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The QueueApr 27, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue moves ever onwards

westfall sunset

What have we here? Another perfectly ordinary Thursday morning?

Apparently so.


I wonder which one Blizzard is less likely to do: remove the School of Hard Knocks requirement from the meta achievement, or add Kel’Thuzad to Heroes of the Storm.

Liz: School of Hard Knocks was added in what, Wrath?  People have been wanting it gone since then, and if Blizzard hasn’t ditched it by now, they’re not going to. Not that it’s a good achievement, but if they were going to do it, it would be done and instead they annoy both PVPers and non-PVPers with this annoying grind every year.

Mitch: If they finally gave Kel’Thuzad in HotS, I’d be very HotS and Bothered.

Liz: I bet on a Children’s Week pet being added as a HotS hero before Hard Knocks is removed.

Mitch: Hahahaha. I would actually enjoy that. Or a cross-promo. School of Hard Knocks rewards legendary HotS/OW skin!

Liz: That would really dial saltiness up to 11.


Q4TQ that will never get chosen because it will get buried under 400 other posts, but here goes…

Okay, though Blizzard hasn’t answered specifically, they say Artifact weapons are a Legion-only thing… theoretically we will abandon them in the next expansion for a Green “Murlock Skinning Axe of the Whale” while questing to 120.

Having said that, all the work we’ve put into finding and unlocking hidden artifact appearances are for nothing, or will Blizzard allow us to transmog future expansion weapons to look like our Legion artifacts?

Currently we can’t make weapons look like artifacts, but I hope they will drop that after Legion… has anyone heard if this will happen, or are we unlocking appearances for Legion and nothing else?

Mitch: I’m fairly certain Blizzard has said Artifact appearances WILL be transmoggable post-Leigon, but you’ll have to have unlocked them during Legion. In other words, if you really like the Balance of Power skin(s), get it/’em now.

Liz: The Artifact end-game here is weird, story-wise So, what, are we just going to put them on a shelf at the end of the expansion and let them collect dust while, inevitably, the next bigger, badder thing comes along to stomp on our faces? Because there’s going to be a next big bad, and we’ll either need bigger badder weapons to fight it or we’re weirdly ignoring a magical arsenal.

Mitch: Isn’t that… sort of what we always do though? We’ve been getting legendaries each expansion now, and they’ve all been useful in the fight against a particular ultimate even and then… nothing. Done with ’em. New expansion, new legendaries. I suspect Blizz will either make such a huge gear bump that they’re useful up until (and no further than) whatever the new cap is, OR, they’ll disable their effects like they’ve done with Tier bonuses.

Liz: You can always fix the power curve, but the story curve is … hm.

Mitch: It’s somewhat impossible to address EVERY SINGLE FACTOR from expansion to expansion. You take what you can deal with, accept it as fact, and move in… for better or worse.


QftQ: Should we let our second spec be from any class that our race allows?

So you could be a Protection Paladin with offspec as a Holy Priest. Or Pirate Rogue with a Beast Master offspec?

The only downside is gear, but they could make that switch or include some kind of penalty. Or just let you rock a holy priest in plate armor!

Mitch: No, if you want an alt, level an alt


Mitch: It would be a neat idea, but a pain-in-the-ass concept to actually implement. The system is fine as it is… if they’re going to make major shake-ups like that, I’d rather it be something else.

Liz: To balance it you’d have to make it basically a separate class anyway. Though I could see it as an odd sort of expansion of the dual spec system. So you aren’t releveling characters, refarming gear, etc.

Mitch: Vanilla curmudgeon here, but if you look at the Broken Shore gear offerings and tell me that’s not a decent catch-up mechanism for alts, go play a different game.

Liz: The loot pinata only hides the problem that leveling and gearing up repeatedly is annoying; it doesn’t fix it. This is probably the easiest time ever to get into the game but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have its annoyances.

Mitch: True. I do wish there were more variations in the leveling zones. WE NEED VANILLA SERVERS.


Mitch: On my death bed, I will ask for Vanilla servers, and Blizzard will respond… “No.”

Liz: Are we really going to remember this argument that long?

Mitch: One never forgets one’s glory days.


Q4tQ 3 Boss Enter: Genji+D.Va vs Diablo

Liz: I appreciate y’all trying to ease me back in with a softball question, but even I watched the cinematic. THE POWER OF TEAMWORK NEVER FAILS.


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