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Let’s talk Blizzard games.


Ever have a really weird “off” night when raiding? I had that feeling last night… Nothing felt “right” and my performance was not what I’ve come to expect of myself. I think part of it was trying to use a different spec than usual (with “meh” results) at first, but for some reason, I just seemed to be on auto-pilot and not as sharp as I should have been. I’d blame illness or something, but I’m not sick as far as I can tell. Anyone else had the same experience?

Yes, I have.


What is the explanation for Gorehowl’so special demon killing ability Rossi mentioned on this week’s cast?

I was making a semi sarcastic quip about the fact that Gorehowl has killed Mannoroth twice now. At this point you could name it ‘Gorehowl, Mannoroth’s Bane’ because two different Gorehowls have killed Mannoroth. As far as I know, there’s no special powers imbued into the blade aside from it just being a really big axe.


I’m not sure I love or hate the idea of class specific pets. I guess Blizz is doing it with mounts, so maybe I should just get on board.

I’m not sure either.


Malfurion makes it clear in the EN raid that Xavius and N’zoth are just taking advantage of the Legion invasion and have nothing to do with them, beyond exploiting them for their own gain.

Malfurion is not actually privy to either Xavius’ or N’Zoth’s plans. The fact that Archimonde had a piece from the Rift of Aln in his possession (that’s where we get our Grove Warden mounts) means that there’s some connection between the Legion and either Xavius or N’Zoth, and since Xavius was made a Satyr by Sargeras, my money’s on Xavius. Either way, Malfurion doesn’t know everything.


If you really want to get nasty then have two healers duel. This can go on for hours.

Back in TBC I watched a Holy Paladin and Restoration Druid duel outside of Zul’Aman while waiting for my raid to assemble. We zoned in, completed the raid, and I zoned out to turn in a quest.

They were still dueling.

This is not a joke, this is the literal truth. The same Blood Elf and Tauren were still dueling. Admittedly, it was a mount run, but still. That’s at least an hour of dueling. Now, it’s possible one of them won, but considering their mana bars didn’t seem to be moving, I don’t think this was their second or third duel.


“If things are really bad, there’s probably not much you can and it’s probably not your fault.”

Translation: Don’t PUG as discipline, at least not to learn it.

No, seriously, discipline healing takes the common tank ethic of “don’t be new in a PUG” to the next level, and I say this as a career tank. With a group that you can trust to play well and look after themselves, or in content that is unquestionably beneath the whole group’s gear level, disc is fine, but discipline is unforgiving and frustrating to learn in your average 5-man PUG.

It works, but with a big fat situational asterisk. I can’t recommend anyone learn the ropes in a group that has no personal rapport with each other.

I’m starting to feel this way about my Protection spec on my Warrior compared to my Blood DK. I’ll tank anything on my Blood, even though her gear is much worse than my Warrior — Blood just feels more forgiving and more like I can do things to benefit myself/my healer. Anti-Magic Shell is just a much better magic cooldown, and in general I just feel better on Blood.

Protection can absolutely do the job, but Blood is a lot less demanding.


My wife is one of those people who if someone angers her in a dungeon/raid will say, “They’re not getting any heals from me.” But then, on my tank, I’ve had people who do stupid stuff or pull when I’m not ready, so I’ll run around and try to pick up the adds or whatever. My wife tells me to let them go so the person dies. I told her that as a tank that’s my job, plus if I don’t pick stuff up others will die, not just the person who pulled it. There’s a “if I don’t do something we’re all going to suffer” mentality I have as a tank, but a “this heal is for that one person” my wife has as a healer.

Is that common for these roles? Do tanks have a “party responsibility” and the healers look at individuals?

I have tanked in pretty much every expansion. I only healed in one.

Tanking feels like a protector, a defender of the rest of the group. It’s a sensation I’m comfortable with. I don’t necessarily like all the hard work of tanking, but I get the role — I understand it and how to do it.

