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The Queue: Bad words

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Who are the Spectres the HotS Spectre skins are named after?

So the Terran Dominion had Ghosts, right? Operatives with psionic ability were put through extreme training and kitted out with crazy tech to be the ultimate covert operatives. But they figured hey, why are we relying on finding people who have psionic powers? Why don’t we use this wacky stuff called Terrazine to alter peoples’ physiology and give psionic powers to whoever we want? That way, we can mass produce Ghosts!

Long story short, terrazine is an addictive substance which causes psychosis and outbursts of extreme violence. Ghosts were cool operators, but Spectres were mostly hyperviolent psychopaths. GG, Terran Dominion. GG.


I’m not an RPer myself but I’ve always wondered, how acceptable is cussing/swearing in the RP community? I’d imagine that words like “Damn” and “Bitch” are fine since they are used in game lore by NPCs, but what about beyond that? Is it a case by case kind of thing or is there a generally accepted rule?

I curse like a sailor in real life, but avoid it whenever possible in roleplay — or generally interacting with anyone I don’t know very well. I have no idea how comfortable people will be with that kind of language. To me, cursing is totally trivial, I didn’t grow up in an environment where it was a problem. However, I know that’s not the case with others. If it’s going to make people uncomfortable, I don’t want to do it.

Personally, “damn” is probably the only one I’d use in RP unless I was with close friends. It’s also the only real world curse WoW uses on a regular basis, I think.

Unless I’m forgetting something, “bitch” was only used once in-game and it came from Garrosh Hellscream. He’s probably not someone you want to emulate, and based on the reaction after that quest was released, it’s not terminology many of the people you’ll be interacting with will appreciate. Honestly, that one in particular is a curse I’ve trained myself out of using, because it’s less of a curse and more of a slur, which I didn’t realize for quite a long time. There’s an important distinction between a curse and a slur. The only reason I even included it here is to point out it’s kind of a tough one.


I have a Q4tQ that popped into my head just now: do you have a favorite mailbox that you use? Mine tends to be the one in Dalaran outside the Ledegerdemain Lounge, because I just like that inn.

My primary hearthstone location is still the Dwarven District in Stormwind. The Auction House and Bank of the Dwarven District are directly across from each other and both of them have a mailbox. I suppose that would make those mailboxes my favorite. The Dwarven District, despite its unrivaled convenience, also tends to have fewer people in it than the less-useful Trade District. It’s the ideal hearth location.

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