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The Queue: Dead Arakkoa falling from the sky

Hm, no, this seems fine.


Q for the Queue: It is raining blood and dead Arakkoa are falling from the sky. Did I do something wrong?

Mitch: Nah.

Liz: Sounds perfectly normal to me.



Say Blizzard decides to put in murlocs as a playable race.
Would you be intrigued by the idea that murlocs could only talk to each other, and everybody else hears Nerglish? Mglrmglmglmgl!

(They can still talk to everybody else normally through whispers or party chats.)

Mitch: So basically what happens to Shadow Priests in Voidform? Or what Demo Locks could (can?) do? Initially I was thinking no, but if it’s only limited to /say, then I actually wouldn’t mind it. I guess Blizz would just have to be careful, though… that could lead to spam-y trolling.

Liz: MRGRRRGGLLL RRGLL. Ahem. I mean absolutely, but more because of playable Murlocs than actual Murloc language. (Also I want to see a Murloc in Warrior tier 2. Make it happen, Blizz.)


Q4tQ: Overwatch: PC or console?

Mitch: Normally peer pressure is the devil and will get you pregnant and dead, but in this case, go with what more of your friends are playing. If you’re like me and don’t have friends, PC is going to feel a whole lot better. I picked it up during the holidays for pretty cheap on console and ugh. I play it with my PS4 friends occasionally, but I’m not sure I’d ever opt for that over the PC version. I will say, though, it looks pretty dang good on a TV screen, and consoles seem to more or less have the framerate locked, so you won’t have as much inconsistency as on PC.

Liz: The main reason I don’t play Overwatch is because I don’t have a gaming PC and it seems pointless to get it on console if I can’t play with friends. Since I imagine a lot of folks are in a similar boat, I’ve gotta say PC.


Q4tQ: Do you prefer a break between special events in your games?

In a lot of cell phone app games, there are just constant events, because they want you to keep playing. For me, that gets overwhelming because I feel like there’s never a chance to catch up, but for someone who has reached that end point, the events are an incentive to keep them playing.

In a game like WoW, they have to take that and upscale it. Obviously they don’t have holiday events going on every day, but they do have weekly events. There’s always something happening and no real downtime or break.

I’m not talking about content lulls or droughts, but specifically short breaks to give a breather before going into the next event. Which do you prefer?

Mitch: Legion certainly has felt overwhelming, and I do strongly feel Blizz needs to take player psychology and desire to complete everything into account a little more buuut… one-time only holidays? Yeah, a bit of a break. Weekly events? I’m fine with. Yes, I want all the toys and mounts and stuff, but if I miss it one week, that’s not my only shot.

Liz: Things need breathing room. And we need a break to play Mass Effect Andromeda when it comes out. (Though unfortunately that seems likely to be patch 7.2 time.) There’s a fine line to walk here: content needs to come out pretty regularly or people will get bored, but if it comes out too fast and furious it’s impossible to keep up and you’ll burn out trying. It’s a tough balance, and Blizzard has gone too far in both directions in the past. So far, Legion feels pretty good in the sense that I always have something to do, but I definitely haven’t kept up with all the things.


2 Bosses Enter: The Avatar of Sargeras vs The Titanforged (pre-Galakrond for the sake of Tyr’s Hand)

Mitch: I don’t actually know lore well enough to answer this, so my answer may be completely horrible and inaccurate (IN OTHER WORDS, I KNOW ALREADY, GAWD). I think the Avatar would “win” if only because so many Watchers always seem to get trapped, locked up, corrupted, IN THE MOUNTAINS’d, etc. Sargeras would eventually just use one or more of these methods to get the Titanforged out of the way. Then he’d fly out of Khadgar, back toward his home planet of Argus to sit on his Frozen Throne where he can safely use his telekinesis to control the Old Gods.

Liz: Whenever Sargeras comes up, my answer is always going to be Aegwynn. Admittedly, things did not go entirely to plan the first time she encountered the Avatar of Sargeras, but that just means she’ll be on point for the rematch. You’re going down, Sargeras! Which I guess is a roundabout way of saying that whoever is in the matchup, Sargeras should lose.

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