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WoWJun 23, 2017 8:00 pm CT

Spiritual Guidance: Diving into The Sunken Vault for your Priest class mount

Everything these past 11 weeks has led to this. You’ve defeated the Nighthold, assaulted the Broken Shore, defended the Broken Isles, built up the armies of Legionfall, and breached the Tomb of Sargeras itself. Now we go for our reward, the epitome of the Light and our class as a Priest.

The lore behind the quest

One thing I really enjoyed about the quest was that it felt connected to my character once again. Priest lore in Legion hasn’t exactly been cohesive — and there wasn’t really much to do about it either. Unlike other classes, Priests have never really had a central organization tying us together across races, and it’s something I touched on when I wrote about class fantasy. The class campaign pulled a little bit from each diverse lore, but it still felt hollow.

The mount quest brings back the overarching theme. Whatever we do in this world, regardless of each race or faction, we all fall under the Titans and the Light. It felt like I was making an impact once again rather than just dabbling in someone else’s culture. We get a real sense of purpose, that this is our calling. If you have the chance to do this quest, absolutely do it. Not just for the lore, but also for the dialogue. I’ve never thought much of Brann Bronzebeard, but he is absolutely hilarious here and it’s worth doing just for his voice lines alone.

The Speaker Awaits

After finishing your class campaign and Breaching the Tomb, you’re met by a Grand Priestess or Grand Priest at Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore. They have come to tell you that Magni Bronzebeard has arrived at Netherlight Temple, and you may want to make an appearance to see what he wants. When you arrive back at the Temple, your first step is to wander over to Betild Deepanvil, standing by the Altar of Light and Shadow.

She informs you that Magni is here to speak with you about a secret Titan vault. It seems the Titan Azeroth has been speaking to him, though we soon come to find out it’s not as clear-cut a message as one would hope. Betild informs you that they think this mysterious vault has to do with the Light, and it’s up to you as High Priest to inspect it. She directs you to Brann Bronzebeard, our favorite adventurer, who has a submarine waiting in Azsuna to carry you into the Maelstrom.

Yes, the Maelstrom, because apparently Titan vaults can’t be in normal places.

Embarking on a seaward journey

Brann’s submarine is located off the coast of Azsuna, just south of the Illidari Stand — if you need coordinates, it’s at 44.3, 51.2. When you speak to Brann, he offers a dialogue option to head out into the Maelstrom. The submarine pops up and your little Dwarf adventuring party heads on over. In my case, Aelthalyste insisted on coming too, because, in her own words, “I am here to help.” I’m not sure what a banshee can really do to help underwater, but I let her have her way.

As you head underwater and closer to the center of Azeroth, Brann and Magni discuss the “message” from Azeroth. Magni clarifies that she didn’t exactly tell him to come, rather she just felt it at him. It turns out that Titan feelings aren’t really like mortal feelings.

Brann Bronzebeard says: So, brother… the planet, Azeroth, she just sorta… told ye to come here?
Magni Bronzebeard says: Not so much in words. ‘Tis more… feelin’s… but not like feelin’s ye or I would have.
Betild Deepanvil says: Now what does that even mean?
Magni Bronzebeard says: Well, let’s say ye’re a world soul, eh? What sorta feelin’s do ye suppose ye’d have? Sometimes ye feel like a crumblin’ mountain range, an’ sometimes ye feel like a deep, dark sea. I dunno exactly how ta’ describe it.
Brann Bronzebeard says: So… she sorta ‘felt’ at ye, that ye should come here?
Magni Bronzebeard says: It felt… like a sunrise.

You can practically hear Brann’s skepticism, but he’s never one to turn down exploring Titan areas, so we press on. I happen to love the image of Azeroth projecting a sunrise feeling to Magni.

The Sunken Vault

{PB} The submarine pulls up into the Lightless Cavern, and your short adventuring party disembarks. Brann gets excited at the locked door, exclaiming that there has to be a lever around, as there’s always a lever. He goes from one column to the other, searching for the lever until Magni speaks to the door in a strange language. This opens the door, much to Brann’s disappointment about the lack of any sort of lever. Your party heads deeper into the vault where a Titan custodian, Caretaker WH12-B4NG, lies prone on the ground.

Magni has you help him active the two control panels simultaneously, and after you do so, Caretaker WH12-B4NG comes to life and begins scanning your lifeforms. Brann, obviously remembering our ordeal in Halls of Stone, is understandably on guard. The Caretaker dismisses him as “nonessential lifeform” which sends Brann sputtering at the insult.

But then he gets to Magni, who is obviously on terms with Titan objects and adds an air of authenticity to our expedition, asking if he has come to “retrieve the Seekers.” It appears the Titans had intended for someone to get them.

The Seekers used to roam in herds, infused with the Light by the Titans to help protect the world. The best ones were trained to serve the Watchers and fly them to corrupted areas faster. The rest died off due to combat or invasion, and only the three in the vault remain: the Lightsworn Seeker, Diligent Seeker, and Abyss Seeker. The Caretaker detects void energies on the third Seeker and attempts to start a “sanitation protocol,” which causes Brann to promptly freak out. Given our long-ago encounter in the Halls of Stone, I don’t blame him.

A fight against Titan constructs…again

Unfortunately, Magni cannot stop the sanitation protocol once started, so we head into the center of the room to fight off Titan entities once again. Some of the adds will hit you with corruption that you need to dispel off yourself. The fights are pretty basic, with waves of adds coming toward you one after the other. Some can be taken care of easily, like the little lightspawns which will be gone with a Mass Dispel. The Titan ladies also come to life and are a bit harder to deal with, though you can stun them.

There are roughly 12 waves of adds that seem to come in about about 3 rounds of 4 waves each. You fight smaller Earthen Vault Guards, dispel the Holy Lightspawns, fight Vault Preservers, then take care of the Vault Sentinels. AOE such as Holy Nova takes care of the smaller adds pretty well, and you can DPS your way through the others with little issue. The last round is the heaviest, and adds will come at you from all sides in larger numbers.

In the service of the Light

When you finish the fight, Caretaker WH12-B4NG powers down once again. Betild sympathizes that the “poor creatures” won’t have anyone to take care of them, but Magni realizes that Azeroth called us to the chamber just in time before the void spread further. She knew that you, the High Priest, remained to take care of the creatures and use them in service of the Light. Betild starts documenting the creatures for your annals, and Brann takes you back to Netherlight Temple with a quick dialogue option.

When you re-enter the Temple, the Seekers are on the altar. Betild thanks you for your service in the Light and offers you a Seeker. The various Priests in your hall then line up in a cinematic as you walk down the isle toward Velen and Moira. Your chosen Seeker descends from on high, and the Priests all kneel as you mount it.

Riding with style

Congratulations on your new mount! Unlike some classes that need Power Ascended or Concordance for the other color variants, the Priest mount automatically changes color when you switch specs. Now, in order to properly accompany our new mount, we have to ride in style. The Holy mount, Lightsworn Seeker, is a multitude of various golds and light bronzes, while the Discipline mount, Diligent Seeker, is muted blues and silver. I’ve put together three sets for each, with alternatives as runners up.




We have so many options to go with the mounts — and the shinier, the better. Your mount gives off sparkles when you ride around or fly, which I think is amazingly appropriate for the sparkliest of Priests. Happy sparkling out there!

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