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The QueueJul 7, 2017 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Holy heck


Okay, there will be no spoilers here, but I just read a lot of them and my brain is reeling.

Let’s do the Queue.


All these PVP transmogs around now! Should there be a marks of honor equivalent for PVE sets, or is “go do the raid” still sufficient?

Go do the raid is still sufficient, especially when it’s old content. It’s easier and faster to just run the raid in many cases and if they made old gear from various raids available via PvP in this way, people would feel compelled to PVP to get PVE gear. As it stands now, people who want PVP gear PVP to get it, and people who want PVE gear do that. I think that’s the best option.


Why do I have to keep interacting with Odyn? He’s even showing up for my hunter’s mount Quest.

We have all done something truly horrible in the past.


Who is the twilight council (beside Cho’Gall)? Have we fought them? Are/were they the Ascendant Council in BoT?

We’ve fought three of them, if we assume Cho’gall was a member. We know of two that are absolutely confirmed — High Priestess Azil from Stonecore and Twilight Lore Everun from Silithus. Those and Cho’gall are the only ones we know. They’re not the Ascendant Council.

The Twilight Council seems to be a high-ranking group within the Twilight’s Hammer, perhaps the leadership, who serve as intermediaries between the cult and the Abyssal Council, who are a group of elementals in service to the Old Gods. So what we’re learning here is that there are a lot of councils in the Twilight’s Hammer and we don’t know much of anything about any of them.


Q4TQ: Kul’Tiras?

Without spoiling anything, it certainly looks a lot more likely now.


QftQ: So I was thinking a bit about how Archimonde and Kil’jaeden apparently both chose to fight us in the Twisting Nether. In both instances they were both much stronger than when we fought them previously at Hyjal and in the Sunwell, respectively.

Is it possible that demons and eredar lords’ powers become magnified within the Twisting Nether? Is that why they decided to throw caution to the wind and try to destroy us with their entire power once and for all at the risk of their own immortal lives?

Is it possible? Sure. We don’t know that’s the case, but it’s quite possible.

Keep in mind that level is just a convenience for us — your PC is a level 110 Whatever to you and other players, it’s a mechanic, not something that actually exists in the world. When we fought Kil’jaeden at the Sunwell, from a lore perspective he wasn’t weaker than he is when you fight him above the skies of Argus. Same with Archimonde at the end of Hellfire Citadel. (Plus, it must be noted, even if you fight him on Mythic, he doesn’t actually die in the Nether — he banishes Gul’dan while standing on Draenor, and that’s where he dies, so it’s entirely possible that he’s not gone.) Similarly, Kil’jaeden dies above Argus, as his command ship plummets towards Argus. Was the ship still within the Nether?

Right now, it certainly appears that both Archimonde and Kil’jaeden are dead for good. We’ll have to wait and see if that sticks. But we know that demons are native to the Nether, and both Archimonde and Kil’jaeden were powerful Warlocks, so the Nether might well have provided them with a surfeit of Fel to use against us.


That very moment when you realize based on the tone of certain syllables and words, that you’re not fighting Elissande but commander Shepard.

How could I have missed Jennifer Hale’s voice before!? It must be the slight distortion of it that put me off.

Jennifer Hale has provided eight character voices for World of Warcraft, three in Warlords and five in Legion. Of those voices, I think Illysanna Ravencrest might be my favorite, although I liked her turn as Elisande as well. And yes, after a while you’ll end up recognizing her voice (I did because I noticed that Elisande reminded me of Leah from Diablo 3) but to my mind that’s a minor quibble. She does a good job of communicating the emotional content of the scene she’s performing, and that’s what matters.

There was a discussion of the easiest melee class yesterday.

In it, a small argument between Mistah Jay and TKC ended with “Fury is fun. Arms isn’t.” Now, I have a ton of Warriors.

All Warrior specs are fun.

Fury requires better gear than Arms does because it’s a glass cannon and it will die much more easily than Arms will, since Arms has Victory Rush and can spec into Second Wind. Second Wind is in my opinion the best Warrior talent, period. Fury has nothing even close to that good. But Fury is absolutely a lot of fun once you’re high enough on the gear ladder (875 or better) and it has AoE for days.

I would say for an absolute beginner, Arms is the easiest to pick up. Prot is actually a lot of fun to solo with but it’s woefully short on DPS unless you spec exactly right and have a lot of haste. Fury requires more gear but has good burst and great AoE. All are fun.

I love Warriors. This isn’t a surprise.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Sorry I didn’t talk about 7.3 spoilers, but man.

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