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The Queue: It’s Thursday o’clock

Ding dong, Thursday has arrived once more, which means it’s time for Mitch and I to answer your questions, from silly to serious. And Danny Pudi even makes an appearance this week, because that’s something we can do now.  It’s canon.


So what is the current rate of spawn for these demon assaults?

There was one in Val’sharah on the EU realms earlier today but can I expect to see another today, tomorrow or next week?

Mitch: According to Ion, “4 zones every 3 days”

Liz: We seem to be getting a new invasion every day… though they’ve all been at absolutely terrible times.

Mitch: Keep in mind, it’s been hotfixed to not need any invasions for Legion Pathfinder anymore. All you need to do to fly is explore the Broken Shore and hit revered with the Armies of Legionfall.

Liz: That at least helps with those annoying spawn times. Go forth and fly free, my gaming friends!


Q4tQ: What did you think of E. Malone’s Expedition Journal and Wonders of Un’Goro?
As a whole I greatly enjoyed them. It’s always nice to see some more lore and context provided for the various characters Hearthstone invents, and while the Wonders of Un’Goro episodes were quite short and maybe a bit “ehhh” in the beginning, I actually found the ending to the entire story to be very touching and a bit intriguing as well (time travel shenanigans, anyone?). Danny Pudi did a great job as Doyle, and I hope to see more live action mini-series and story-focused blog posts like this for future expansions as well.

Mitch: I like Danny Pudi, so I really did mean to watch these but I haven’t yet. I have very little interest in (or time for) Hearthstone, so I kinda just keep it in my periphery in case someone more informed needs to write up news.

Liz: They were cute, but I wish they had a more coherent story. They felt like little vignettes… which probably suits Hearthstone, but I am always one for more story. And what happens next? I have to know! 2BE, Professor Doyle vs Glavadon, who will win?! (Just kidding. It’s obviously Glavadon.)


QftMitch: What does Mitch think of Velen saying, “The world is dark enough without bringing more shadow into it. You have my thanks, champion?”

Liz: Does he know who he’s talking to?

Mitch: Oh, don’t think this line went unnoticed by me. Honestly, I’m not so much annoyed that Velen said it so much as it seems to be a recurring theme to dismiss Shadow unless you’re specifically doing something designed for Shadow Priests (which more or less doesn’t exist in the game). What I mean is, a good portion of the Priest sets seem to be designed around the idea of Priests as healers. Go ahead and look at the Priest tier gear. Yeah, some of it definitely fits Shadow, but not in a way that it feels designed around Shadow. Mythic Tier 20 is a good example of this — we have a lot of color variants for non-Mythic, and some definitely work for Shadow. But the Mythic variant comes in one style, and it totally is not Shadow.

Liz: Shadow Priests feel like an interesting case because they are so contradictory to the other two Priest specs. How do you make things suit both the light and dark sides of Priests simultaneously?

Mitch: At the end of the day, transmog exists, and Shadow Priests can still make their own cool-kids club behind the bleachers, but I do wish Blizzard would occasionally throw Shadow a little love. Or at least acknowledge that we use the Void to help.


4 Bosses Enter: Ragnaros vs Neptulon vs Al’akir vs Therazane

Mitch: Murmur.

Liz: Murmur, really?

Mitch: He left Murmur out. So yes. Murmur.

Liz: He’s not even an elemental lord!

Mitch: YOLO.

Liz: Al’akir would sweep that noob up.  And all of that wind would probably make Ragnaros flare up, threatening to burn the rest of the group (and Azeroth) to ash. But then there comes Neptulon, drowning out the flames and crowing in victory… until he’s falls into an earthquake-created chasm. Victory: Therazane.

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