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Which spell won your heart?

Every class has an ability that wins the hearts of the players who love said class. For me, that class is Warriors, and that ability is Charge.

Charge isn’t the most powerful ability. It doesn’t destroy our enemies or demolish whole groups of foes. It’s not some earthshaking attack or blast of technicolor spell effects. It’s just exactly what the name suggests — you Charge things. Simple, pure, and utterly wonderful.

Other classes have things like this, and I expect it’s different for every player. For some players it might be Paladins and their judgements, or Rogues and stealth, or Mages and Blink. You might love your Demon Hunter because you can double jump and glide places. (Demon Hunter gliding is super fun.) Maybe you love your Hunter because she can backflip away from danger, or your Priest because you fell in love with Mind Control.

For me, it’s Charge. I love it.

So what is it for you? Are you a maniac for your Death Knight’s ability to raise the dead? Do you just giggle maniacally when your Warlock calls down an Infernal? What’s that one ability that makes you fall in love with your favorite class over and over again?

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