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I really like it when raids and dungeons are interactive spaces, in terms of layout. It was really cool going into the Cathedral of Eternal Night and being able to look down and see the opening room from the Tomb of Sargeras raid below. It’s even cooler to go into that lower level during the Tomb of Sargeras raid and look up — you can see little hints of the Twilight Grove gardens high above. It just makes the space feel gigantic, without actually needing to be the kind of slog you hate running back through in the event of a raid wipe, you know?


Have they ever talked about reviving old-school Naxx they way that they did MC a few years ago? People have griped about it so much that I’d actually like to see it just for the experience.

They have not — and I don’t think they would. Naxxramas had the distinction of being the first raid to actually cross expansions. It relocated to Northrend not just for gameplay purposes, but as a plot point. When they moved it, they didn’t just put the raid in a new zone, they revamped the entire thing to suit a raid of 25 players rather than 40. I don’t know if any of the old 40-man raid even exists anymore, at this point. I mean, it’s been almost 10 years since Wrath was released, when the replacement raid was put in place.


A personality inquiry: When on the Tomb of Sargeras First Wing LFR, after the second boss, which path you rather take?

a) The stairs.
b) The jump.
c) I can’t take the decision, it’s too much for me to choose one.
d) Does it really matter? In the end, there will be someone who’ll stay behind and make the boss reset half the fight in.

I actually didn’t realize there was a jump, because everyone took the little path to the stairs. After we cleared the wing, I stayed in the raid and went exploring, which is when I discovered the jump option — I mean, it didn’t exactly take tons of extra time to take the little path and we didn’t have to contend with the murlocs in the water at the jump point, so I don’t think one way is really shorter than the other. The scenery in there is pretty amazing, though!


Which melee classes/specs are easiest to pick up? I’d like to stop being so hopeless at them.

Okay I’m going to preface this with the fact that I am almost certainly completely biased, but Rogues are pretty easy to get the hang of. Assassination in particular doesn’t really require a lot of thought to master — it’s pretty straightforward, and it hasn’t had any significant, gameplay-altering changes in years. You’ve got a ton of stuns and other CC abilities at your fingertips to keep things in check, Crimson Vial is a useful self-heal, and if all else fails and things are going south, you can just Vanish and get the heck out of just about any situation. {PB}

Add into that the fact that you can stealth, and you’ve got a fun, useful melee class eminently suitable for soloing, that still does plenty of damage in dungeons and raids. I rolled my Rogue way back in Burning Crusade, and I still play that character regularly, because being a sneak is just fun. It’s never gotten old.

The only downside to playing a Rogue — particularly Assassination — is that you’re limited to using daggers. This means that you can only transmog with daggers. Daggers are great, don’t get me wrong, but there are days I wish I could have a little more variety in my transmog options, you know? That hasn’t really got anything to do with gameplay though, it’s all about aesthetics. I’m sure everyone else has a variety of suggestions for you, and reasons for those suggestions that are perfectly valid, so really it’s up to you.


Q4TQ: Did we ever find out what the original purpose of Shal’Aran was?

We do not. Given the appearance of the building and the fact that it’s being fed by every leyline in Suramar, it certainly looks like the place either housed an arcan’dor, or was meant to house one. Thalyssra thought that the place might’ve been intended for a weapon, but I don’t think that was the case — the Nightborne didn’t know about the arcan’dor trees, originally. So it makes sense that she’d question its purpose, given all those connected leylines. They weren’t meant to power a weapon, they were meant to feed the tree.

If you look at the decorations in the building, it seems to indicate the place was always intended for that purpose. Either there was a tree there and it was destroyed — which would explain the ghost in the ruins when you first arrive — or given the disaster at Falanaar, any further attempt to plant a tree was scrapped.


So today I got my 5th legendary item from a paragon chest. I won’t go into how frustrating it is to have 5 of them but can only equip 2 and that I can’t even vendor some of them for mucho gold. Instead I want to ask about other stuff in the paragon chests. Is it true that they might contain pets or mounts and has anyone here actually got one? Or is that a dirty lie put out by Khadgar to trick me into continuing to fight the Legion?

It is possible, and they do drop — I have two of the mounts so far, although neither one is the one I really want from the Dreamwalker’s chest. Don’t be discouraged, they’re just really rare. And if it’s any consolation, I’ve never gotten a legendary from a Paragon chest. So you’re lucky, just maybe not lucky in the way you’d prefer, you know?


Question for the Queue (or anyone else who might know): When Retribution paladins and Vengeance demon hunters (I’m not sure about other classes/specs) go for their artifacts, they end up at Felfire Pass on the easternmost isle. However, the scenario map shows the entire area rotated 180 degrees from what it is in the Broken Isles/Shore maps. This really confused me when I suddenly realised where I was. Is there a reason why the islands in the scenario are rotated, such as a late design change?

Well, you’re arriving at a different point and the Artifact quest only involves one small section of that map, so they likely wanted to keep you set in the right direction so you don’t inadvertently wander off anywhere. But you should also keep in mind that timeline-wise, Artifact quests take place way, way before anything that we’re seeing now on the Broken Shore. People were playing through those quests before the Broken Shore was open for questing, or really had anything substantial on it at all beyond that initial pre-expansion scenario. So it may also just be a case of them designing the map based around what was present on the island as well. Either way, it shouldn’t be confusing — the area is just used for multiple purposes over the course of the expansion, and the maps seem to be centered around whatever that purpose happens to be at the time.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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