Healing felt miserable to me. I have no freaking clue how to keep everyone alive especially when groups did what your example stated and made things harder. A lot of great healers I know have that same ‘You want to play games, you can die and we’ll go on without you’ mentality, but I could never get comfortable with it.

My cat was a better healer than I was, and all she did was spam cast Earth Shield and accidentally hit Chain Heal because the two buttons were right next to each other on my keyboard. (I’m not kidding. Our first Curator kill back in BC Kara, she ended up healing because I had to leave the room, our tank pulled while I was out, and she was at the keyboard hitting the Earth Shield button over and over again.)


I’ve seen no one mention the most important wow news to date.

Un’goro Devilsaurs now scale to level.
That’s right.
They’re 110 now.

Sadly, this is not likely to be a permanent state of affairs. It’s for the holiday.


Q4tQ: What’s up with injured Order member who appeared in Order Hall and started quest to use followers to look up what happens on the Broken Shore? There was no follow up. Is this a weekly quest in preparation to 7.2 or I missed some way to continue it?

I just started the second mission in the chain — it didn’t have a special portrait or anything, it’s just another ‘Kill this big Legion infernal, get AP’ mission. I don’t know what comes next. Just look for a new mission that lets you kill a Legion beastie for AP. For now, that’s all we get. It might tie in more once 7.2 drops.


A double thanks for selecting and answering my question!
As to my thoughts on the 2 spec idea? Well (after reading through yesterday’s comments) I’ve given all classes a revised go:
Warrior and Paladin: Arms goes. Ret becomes a stance for Holy. Both Prot specs get a Gladiator Stance. Fury’s first Talent tier increases proficiency with a 2h weapon (Duelist) vs dual 1h (SMF) vs dual 2h (TG).
Hunter: Marksman merges into Beast Mastery (now called “Ranger”) and the spec is split by stances that allow either 2 pets or the “Lone Wolf” buff.
Rogue: Subtlety goes. “Shadowstep” is given to Outlaw with 2 charges. “Shadowstrike” is given to Assassination.
Priest: Disc goes. Bubbles for everyone.
Death Knight: Unholy is divided. Frost gains an unholy stance where “Control Undead” is permanent (and they can “collect” undead minions like hunters do pets). Blood gains a “Apocalypse” stance where it functions at range.
Shaman: Elemental goes. The remaining specs get buffed with a ranged variation stance (enh) and an increased dps stance over healing (resto).
Mages: Fire merges into Frost (now called Elemental and spell colors can be changed by a Mage Equivalent to Warlock “Green fire” making your spells -visually- all ice or all fire or the regular mixture). Arcane gains a healing stance, called “Chronomancy”, where its spells effects are effectively reversed to heal targets (in Chronomancy stance, these variant spells are given a bronze hue).
Warlocks: Destruction goes. Demonology is now a tank-capable, spec. The Demo Warlock channels power to summon and dominate the mind of a powerful demon, while they stand at a stationary position within a summoning circle. The Warlock may be re-positioned while within the demon’s mind (like a totem), but must stay wary of keeping their “body-totem” out of “standing in the fire” while they tank or dps (depending upon which demon the Warlock decides to summon) as they will share health pools.
Monk: Windwalker goes. Brewmaster and Mistweaver gain a “battle stance”. Monks are now a mail class.
Druid: Feral merges into Guardian, Balance merges into Restoration. Forms dictate stances. Can now use daggers and fist weapons in the offhand slot for the condensed Feral/Guardian spec.
Demon Hunter: N/A. But they now have polearm weapon proficiency.

I’m not going to reply to all of this.

But no. Arms doesn’t go. Warriors go Arms/Fury only. Let Paladins tank with a shield. Arms goes tank spec, Warriors become the 2h weapon class. There.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I tried to answer more questions to make up for the short replies to some of them. Hopefully y’all felt you got your value. I’ll see you guys Tuesday.

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