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The Queue: What have you given?

Now that I’ve started catching up in earnest, I’m loving the transmog pieces I’m getting. I’m even taking their style. I’m not giving them anything.


Q4tQ: Can the floating disc portion of the Ashbringer flip or spin in place?

I have never seen it do so but my Paladin’s only like level 103, so I haven’t played him all that much.


As my DK, I want to stab every demon hunter in the neck who whines about “sacrifice”.

Yo, bro, you had a CHOICE and made it. Some of us ‘aint so lucky. Shut up and tell me to pick flowers for a pittance of gold already.”

I admit, on my DK I just kind of roll my eyes at the new kids on the block and their whole wangst about their cool demon wings and green laser eyes.

On my Warrior, I basically just laugh at them.

“I’ve sacrificed everything, what have you given?”

“Nothing. I kill them. I give nothing, I take everything. It’s called victory. You should try it sometime.”

I feel like Leonidas said it pretty well. Give them nothing, but take from them everything.


I can’t help but wondering, WHY exactly do we want the demon hunters standing between the Legion and Annihilation? I could understand if it were “Between you and the Legions Annihilating force” but don’t we sort of WANT the legion to be Anihilated? And if the Demon hunters are all that is standing in their way, why don’t they get out of the way?

Or maybe when they sacrificed everything, they should have drawn the line at the ability to use grammar?

I have been saying this since we did the Legion burst leveling to 110 deal back when the expansion dropped. It drives me utterly batty.

“We are all that stands between the Legion and Azeroth’s annihilation.”

“We are all that stands between you and annihilation.”

“We are all that stands between the Legion and your annihilation.”

All of these would mean what I think they’re trying to say. This is an easy one, guys. If you actually mean to tell me you’re the only thing keeping the Legion from being annihilated, stop standing between them and their annihilation already. Sheesh. Annihilating the Legion is exactly what we should all want to do.

I mean, you’re Demon Hunters! Get on board already.


Thinking about demon hunters and the eye-cutting ritual, I got to thinking about the namesake ritual of the Bleeding Hollow clan. How come cutting out one’s own eye gives one a vision of their own death (or sometimes, “much more”, as Maraad puts it), and why doesn’t that happen everytime a non-Bleeding Hollow loses an eye?
The most likely explanation to me is that there’s probably some spooky blood magic-related divination spells involved in that ritual that aspiring chieftains perform in the Bleeding Hollow Cave, which causes them to see into the future (or a potential future, anyway) due to the sacrifice and/or mutilation of a bodypart. The orcs themselves might not even be aware of exactly why the ritual works the way it does, and it might be that any bodypart would do – an arbitrary amount of blood, a few fingers, both ears, etc. – and an eye was specifically chosen by some ancient chieftain, perhaps because he lost an eye in battle and some weird magical happenstance gave him a vision. As a result, the sacrifice of an eye specifically became the important part, when in reality it was arbitrarily chosen.
Or I’m just overthinking this and Blizzard introduced the vision ritual aspect because they wanted to give a more interesting and/or significant backstory for why Kilrogg, Jorin and Grillok all had/have a missing eyeball rather than just “self-mutilation is totally s4v4g3 lul” like with the Shattered Hand and Black Tooth Grin.
This isn’t really a question, just me musing and constructing some minor tinfoil.

Well, I don’t have a problem with a specific ritual sacrifice of an eye granting vision in this way. Deliberately sacrificing an eye (there’s that word again) to gain a vision of the future is pretty symmetrical as such things go. Odin did it. (Note, I typed Odin, not Odyn, although in game Odyn also sacrificed an eye to see into the Shadowlands.)

In fact, one could view the Bleeding Hollow ritual in much the same way as what Odyn did — a sacrifice of an eye to gain knowledge of Death. Odyn gave his eye to see into the realm of the dead, and the Bleeding Hollow Chieftains give theirs to see the moment Death comes to them.

The Demon Hunter doesn’t exactly ritually sacrifice their eyes. Illidan had his burned out by Sargeras when the Titan inflicted his tattoos on him, forcing then-young Illidan to see what the Legion truly was. Most modern Demon Hunters actually rip their own eyes out in horror at the visions they receive after they consume the flesh of a demon’s heart. It’s not really the same thing at all — the trade the Demon Hunters make is their mortal existence, not their eyes.

I don’t think the Bleeding Hollow could just sacrifice any body part and get a vision of the future. It seems likely to me that the reason it’s an eye is entirely related to the vision, in that they have to give up (metaphorically) some of their ability to see the present world in order to see beyond it.

Of course, I get into a small chair and routinely have someone stab me in both my eyes and have had laser beams shot into them at least twice, so it might be that I think eyes are pretty significant.


Q4TQ: What spec(s) do folks recommend for leveling a warrior in these days? And what’s good for kicking around doing world quests and all once you’re at 110?

Do you mean leveling from level 1 or from 100 to 110?

Pretty much any Warrior spec is viable for most of the game, really. And TBH, you can level 100 to 110 in any spec, you’d just need to adjust your playstyle a bit. Prot is basically unkillable when soloing as long as you use Victory Rush, Ignore Pain and Shield Block correctly, but it can be kind of slow. Fury, just make sure you pay attention on your pulls, because the lack of Victory Rush means you will die if you pull too many at once and don’t kill them all fast enough. Arms is very strong as a soloing/leveling spec thanks to the combination of Victory Rush and Second Wind.

But ultimately, you can level, solo, do World Quests on any of them. If you want the best combination of survival and DPS with the least amount of having to think about it, go Arms.

And yes, this was low hanging fruit for me, but sometimes you just take that and I’m grateful for it.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Friday. I’ll see you all Tuesday — be nice to Anne and Alex until I get back, okay?

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