’s not the Horde PvP axe he uses from time to time. Indeed, the axe isn’t so much any axe he’s ever used and is more basically supposed to be inspired by him. As others have said, it’s there because Horde players complained about having to use ‘an Alliance sword’. (I put that in quotes because Strom’kar predates the Alliance by thousands of years and was created by High Elves enchanting a Human weapon handed down from the Vrykul, so it’s got connections to both factions.)

Shalamayne and its original components Shalla’tor and Ellemayne would certainly be good skins for the Artifact. I’d also like to see Broxigar’s wooden axe or something similar, and something hammer-inspired (Krolmir’s appearance is that of a one-handed hammer, but it would be nice to see an updated Unstoppable Force or Stormherald) with either Dwarven or Tauren lines could be neat. Cairne’s Bloofhoof Runespear comes to mind, as well.

I’m amazed we don’t have Artifact skins for the Scale of the Earth Warder based off of the Bulwark of Azzinoth or Elementium Reinforced Bulwark yet.


Awhile ago someone asked if NE have pupils and I said that on the loading screen for a split second mine appeared to. I finally captured a screen shot of it. Makes me wonder if it’s the Legion helm or if Blizzard really went back and added them with the model updates.

I don’t know if they went back and added them or not, but I went in game and tried something.

I went in game, parked my character close to a wall, and zoomed way in on her. Closer than you can usually get because when I try this normally the game just goes right through my skull (ew) but at this range, it certainly looks like she has pupils.

Now, these could just be artifacts of the way the lighting effect works, I’m no expert. Here’s another SS for comparison.

It looks to me like she’s giving me major side-eye here. “Why am I parked up against a wall, exactly?” But again, I’m not 100% that those are actually pupils.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’ll see y’all Friday.

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