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The Queue: Now this is a mount and armor set

It last week’s Queue I lamented about being so close, but so far away from revered with Legionfall. Then it happened, and then the quest line finished, and then this beautiful mount was mine. Equipped the right armor and I don’t think I’ve ever felt as quite immersed in a video game since my Baldur’s Gate II days. And let’s not even talk about the quest; talk about a throwback to the classic days.

Which, by the way, I’m playing through again… such an amazing story and game that still stands up.


Q4tQ: So Transmog runs: I have so many missing pieces to sets that this week I forced myself to leave after the last boss needed. I’m a bit OCD in that if I’m there and it’s boss 8/10 I just finish it. If it’s the first boss I’ll bail. How do you guys do your runs for transmog; do you complete because why not or do you leave after the boss who didn’t drop those damn bracers (other set pieces Molten core I’m looking at you!)

I try to be as efficient as possible. For everything that I can I’ll run it just up to the point of the boss that’s needed. For T6 that means getting the boots off the first boss in Black Temple, but I won’t run past that.

Icecrown Citadel is another thing entirely though… since I’m farming Invincible, it’s a whole run to the top, every damn time. And before anyone tells me I’m nuts, I’ve farmed Ashes of A’lar already, so it’s going to happen (in my lifetime, I hope).


Can you buy artifact relics with nethershards?


And ugh, I wish I had known this before Friday when I blew 15,000 nethershards on rather minor gear upgrades, when my relics were (and are) needing upgrades bad. You can only get them for 5,000 nethershards a piece (so that’s about 2 days worth of dailys + 2 invasion runs, more or less). They give 880 and are quite nice at boosting the artifact for those of us that don’t raid anymore.

For some dumb reason I looked at “relic” and thought “trinket.” I’ll just blame it on confusion from the good ol’ day when druids had relics and warriors rolled on bows with high stamina over hunters with already bad DPS.


What’s the easiest way to get Legionfall rep for flying? It doesn’t have to be the fastest, but is there a “do quest x once a day for a month and bazinga, you have flying”.

Basically I’m in no rush to get flying, but if there’s something I can be doing every day to get me closer, I’ll do it.

Four things you can do (I played the same way, until I got annoyed I was so close, yet so far…).

1. Do the Broken Shore world quests in the morning, turn the War Supplies in for loot and rep.

2. Do the Broken Shore world quests in the evening, turn the War Supplies in for loot and rep. Between the morning and the evening there should be a new batch of quests available, so this usually works out nicely for two turn-ins a day.

3. Do the full quest Armies of Legionfall quest chain. This rewards around 1,500 rep per quest and is a nice way to get a boot every couple days (although the last few are just kill a bunch of stuff, which while dumb, goes a lot faster than you’d think).

4. Send your followers on any missions you can that reward a Legionfall token.

Bonus fifth point: if the Kirn Tor emissary world quest pops up, run that and select the Legionfall token. It’ll give you 750 rep.


QftQ: Let’s say Blizzard decided to give us the ability to “mount up” in Molten Core, but it could only be on a certain mount that was usable in there for whatever reason (the heat, perhaps), would you be fine with it and what mount would you want it to be (it’d probably be core hounds, but not everybody has the anniversary mount, so it’d have to be a new mount)…

Blizzard, are you there? It’s me, Adam.

This please.


How did I only just now discover the portal room in the Chamber of the Guardian in Dalaran?

I don’t think it’s just you.

Blizzard didn’t do a very good job of explaining that it’s there. It’s only used once (for most people) in an opening quest and then not again — or at least not enough that one remembers it. If it was a bit more visible or had an image of Rhonin standing outside saying some annoying things it’d be used a lot more.

Citizens of Dalaran…


Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is Prime Day on Amazon, and the deal page is up. There’s a huion graphics pad that I might get until I can afford a proper graphics tablet.

This is a good reminder!

They also tend to have game deals that rival or exceed what you’d find on Steam; not to mention you can pick up games for platforms other than PC at some dirt cheap prices.

It’s very much worth keeping an eye out for. This is a direct link to the Prime Day video games category you should watch.

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