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WoWMar 14, 2017 6:00 pm CT

Legendaries get a major overhaul on the PTR

As promised, Blizzard has finally dropped their first major rework of Legendaries on the PTR. The initial idea was that some items would have just okay abilities while others would have highly coveted procs, but player outcry has proven that method to be unpopular.

So now we get to see how current Legendaries are getting tweaked to make many of the low performing ones more appealing. First, all Legendaries that have utility benefits but don’t directly increase throughput (damage, healing, etc.) are getting a straight up 1.5-2% increase in that department through tertiary stats to compete with those that do.

Second, many Legendaries are getting additional abilities added, current abilities buffed, or lackluster abilities outright redesigned. For example, my Mistweaving Monk has only one Legendary item, Ei’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas, which are boots with a proc that rely on a melee kick which I never use in my healing rotation because I heal from a distance. The new ability instead buffs one of my bread-and-butter heals to make it more powerful and allows it jump to an additional target. I was going to replace these boots when another Legendary dropped, but not if these changes go live.

Check out the entire list of proposed Legendary changes on the PTR to see if one of your items is getting overhauled. And remember this is only the first round with more to come and even these changes may be tweaked if they don’t perform well in testing.

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